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A look Back in Time on the Detox Board

Discussion in '~ Articles ~ Info ~ Links ~ Data ~' started by spring, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. spring

    spring Administrator

    This is a brief bio about Doc Scott, the owner of this board and about the board itself as written by him.......

    History.... Several years ago, while I was a resident in anesthesia at the Massachusetts General Hospital, I heard of the anesthesia assisted detox procedure. It was very interesting and I therefore put some time into investigating the procedure.
    I was surprised to find that many docs had tried to patent the procedure and none were sharing their protocols. This is just simply not the way docs are supposed to provide care.

    A small team was formed including a couple of anesthesiologists and a psychiatrist to learn about the procedure and study it. We actually did one detox at the Massachusetts General Hospital then I graduated.

    I decided to move further with the procedure and formed a company – UniQual, to partner with an anesthesiologist at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brockton, MA to study the procedure in an academic setting then publish our results. We did our study and published our procedure and results in a medical journal.

    At that time, I came to the conclusion that the procedure was not ready for general distribution and we closed the company. During this time, I built the web site, www.heroin-detox.com.

    There was actually quite a bit of information about anesthesia assisted detox on the site, but I found that the best information was in the forum. After the company was dissolved, I kept the forum going because of the email I got from people who believed that the forum helped.

    I have set several policies for the forum that may be part of its popularity.

    First, I do not post messages. I believe that any information I could provide is provided by others so there is no use in posting myself anyway.

    Second, all perspectives and comments have always been acceptable. No posts were deleted because I disagreed with the point being made. Only "Mr. Clean" type comments were deleted.
    (note; "Mr. Clean" was a member once upon a time, a longtime troublemaker/flamer/troll).

    Currently, I am a practicing anesthesiologist in Beverly, Massachusetts. I have a company that provides information systems consulting to hospitals. I also play with philosophy and art a bit – take a look at my web site if you get a chance www.TheEndOfHistory.com
  2. slingblade

    slingblade Well-Known Member

    I just found this and thought it was important enough to bring to the top. We owe Doc Scott many, many thanks for keeping this forum up and running. Some of us might owe him our lives. THANK YOU DOC SCOTT.
  3. carol

    carol Well-Known Member

    Trust that Dr.Scott cares .

    There is no doubt he has saved lives.

    Ditto to all Mike said.
    Thank you for caring.


    You have respected all ,and have the respect of all.

    You wear the title of Dr. proud.

    My faith is not lost in all, because of you.

    Thank you for my life. you may not know what that means but i promise,one day i will explain.

  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    I must be in a reminiscing mood tonight....

    This board has been on the internet for approx 10 years and has survived many changes and growing pains along the way.

    I'll bet Doc Scott never had a clue as to just how popular our board would become and how many lives it would touch. It has been responsible for changing and saving many lives.

    Some time ago, three days before the New Year on Dec 27, 2003 after having a few months of being an administrator under my belt, I managed to accidently wipe out all the posts thru-out the whole board.

    Tonite I have been clicking and scrolling thru the posts from 12/2003 up til today.

    So many have come and gone in this past year.

    Some have recovered successfully and moved on because of careers and families to tend to.
    While others have come and gone several times, some to check in with the great news that they are still clean, some to say that they are back at square one in relapse mode.
    Some have become terminally ill and have phased out and not returned.
    Some just disappeared never to be heard from again.

    Thru the years I have met many people on this board. I have grown close to many and have grown to love them dearly.

    There was a time when I was able to check in everyday, read every new post and reply to everyone....of course we had under 100 members then.

    It is impossible for me to read every post any longer, we have grown so much, and even more so in the past year than ever before.

    I am forever grateful for Docs' generousity in supplying us with this medium to communicate.

    I'm also deeply grateful for every single post that has ever been written here.

    No matter where you're at in your recovery, your words help another addict in one way or another, more than you will probably ever know. Dont think they dont.

    Found this too. Brought it to this thread and edited some of the time references since it's from Dec 2003.

    Do the right thing and risk the consequences
  5. Allgood

    Allgood Well-Known Member

    Spring, we thank you as well for making this board happen. Throughout all your busy time in life, you still manage to keep us up and running through this wonderful place. Thanks for all YOU do for us.

  6. slingblade

    slingblade Well-Known Member

    I second that.
  7. scott

    scott Administrator

    I third that.

    Scott Gonzales
  8. Jonesinhard

    Jonesinhard Well-Known Member

    I Fourth That ....

  9. selfwilly

    selfwilly Well-Known Member

    how about a fifth!
  10. spring

    spring Administrator

    Awww Gee guys,
    Thanks for the compliments.
    Believe it or not, I'm speechless:)
  11. Jonesinhard

    Jonesinhard Well-Known Member


    I find THAT hard to believe..LOL....j/k...how ya been Sweetie ?? Is life getting any easier.?? ..email me if you get a chance and let me know how you are, K ???

  12. Mic

    Mic Guest

    Wow! I've been here for quite awhile, and had never seen this.
    Thanks for bringing it up Spring, Mic

    "It takes what it takes"
  13. rolfasaurus

    rolfasaurus Well-Known Member

    Is spring an addict in recovery?

    -John R.

    "Big hopes in half grams."
  14. Freefly

    Freefly Well-Known Member

  15. girlinterupted

    girlinterupted Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Spring!
    I sixth that.

    "work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, and, dance like no one's watching."

  16. spring

    spring Administrator

    This year marks the beginning of 15 years on the internet for ODR. We have gone thru a lot of changes and growing pains over the years, and here we are..still standing...still here to help anyone in need.

    I want to again say THANK YOU to everyone for helping to make this one of the best resources on the net.
    Every post, whether asking for help or replying to someone in need has been and is still being read by those who come after.

    Also A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to those who have stuck around or returned to pass it forward.

    I went to the wayback machine http://waybackmachine.org/ and picked up a few photo shots of how ODR has changed thru-out the years. Keep in mind that this started out as a UROD site (As explained in the first post of this thread), and has progressed to focus on all methods of opiate detox and recovery with abstinence being the ultimate goal.

    Interesting to see the progression. Take a look...If the pages take awhile to load, just click on where it says impatient?

    December 1996
    One Day Heroin Detoxification

    December 1998
    Anesthesia-assisted Opiate Detoxification

    December 1998
    Discuss forum prelim page

    December 1999 to December 2000
    Anesthesia-Assisted Opiate Detoxification

    June 2002
    Anesthesia-Assisted Opiate Detoxification

    April 2003
    Anesthesia-Assisted Opiate Detoxification

    June 2003 (57 members~147 posts)
    Anesthesia-Assisted Detox

    June 2004 (667 members~13286 posts in 8 forums)
    Opiate Detox

    May 2005 (2810 members~27242 posts in 15 forums)

    June 2006 (4184 members~71646 posts in 16 forums)

    June 2008 (~200798 posts in 15 forums)

    April 2009 (~241319 posts in 15 forums)

    January 2011 (~333400 posts in 17 forums)

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