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12 step horror stories

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Recovery' started by AumuA, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    Horror Stories Home

    I go here sometimes and read some of the 'Horror Stories' for a good laugh. Is my sense of humor warped at all?
  2. gettingbetter

    gettingbetter Well-Known Member

    Yes. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate it, however. I'm not even going to start commenting on this stuff. :) Miss you friend. Hit me up sometime.
  3. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    LOL, I couldnt sleep last night and saw this. So I went to the site. I have to say that I agree with much of what was said.

    I am not against the steps in anyway. I am not against using AA/Na either. I just take what I can use and trash the rest. I do not want to hear that if I am not in a meeting daily that i am using. I do NOT use dope these days and I do not go to a meeting daily. I will go when I feel the need. it remind me what I dont want to return too. I go when I am in a bad place emotionally. I dont let anyone tell me I am powerless... I have more power and manageablitlity of my life then I ever have. I am productive, I am happy most of the time. I do face up to my responsibltiliies on the daily bases. Yes, I still screw up and end up paying out more if I just did the right thing in the beginning but I am learning daily.

    Do I think I need to go to a meeting daily or even weekly ....NO. Will I allow anyone tell me that I can not be around my family if they are having a drink or even get drunk. NO. I love my family, I choose not to particiapate in the drinking but that does not mean that I can not be a part of thier lives.

    I dont think that it was the rooms that got me clean.... nope, that was me who made that choice. Yes, I have grown a lot and have found real friends in those rooms. I am learning more and more about myself by doing the steps. I just change a few words around, throw out what does not feel right to me. That saying take what you can use and trash the rest has really saved me from turnig into a person that feels that I owe my life to those rooms. I owe my life to My HP, My loved ones and myself. I choose to get clean, I choose to suffer while using too. I have grown up and I have changed drasticly. I do agree that I did need to go to those rooms in the beginning of my clean life. I needed to meet others who want the same out of life that I do when it comes to staying clean. I could of found that another way I am sure but it was already there all set up for me to take what I needed. I do give back daily to also. There is not a day that goes by that I dont help another addict who wants it...by prayer or by just listening and sharing how I made it three yrs so far.
    But to say this site is full of crap or just a good laugh.... I just dont see it myself. I feel for those who have lost a wife/husband or child do to dope. I feel for those who get sucked into anothers way of thinking because they can not think for themselves at the moment. There was a time I needed someone else to tell me what to do...... the longer I stayed clean and my thought processes changed/cleared, the less I needed to be told what to do.
    Do I suggest that a younger clean person or just freshley detoxed to go to a meeting.. yup, I do. Not everyone but a lot of them. I also tell them to think for themselves, if it dosnt feel right in the gut then dont make a decision at that moment. I tell them as they gain some clean time they will branch out and get more and more comfortable with being clean. To take what fits for them and leave the rest. But to say that everyone on this site is is a good laugh... well, I dont see it. I have met more crazy folks in meetings then anywhere else I have ever been. One just has to be careful not to give all power over thier life to to another person or program. We are all differet with different needs. I am not one that beleives everything that is said in the rooms. I do beleive that we all need help to stay sober. I sure did. We just dont need to trust the rooms to run our lives or make decision for our lives. We are all able to think or process thoughts. Use that ability to make the best decision for oneself. Nothing is perfect, nothing is the end all of all ends. LIfe just is not that simple.
  4. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    See, Danielle.. you smart. Me I'm still a little dense.
  5. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I just got to bitcch a bit here. I took a newly clean kid to his first NA meeting. He didn't want to go to AA sine etoh was not his issue. I fear NA in my state...sub so excepted as clean, court orders there for signatures, I just don't feel it's a safe place for newbies. Had a young man really wanting support after he got sober. He left the state for a few weeks after he got clean for his recovery but once back he was so lost. So I went with him to NA meeting as he is so shy and just couldn't muster up the guts to go by himself.

    I was so embarrased over the meeting. It was a speaker meeting and the speaker was into 25 mims of his bragging of how much dope he had as a teen, how his tolerance was so much higher then older addicts, how much money he made, how often he shared his dope... I swear, I just couldn't take it anymore myself. I looked over at my young charge and saw him squirming in his seat. I know the speaker was tapping trigger after trigger. If I was the chair person I would have had to cut him off. I had to get up and walk out. Tapped my young clean friend on the shoulder for him to follow. I fear if I was not with him he could of thrown away 6 weeks of his clean time.

    I don't understand it. How can this type of crap go on and on. Who needs to hear him glorify do ring like that. Like his life was any different then any other junkie. I was ashamed of the speaker, chair person, the whole meeting. I am glad I was with this kid. I am glad he was willing to talk with me and spend the rest of the evening with me. I guess I need to hit more meetings before I push a newbie to go to such meetings. What ever happen to sharing how one got clean, stayed clean, solutions instead of glorifying the dope life as if we are so special. This guy was suppose to be three yrs clean. How I don't know. If I thought so highly of the way I lived prior to reclaiming my life, why get get clean. I wish I had the balls to speak up, stop the bs how how great doing/selling dope was. Made me sick. It's getting where I fear encouraging rehab and now NA. Loosing any hope that there is help for someone who needs it. Support is just getting thinner and thinner in 3d. I know I needed it so badly especially my first yr. I forgot just how negative I found NA in my state. I hope this kid will give me another chance and go to a AA meeting with me. I will surely check it out first before I bring him in the room.

    Just had to get this off my chest. Just made me sick, the looks I got from the audience for pulling him out was sad. Never again...thinking about going alone to this meeting and saying my peace...I know it's not proper but by no means was it proper to go on for 25 mins and probably longer bragging how cool he was when doping. How can this benifit anyone????
  6. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    Yeah I hear ya, that's not carrying the message very well. I can only add that I have never had an experience like that in NA. I've heard some great speakers, and some not so great, but never anything like that. I'm fortunate I guess. Also NA literature is pretty clear about it's position on maintenance drugs.

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