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30 Days Clean and Looking to Start Suboxone or Methadone??

Discussion in 'Family and Friends' started by productionwhiz, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. productionwhiz

    productionwhiz New Member

    Hi... I was wondering if anyone can tell me why an addict who has been clean for 30 days is now looking to start Suboxone? If the physical withdrawal is over, why add on a new substance? Is this just the addict finding a way to continue to be addicted to "something"? If you have an insight, I would sure love to hear it. I'm just trying to gain some understanding.
  2. bolt

    bolt Well-Known Member

    Addiction is a disease and it affects millions. I will not bore you or brag about how many times I have done this or that. What I can offer you is that once you are addicted you are an addict for life. You have a disease and you must be aware of it and constantly keep your guard up so you do not become infected again.That is if you are clean as your post says.
    The reasoning to me will be a situation where the person had to get clean whether in rehab or incarcerated and now has found he can get buzzed with a new script for sub.
    The purpose is not to be addicted but to chase the dragon (the high). He/she may feel it for a month or two but after that it will just be a routine.
    I know it sounds pitiful but that's the way addiction works.
    Sorry to hear someone going through this ! Keep posting and let us know if we can help..
    Again to be clear none of us wants to be addicted and a lot of us are in denial especially alcohol users. So we don't use to be addicted. We become addicted because we use regularly and become dependent.
    Does that make sense?
  3. freakedout

    freakedout Moderator

    There is a chance that an "addiction professional" of some sort or another is recommending Suboxone because of its ability to block most of the euphoric effects of other opiates. Some schools of thinking would consider this a form of harm reduction -- it could possibly keep the addict from engaging in high risk stuff like needles and whatever is involved with financing their habit.

    The way an addict perceives this type of advice is WOW!!! A professional is recommending that I take an opiate! How could I possibly argue with that! I can continue on in a fuzzy cloud and not really deal with anything!

    Just guessing this as a possible scenario. There is a lot of sh!t advice out there, professional or otherwise. Including mine.

    Anyways.....using Sub for anything but a short detox never turns out well.
  4. Freefly

    Freefly Well-Known Member

    That in my opinion is total insanity. Why in your right mind, being clean for 30 days would anyone want to add some other drug into their system. I work a 12 step program that is my grace every day, some do not like them and that's cool too. I do not even touch aspirin today. I use ZERO mind altering substances. Good luck, Tim
  5. spring

    spring Administrator

    I just now saw this post. I moved it to the Family and Friends forum since it sounds like you are speaking of a loved one...there are plenty of people here who understand what you're going through, and what the addict in your life is going through.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that maybe he/she isn't really clean for 30 days and looking for a way to continue their addiction without using their drug of choice? Or if truly clean for 30 days, maybe just not ready to live the clean life?

    Either way...no good usually comes of getting on a very addictive maintenance medication. Try to persuade this person to give it some more time. He didn't become an addict overnight and at 30 days, the body and brain are just beginning to adjust to living without the opiate.

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