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Addict Moms Survey

Discussion in 'General' started by spring, May 29, 2014.

  1. spring

    spring Administrator

    Several years ago I wanted to post a survey for addict mothers...either women who were addicted during/after pregnancy, also those who had (have) addicted mothers.

    Life kept me busy and I never got around to it, but I want to resume this project so will be working on it and posting it as soon as I am able to. I'm hoping I can retrieve my notes since they're stuck in my old computer. If not, I may be asking for input and ideas from other members for this survey.

    This survey will be focusing mainly on the effects that addiction has on children. Physical, mental, or emotional problems, lifestyle issues, relationship problems between mom and child, and more.

    I will use this thread to keep you updated. Anyone interested in helping with the survey or with comments or questions about this subject, please feel free to use this thread also.

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