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24/7 DETOX CAFE.....Personal Updates+BS (2)

Discussion in 'Freedom from Hell ~ Staying Clean~' started by spring, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. sunshine

    sunshine Well-Known Member

    Greg, This is very important what I am going to say. Please do not beat yourself up about this. Just go from here. It is so easy to get into the self destruction cycle and just say F it may as well use. Try to learn something from your relapse. We can all learn from our relapses you just need to look at it carefully. I am so happy that you are back on track. Keep your head up and I am happy that that withdrawals were not too bad. Sometimes we addicts think that we can use just one more time but remember the OC's are a powerful sneaky thing. Welcome back!
  2. gratefulgreg

    gratefulgreg Well-Known Member

    Hi, Sunshine. I think I got it back together now. I really don't know how I lost it. The day before I used, I had no intention of doing any. It happened so fast. Oxys are sneaky. I have to not let my guard down and remember how screwed up my life was when I was using. I probably should look for a different job, as oxys are all over the place where I work. I know I can't shelter myself from oxys altogether, but maybe it's better to not have them right under my nose.
  3. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Hi, Greg! Welcome back. Yeah it is really hard when the drugs are so available. I've been clean twice and relapsed twice. Finally decided I can't do it alone and am going to therapy, NA, and starting an outpatient rehab soon.
    Anyhow, feel good that you have wised up and detoxed before you got in too deep. Sometimes people go back out and wake up years later wondering what the hell happened to their lives. You didn't do that, congratulations!!!!
  4. Koolaidmom

    Koolaidmom Active Member

    Hi Guys, I'm back today I discovered the rollercoaster ride is about to begin again. My son has been using again, messing up not showing up to work again etc etc etc. The scarry part is he said he thought about sucicide. The up side is before he asked for help from me he stated going to AA and NA meetings. He says he has found a group of people that he is comfortable with and is striving to go to a meeting a day. This weekend we do the cold turkey thing again. we went to the local health food store and got some different things to help. I'll let you know how it goes.


  5. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    5-HTP will help.. It helps take the edge off. Buprenorphine works wonders! Why not see if you can get some for him.. Unless he is only getting off a small addiction.

    Good luck!
  6. Koolaidmom

    Koolaidmom Active Member

    Thanks for the response, we got him a good multi vitamin that seems to have all the trace minerals etc. in it also a b sup. based on rice (whole food) and a sup. called calm advantage the helps relieves stress, nervous irritability also says it helps with sleep. contains componets of green tea and says 5htp the naturally occurring direct precursor to serotonin that helps the brain production of serotonin. Also a b6/b12 with folic acid to take mid day. (Tryed to get him into a program back in feb/mar but there was no room, can't afford a private program and he is not really keen on the idea of substituting Bup for H ) Hot tub seems to help with the aches and pains, he is eating ok although about half the time his stomach gets upset after he eats. He has been drinking a fair amount of water also gatoraid and soda. We were talking tonight and he said I can do this I have had really bad flu before and I got through that. He is looking forward just a couple days at a time and we talk about how much better things will be when he gets past this. He has a good job again and says he can't blow it this time. I printed out the post detox 101 for him so he can try to do other things to help get past this and on his way to recovery. He has had no opiate since thursday night and it is starting to catch up with him. I will keep you guys posted as the weekend goes by. Thanks for your support!!

  7. Koolaidmom

    Koolaidmom Active Member

    Thanks for the advice and recommendations I started posting on the old Koolaidmom page so as not to clog this one up with stuff about my son

  8. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member


    I have been in recovery since 1988. I was stricken with a nerve disorder CIDP and was in horrible pain.. I had no recourse but to be put on opiates and went into a chronic pain program. I switched to Buprenex after reading all the hype on it on the web by some good and not so good pain clinics. I discussed it with my pain mgt MD and made the switch to Buprenex.

    After TRYING to make it "work" for me I decided to get off of it in November of last year.

    I have been off of it since Dec 14. 2003

    I have worked in the field of addiction and medicine is an interest to me. I have studied it and have a good understanding of the structures and systems .. how things work. I am NOT a MD... I don't pretend to be. I have great respect for the work it takes to make it through the rigors they have go through. I also dislike the "system" as it has grown to become. Insurance companies controlling MD's and the DEA pressuring MDs. The system stinks. The system attracts 2 kinds of MD's those in it for the $ or the ones with a passion to be a MD and make a difference. One has to wade through some bad to get the good. Lots of Good MD' and a lot of bad ones too. then the ones who have lost perspective as to who and what they are ... which is a person who pees and poops like the rest of us ;)

    Nuff ranting.
  9. need2bclean

    need2bclean Well-Known Member

    Not to mention how malpractice insurance premiums have effected many Dr's practices/protocols.

    Check out the state of Missouri :
    http://www.house.state.mo.us/pr/Monitor/Mon. 3-4.doc

    Last year their insurance and legislative support went totally south on the state board of physicians. Over 180 doctors left the state due to this and are continuously leaving at an unheard of rate!!

    I had a wonderful (I consider THE BEST) Neurosugeon that left the state. Now I have a sorry neuro that works like a person on an assembly line.

  10. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    WOW! 30,000 lbs of coke... GAD!

    WASHINGTON - The Coast Guard and Navy seized 30,000 pounds of cocaine from a boat off South America's Pacific coast this month in what authorities called the largest-ever seizure of the drug at sea.

    On Sept. 17, the USS Curts, a Navy frigate based in San Diego, intercepted the Lina Maria, a Cambodian-flagged fishing boat, about 300 miles west of the Galapagos Islands (news - web sites). A Coast Guard team boarded the boat and found 30,000 pounds of cocaine hidden in a sealed ballast tank.

    Ten people were detained. They were charged Monday by federal authorities in Tampa, Fla.

    A second seizure was made Friday in the same area. The frigate USS Crommelin, based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, stopped the fishing boat San Jose, and a Coast Guard team found 26,000 pounds of cocaine hidden under fish and ice in the vessel's cargo hold. Eight people were detained.

    The two boats had Colombian crews and were believed to have come from Colombia. Officials believe they were headed for the U.S. West Coast, said Navy Lt. Ligia Cohen, a spokeswoman for U.S. Southern Command.

    In the last year, the Coast Guard has seized a record 240,518 pounds of cocaine, worth about $7.7 billion, officials said. Much of that is in the Caribbean, but authorities say there is also a thriving drug trade on the Pacific coast of the Americas.

    The Navy provides warships to assist in counternarcotics operations, but military personnel are not allowed to arrest suspected drug smugglers because they are not law enforcement officers. Coast Guard teams instead make the actual arrests.
  11. sande

    sande Member

    not sure how this works. but i would like to tell my story. i had a son that was 29. he sat at the his children, to tell them he would be back to see them soon. and that he would call them evey chance he got. well he was picked up aound 2in the afternoon. to in to detox. the place were you go to get help, and be safe . well the mother of his children got a call he went into cardiac arest. and it didnt look good. well after i got home from church with his children i got a call . only to say he was dead. i could not talk . my only son went for help only to die. he layed in bed from 12 midnight. til the next day. when his roommate found him. i was lied to that he was given no meds. to find out he was given meds. and to find out he was never see by a doctor. i was told when he got there at around a little after 9 pm. cause the ride was 7hours. that they were tired. well im not sure how a detox prog. works but i will say before anyone goes in to detox . make sure you know whats going on. i look at his children everyday. and the hurt and pain is unreal. . and you look at the faces of his childen. i wonder how this can happen.and to be lied to. that is unreal. my only son to go for help and to die.
  12. Jonesinhard

    Jonesinhard Well-Known Member

    Sande...Welcome and thank you for telling your story..

    I have two children of my own, yet I can't imagine the grief you are dealing with... I truly hope that you can get to the bottom of the facts surrounding your son's death so that you may gain some sense of closure.

    God bless and stay strong for the little ones...they need ya

  13. Heartlessjon

    Heartlessjon Member

    Ok stupid question time.

    Is there ANYTHING over the counter that even helps a little with the withdrawal pain? Its been a while now but i still get pain in my body from the knees down. I can sleep again and all that but this damn pain wont go away. I have no insurance so a Dr. isnt an option. I am back in the gym and exercising regularly to strengthen my body and get my matabolism back on track (i think i am the only person who GAINED weight from the experience) which i figured would help but still this persists. It is just a bother since i have to stand on the way to work on the subway for hours everyday ( i dont know how i did it during detox) and that gets my legs worked up so bad i am lucky if it dies down by the time i go to bed. There is nothing wrong with my legs, the pain is the same deep bone throb as i had during detox, so i know thats what it is from but it has been weeks now. Can residuals stay in your body to plague you for a while?

    ok thanx
  14. selfwilly

    selfwilly Well-Known Member

    HJ-ibuprofen helps me somewhat. i've been clean quite a while and i still get the achey legs and knees from time to time, usually in cold raw weather. the real bad pain should subside in time, don't baby them though, if you know that there isn't another problem. also i found(although i don't think you can do this on the subway) moving around a little and shifting position can help. exercise is good, try to keep that up.-recovery is a journey, keep going forward and you'll be fine-charlie
  15. slingblade

    slingblade Well-Known Member

    It's hard to answer your questions without knowing what you have withdrawn from. What, how much, how long, etc. And how long you've been in recovery. Willy is right. Don't let it keep you from doing things you want to do. Just know that as long is there is no physical problem, the pain WILL go away.
  16. Heartlessjon

    Heartlessjon Member

    Hi, thanx guys. I have been taking ibuprofen and just pushing on as needed, trying to just ignore it.

    I was on H for a year, just sniffing, but about a finger a week so it was enough to get me hooked pretty hard i felt. I quit a few weeks ago and am feeling better. Like i said its just the leg pain that is giving me any trouble. I was thinking maybe something like icy hot or a heating pad might help. heh or i could have my dog lay on my legs.
  17. Jessie

    Jessie Well-Known Member

    hi heartless, welcome to the forum...Congrats on getting clean...

    You may want to try Naproxin/Alieve, that really helps me...

    Good Luck, keep us posted...
  18. in-mem-hjvsr

    in-mem-hjvsr New Member

    I lost my best frient 2 yrs ago to heroin/pain killers multiple drug toxicity. He was my husband, my friend the father of our son and the best guy with the biggest heart anyone could ever wish to know. My life is very difficult without him. He was such a beautiful man both inside and out. He loved people and had so many people that loved him, But he said he always felt alone.
    Heroin was a part of his life since he was 19 and he died at 44. He got clean so many times along the way but it was always there somehow. It always seemed like there was a note on his back that said "ya me I get high" Well, I tried to be the one that made it all better but I had no clue until now how much I was wrong. I think the most important advice I can give is "Love the ones in your life no matter what they do, especially when they are using. You never know if they are going to wake up or even come home. Screw the tough love crap that went out with Nixon. You need to let them know that you love them no matter what! You need to be there to offer advice and keep looking for help. They can't, they are sick and need experts in the field of heroin addiction to help them. Cold turkey, ya it can work for some but most of the time they will go back to the heroin, it is in their brain and never goes away. It may never leave them. But you can make a difference by not making them hurt anymore than they are hurting. They are self medicating for a reason, its not fun to be a heroin addict. It is the worst thing you can ever imagine. It is hell on earth. I can only see this now that it is too later and I would do anything to bring him back and say "I love you whether you are high or clean, and I love you to the end, you are good and heroin will not ruin our lives!" Be careful what you say and treat each day as if it were your last. God Bless you all and I pray for all of the people out there going through this life with a monkey on their back. Broken hearted in NC/PA forever.
  19. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    That was beautiful.... I wish more people felt that way.. Life would be a better place.

    Thanks for your post.

  20. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    Wow ... man you have come a long way since I first met you here... LOL I guess I have too... GAD I remember how I was feeling my first months here... SICK and hurting.

    Sure is nice being able to leave the house/flat and not have to bring your meds for the day. LMAO I STILL feel like I am forgetting "something"

    I think it's amazing you are sleeping 6 hrs a night.. That's a real gift. It will keep getting better and better.

    The anxiety and paranoia will fade but expect a flash of it on occasion and be prepared for it by expecting it occasionally. The frequency, intensity and duration will get less and less!

    Just remember it is temporary. They pass fairly quickly just remember it is the PAWS and will pass.

    Welcome to the sunny world and the freedom being clean can give us!

    Keep busy! Enjoy your new life. :)

    Keep us posted.


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