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addicted to opana and ocy/hydro

Discussion in 'General' started by iloveopana40, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. iloveopana40

    iloveopana40 New Member

    well im new here and not sure if i am doing this right i have been on some form of opiait fo the last 5 or 6 years every day for 3 surgerys from w.c injury and i am trying to get off of all of the pain pills and every thing else that they have put me on.and i finnaly got the courage to ask for help.thru works.EAP program they sent me to the chemical depency program.i went told the doc my story and he seemed like he wanted to help so any way the only help they give is suboxen.i had no idea call me dumb what sub was all about then i started reading on line and it scared the crap out of me i wanted off not a new addiction.every one it seems who takes it says it works great for the withdrawls.but then it is hell getting off if you can sorry for the long post.so when i told them i didnt want to go on suboxone and it is for 1 year program minimum.i just wanted to detox off of the pain pills iam in a 12 step program aa and have not had a drink for 19 years crazy me thinking i wouldnt get hooked on pain pills so i told them i just needed to detox and would use the program for the rest well they didnt like that so they said ok well detox you with tramodol foor 7 days if you make it ok no sub if not then you have to go on subs i was not cool with that but was willing to try and he only gave me tramodol nothing else.so of course i didnt make it i did get a dat here 2 days there went back and said we will try one more time 3 day rapid detox i had to ask him for clonidine.and any way didnt make it now i know when u r trying to kick that there should be at least clonidine may be valium or xanax and some imodium.not just tramadol so any way i left them and am now kicking with the help of friends in the program and not rushing it so thats a long story and there a lot more and would like to talk to people here.o yeah i was on 240 norco and 180 methodone for years when my doc changed the methodone to opana 40 3xday last oct and man that was it the opana is very good and needless to saycould not get enough could never make it last for more than 20 days and would go into withdrawls even with taking 18 to norco to get thru that would last about 3-4 days now i want off every thing
  2. Rainier

    Rainier Well-Known Member

    Hey there,

    Welcome to ODR!

    When you say you're 'not rushing it,' what do you mean by that? Are you doing a taper? I was never any good at those (even with assistance), but some folks here have been really successful with it.

    Not doing sub long-term was a good call, but it can be useful if used only for a short detox.

    I'd stay away from the benzos - they can turn into a serious problem too easily.
  3. iloveopana40

    iloveopana40 New Member

    first thanks for responding. and i am doing a taper with the help of some friends in the program and iam willing to take any suggestions on the best way to taper the so called drug dc i went to really just wanted to put me on subs and a 1 year program when i said every thing i read about subs are great to help with with drawls but alot end up not getting off of them so i know it is hard to get off of a long time opiaite use you have to want it and i do i also have to work as i am the only provider for my family and want off of this stuff. i tried to kick with the tram and clonidene and other stuff and think it will work if i can taper down to jump off and i have alot of support because i finnaly came clean and asked for help any i am rambling thanks for any suggestions and support.
  4. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    Looks like your planning to use trams as part of your wean? Just fyi, very addictive not only as an opiate like but also ssri. If you get addicted to them you have to detox from both "like" drugs. I see only as muddying the waters.

    So... since more then one hand involveed in wean confuses things... I just want to support you getting off the dope ... welcome to the forum.
  5. Friend2U

    Friend2U Well-Known Member

    Welcome to ODR
    First thing i would like to mention is to In box or PM "spring" so that this thread can be moved to "detoxing from pain meds", or you can copy and paste your first post in the forum by starting a new thread there,I think you will get more support in that forum..Do you know how to PM on here?
    There is also one other option, use the sub very short term low dose if necessary. If they give you a script and you take it at home no one has to know you are only taking 2mgs a day...something to consider.
    What is your taper plan? Is someone holding the drugs for you? Do you have any clondidine left? You could use that later in your taper.
    I am also a chronic pain - opiate addicted patient who found very little help or even understanding when i came clean to the doctor. Either they don't understand or they don't care...
    What exactly are you on now? What doses and how much? Do you take them the same time every day, like every 6 hours or all through the day?
    The more info the more help you can get here.

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