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Amino acids/Neurotransmitters key for Recovery

Discussion in '~ Articles ~ Info ~ Links ~ Data ~' started by spring, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. spring

    spring Guest

    Neurotransmitter Restoration or NTR

    Below is something I found.
    wondering if anyone has any experience with NTR?

    Neurotransmitter Restoration Center of Beverly Hills
    9025 Wilshire Blvd. - Suite 407 - Beverly Hills, CA 90211

    We can help you before you take the next drink, cigarette
    or drug - naturally ! MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL.

    This amino acid therapy is administered for 10 days, on an
    outpatient basis, and is supervised by our expert physicians
    and nurses.

    Dr. Hitt's Protocol has been used successfully on over 8000
    patients in the last 15 years with a success rate of 80%!

    For further information, call the Neurotransmitter
    Restoration Center of Beverly Hills (NTRC) at 310-724-6300.

    Detox safely and comfortably from any combination of addictions:
    Alcohol, Nicotine (tobacco), Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Uppers,
    Downers, Inhalants, Prescrition Drugs, Food (overeating),
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Gambling, Sex, Pornography,
    Shopping, Internet, Games, A.D.D.
    Alternative Recovery from Drug Addiction
    Featuring: The 10 day Amino Acid Therapy Outpatient Treatment
    VIEW MOVIE: [ Windows Media: modem - broadband ] [Quicktime: slow - medium - fast ]

    The Treatment Process
    For a ten day period, the patient receives individually formulated intravenous amino acids and vitamins
    under the supervision of a trained medical staff. This process re-balances neuroreceptors in the brain.
    At the end of treatment, the patient is no longer physically addicted to any substance and physical cravings
    are either absent or greatly reduced. With this increased clarity of mind, the patient can resume a life free
    of substance and its ruinous medical, inter-personal, and legal consequences.

    How does the brain work?
    The brain is composed of billions of nerve cells, called neurons. Brain activity is the interaction of neurons
    as they communicate with each other. Neurons do not actually touch one another, instead, they are
    separated by a small gap or synapse. Activity within a neuron is electrical, however, electrical activity
    cannot cross the synapse. When one neuron wants to signal another, it releases a number of neuro-
    transmitter chemical molecules into the synapse.
    As people contunue to use substances, the body reduces the number of receptor sites. In the absence of
    external substances, the body experiences a neurotransmitter deficit. Addicts begin by taking drugs to
    feel high; they end up taking them and feeling low.
    Although dopamine is the main neurotransmitter of pleasure, addiction can also affect other neuro-transmitters.
    NTR balances them all.

    What is Neurotransmitter Restoration or NTR?
    How was Neurotransmitter Restoration Developed?
    Questions & Answers
    Our Services
    From the National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA
    Research That Provided Key Insights for Drug Abuse Scientists Takes Nobel Prize
    Including: After care planning and follow up boosters
    For information call (310) 724-6300 or email ntrc@comcast.net
  2. sleepless

    sleepless Well-Known Member

    Hi Spring :)
    Believe it or not I was listening to a local new channel the other night on cable, (not really paying attention, but the TV was on and I over heard bits & pieces of it) but I heard something about amino acids helping people kick drug, alcohol, and tobacco addictions...Like I said I really was'nt paying close attention, but then when I realized what they were talking about I stopped what I was doing and tried to listen...But by that time they were finished with that story and went on to another...Where did you hear about this, news paper, TV, wed site? I think it's pretty interesting and would be willing to give it a whirl and see how/if it pans out...I take a good bit of amino acid when ever I get a cold sore and started taking them when my mouth started hurting so bad from the chemo...They work GREAT for fever blisters or cold sores, but did nothing at all for the mouth ulcers...
    Lemme know where you got this info. if it was a web site or whatever...List it here over e-mail it to me if you would...I think I'll call the phone # tomorrow and see if they'll give me any info. about this procedure and the cost...I'll be sure to post what I find out if anyone is interested...VERY interesting stuff :)

    Take Care & God Bless :)
  3. ssavan01

    ssavan01 Well-Known Member

    Amino Acid Therapy for Sub Detox

    An Integrative Medicine doctor who I have been working with says that there is a lot of research coming out about amino acids place in opiate withdrawel.

    This is a product he's using with all of his Suboxone patients wanting off the medication. He combines it with many other treatments, but after a long taper he begins this.


    It seems pretty interesting. Curious if anyone has ever heard of it.It has a pretty basic formula. I know that the amounts and how they are delivered is unique with this specific treatment

  4. KB

    KB Well-Known Member

    i've been using and recommending the aminos for a long time now, because they do help--but this product is way over priced!! i get my aminos at puritans pride for a tenth of what these people charge! DLPA, tyrosine and glutamine help the most, along with a free-form complete amino blend. lots of studies have been done proving how the aminos can get our brain chemistry back to normal--without using any prescription meds! our neurotransmitters are made from aminos, so they fix the cause of the problem and they don't just mask the symptoms the way scripts do. 5htp and st. johns have been proven to work as well as the ssri's--without the side effects.

  5. No_Control

    No_Control Well-Known Member

    You can also get a large amount of amino acids just from taking protein supplements. Protein shakes all come with a large amount of branch chain amino acids, along with the others. Also, if you are detoxing I've found protein shakes blended with ice cream can make a nice meal that's easy on the stomach.

    More will be revealed...just for today
  6. KB

    KB Well-Known Member

    undenatured whey protein shakes are good--i use the "now" brand. a tub of it is $13. probably the best thing to use during detox! nature's way also has a shake called "alive", it's one of those shakes that has everything in it! i get mine at vitacost.com because they are the cheapest.

  7. sandersw

    sandersw Well-Known Member

    Actually it is the receptors that are being effected. go to www.execucarearc.com for more information
  8. starlight

    starlight Well-Known Member

    Another one to have a look at is Fladdicts Amino Protocol .

  9. KB

    KB Well-Known Member

    there are 2 really good books about the aminos: "the amino revolution" by robert erdmann, and the other is "end your addiction now" by charles gant md. the 2nd one talks about supps other than aminos, but it is a really good book. got them at amazon.

  10. KB

    KB Well-Known Member

    sandersw--thanks for that link--i wish all addicts knew about how the aminos help--they can make a huge difference with detox/withdrawal. many treatment centers are starting to use them--they help reduce cravings as well as rebalance the neurotransmitters. they really help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain, fatigue. since i started 5htp (and st. johns wort)--i threw away my ssri's (tried them all). i'm less depressed now and feel much better all around. for detoxing-- DLPA, tyrosine, glutamine, glycine and leucine and 5htp are the most helpful. l-carnitine helps with fatigue also. samE is a great one too, but it is the most expensive, because for it to really work well--you need 800--1600mg/day. you have to take a b-complex and a mineral complex for them to work well also.

  11. beattramadol

    beattramadol Well-Known Member

    Amino Acids to heal the addicted brain

    Hello all,

    I lived for 8 years in and out of addiction to opiates and tried everything (tapering, cold-turkey, Suboxone) with no lasting success. Early in '08 I lost my job and almost my life until, through exhaustive research, I found Execucare which uses amino acid therapy to heal the addicted brain. It's a compassionate, highly confidential 10-day outpatient treatment where amino acids are administered through an IV. The concept is that it physically restores the brain to pre-addiction levels so that you can then work on changing your life from the behavioral aspect.

    Bottom line is that it was a miracle for me. During the treatment my withrdawals were minimal (first 2 days were like having mild flu symptoms) and at the end of the 10 days I was free of opiates with a restored sense of well-being. It was amazing to say the least. I then began counseling and attending NA meetings regularly and 7 mos later I feel better than ever.
    I dont believe in magic bullets, but this treatment gave me a fighting chance and maybe it can do the same for you. If anyone has questions about it, I would be happy to share my experience.

    Their website is http://execucarearc.com

  12. beattramadol

    beattramadol Well-Known Member

    Healing the addicted brain- must read

    Hello again,

    I had been physically addicted to opiates (Vicodin, Oxy, Tramadol, Temgesic, Suboxone) for almost 8 years until early this year. After exhausting all avenues, including many horrible cold-turkeys, tapering schedules, drug replacement (suboxone), I finally found the answer with Amino Acid therapy through a group called Execucare.

    What I found through tons of research is that through addiction (alcohol or drugs), our brains have become 'sick' in essence. The neurotransmitters have become unbalanced and the receptors in our brains have become compromised. This is the reason we feel so horrible when trying to get clean. It can take months if not years to restore our brains unless we give it what it needs from the physical standpoint. Once we do this, we can then address the underlying behavioral aspect of our recovery (I went to NA and counseling which was so much more effective because my brain was finally healthy!).

    Anyway, I attended Execucare in 8 months ago and went through their Amino Acid therapy. Its a compassionate, highly-confidential 10-day IV treatment which leaves you free of your drug after the 10 days. I had ZERO cravings and a tremendous sense of well-being upon completing the program. I had not felt that good in 8 years! The reason it worked, which by the way makes so much sense, is that the therapy restored my brain to pre-addiction levels without the painful withdrawals (I had about 2 days of mild flu-like symptoms but nothing major).

    Here i am 8 months later and I have my life back. This Amino Acid IV thing saved my life. During the treatment, it was amazing. I had my own room with Cable TV, internet, DVD, under the constant supervision of registered nurse. It was such an easy 10 days to get through compared to the months and months of agony and $ I had to spend trying to get clean prior! 3 days after I left the treatment I went on a 2 week vacation and had such a great time!

    What I found is that all the traditional treatment facilities out there simply give you controlled, addictive drugs (Suboxone, Klonopin, whatever) and try and wean you off over an extended period of time. Problem is that is simply prolonging your addiction. If they give you Suboxone for example, they are simply replacing one addiction with another. You will have to pay to piper eventually, usually after many painful months of trying to taper, not to mention the cost. The amino acid treatment is so different because it actually heals the brain!

    I couldnt afford the tens of thousands of dollars and 90 or 120 days to go into a traditional treatment facility where my odds of recovery where so low anyway. I needed to be back on my feet quickly and the program at Execucare gave me that.

    I dont believe in magic bullets, but this therapy saved my life and if you want to learn more about them and the science behind why this works, their site is http://www.execucarearc.com

    Dont take my word for it, do your own research and you tell me it doesnt make perfect sense that healing the phsycially compromised brain is the solution!!!!

    peace, B
  13. KB

    KB Well-Known Member

    i'e not been there but have done a ton of research about this--amino's re-balancing the neurotransmitters--and i know it does work! i imagine getting them IV would be best, but other routes are way cheaper!! many treatment centers are realizing how important aminos are and how they can make detoxing much easier. they can cut cravings by 80%--the long term success rate is double if aminos and other nutritional support is used. they are very safe and IMO, much better than the prescription junk our dr.s prescribe. they can help with depression, fatigue, pain, anxiety--all without the side effects!! grreat post--thanks!! i wish more people would try this--what do they have to lose???

  14. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    can you share if insurance paid for the tx or how much out of pocket it was... I have read the site and wanted to add this as option number 4.... ty in advance
  15. beattramadol

    beattramadol Well-Known Member

    Kellibear- with the IV method, the cells are 'bathed' continuously over 10 days and this is the major difference in this treatment. Taking the amino's orally gives however does not translate into brain receptor repair. I'm no doctor but when I was at Execucare the science behind all this was shown to me via DVD and explained and it made sense to me. I tried the oral's before and they did nothing for me, but maybe others have had luck, I dont know.

    Bonita- Execucare is private pay and they gave me a bill to submit to my insurance company. But I didnt want my insurance company finding out, so it was not important to me.
  16. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    well............ I just got off the phone with Mike..

    Cost is steep. I doubt but will ask if my insurance will help out if I chose this route.

    I know right now I am in a bit of mild wd so my emotions are all over the place.. plus the physical crap.

    I am so weary of all this... I trusted the sub quack with this miricale drug. What a hoax. I just dont want to go in more debt with another hoax. I have done some reading.. I need to get the book that someone mentioned.

    Beattramadol..... I am at my witts end. I am 51 and my brain is so damaged now.... I truely believe that I have one more chance .... If I dont make it this time. I am done. I dont want to keep fighting a loosing battle. just easier to give in and be done. I am not saying I am ready to put a gun to my head today for nothing else I do not want to cause my family anymore pain then I have already.

    I just dont think today I can make a decission on anything since my emotional state is cracked and seeping blood. I am just bearly hanging on at this moment. I know this too shall pass.

    I have got to go now to a meeting just to get away from myself... right now I am my worse eneny.

    Thanks for the post... at least now I have something to think about other then just the flucking continual taper.
  17. josie

    josie Well-Known Member

  18. opidont

    opidont Well-Known Member

    i would imagine that they probably had the same thing happen to them that has been happening to me.
    i am almost 5 months off, and the first few weeks i had mild w/ds then some lethargy for a few weeks and after about a month and a half i said "man this is going to be easy" and a few months go by, and i feel fine for awhile and the bam! i feel like crap and then i feel fine again and bam! i feel like crap...and recently its more like BAM!!!!!! debilitating depression and stuff. not that i feel sad, but just dooooowwwwwnnn. like i can't get anything done, and im moody....and honestly, i have stronger cravings today than i ever did jumping. it seems harder for me to play the tape out and remind myself why i dont/cant/wont use. then out of nowhere, ill feel fine again.
    kinda gets old, and i definitely have to stay focused, especially when things are good, because they seem to turn so rapidly.
    complete mindf@ck

    "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." Mahatma Gandhi
  19. KB

    KB Well-Known Member

    not too many positive sub stories! i'm glad the aminos are working--i take mine orally. from everything i have read, they do cross the blood/brain barrier. i can tell a huge difference, so they seem to be working for me. how much is this treatment? will insurance cover it?

  20. KB

    KB Well-Known Member

    have you read about LDN?? may be a big help after your jump. my sub dr. is using this and having great success. it can boost endorphin production 300%--really helps with paws. combined with the aminos could make a huge difference!


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