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Addiction online 'magazine'

Discussion in '~ Articles ~ Info ~ Links ~ Data ~' started by Rulebrkr, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Rulebrkr

    Rulebrkr Well-Known Member

    Not sure that mentioning new sites is allowed/encouraged but I recently found the following site:


    I just started skimming through it. Not sure if there's a support forum (there is an ask the expert section) but I did see they have a section dedicated to rating detox centers. mostly contains articles - lots of media. May be interesting to some members here, maybe not, but it's another source of info.

    As I said I just browsed through it and am not advocating it, just adding it as a potential resource.

    Home | The Fix
  2. Rulebrkr

    Rulebrkr Well-Known Member

    From an article on Intervention: According to A&E, 146 of the 184 people from Intervention are still sober today. I was curious about that. Seems their success rate is better than Dr. Drews?? Anyone have stats on that? Seems those folks are dying off....
  3. Rulebrkr

    Rulebrkr Well-Known Member

    Another pretty cool article on finding a decent AA meeting. Worth a read - how to not give up the search if the one you go to doesn't feel right. Nothing that hasn't already been said on this forum. For ODR veterans it may not be anything new but for noobs it might be good info.
  4. freakedout

    freakedout Moderator

    Cool site. Thanks for sharing it. I didn't see a forum but it looks like a "magazine" type website that deals with addiction. I like that they seem to be pretty open minded about the articles they post. Probably just trying to make a dime off of addiction like the "reality" rehab shows such as Intervention and Dr. Drew. I am not sure that people's addiction problems should be turned into entertainment but obviously that is what people want.
  5. Torushima

    Torushima Well-Known Member

    The Times had an article today (no link -- it's under their new paywall) about one of the co-founders of the Fix, a former addict himself who runs a hipster-friendly upscale sober living facility in Brooklyn.

    His partner in the project (the Fix) is one of the guys behind Radar, so expect lots of trashy, tabloid-style content.

    The site's not bad, I think -- some of the OpEds are valuable -- but I tend to eschew more bloggy, headline-grabbing content -- churned out via in-house content mills -- in favor of "feet on the ground" journalism, of which the Fix appears to have very little.

    I'm sure they'll get better in time. It has potential.

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