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Arlene Ford, Longtime ODR Member

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by Samuel Bailey, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Samuel Bailey

    Samuel Bailey Member


    To anyone with an interest.

    Arlene (Ford) was almost certainly the most prominent member of ODR for many years, beginning several years back. She'd posted thousands and thousands of comments. Due to some personal matters, she left the forum a while back. Until last night she'd been clean and sober for, what?, 20, maybe 30-something years. A long, long time of clarity and purpose.

    Last night, however, Arlene died. I don't know the circumstances, just the fact that she passed away---clean and sober would be my best bet.

    In any case, she is gone from this earth. She was a sometimes tough and difficult woman, but always, always! approached every issue and challenge with a good and positive heart. There should be more Arlene Fords in this world.

    Sam Bailey
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    Thank you Sam for posting this news.

    It's no secret that Arlene and I didn't see eye to eye back in the day, but regardless of that fact, I am sad to hear this. Arlene disappeared for the last few years and I often wondered what happened to her.
    She helped many people on and off this board, often with a stern disciplinarian style but it seemed to work for many even if it did piss them off at first lol.
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  3. Samuel Bailey

    Samuel Bailey Member

    Hey Spring!

    You're right, Arlene was not always the most tactful person in the forum. Yet she believed what she believed, passionately. And you're also right, while she could be difficult, she succeeded, I believe, in helping many people. Maybe hundreds, maybe more, How many we cannot know. Still she made the effort, and for that alone, she deserves major kudos. She could also be a very funny lady. Funny, clever and, sometimes, extremely, uh, earthy. Yes she was hard at times, but there was, I repeat, another side to Arlene---and that side was soft and tender. A complicated woman? You bet she was. All for the better! One other thing. Though I do not know many details, her family was by her side when she passed. At the time, she lived in Suffolk, Virginia. I THINK she moved back east 5,6, 7?? years ago.
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  4. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    Oh no. Well I'm sorry I didn't keep in touch with Arlene these past few years. I considered Arlene a comrade in arms so to speak. I first "met" her on another forum and she was calling BS on the mthadone advocates there, She was pointing out some truth behind taking huge doses of methadone and was being attacked for it.

    I asked Arlene to come here, to ODR, to share her wisdom and experience in getting off methadone maintenence. I had been fighting some of the same battles here myself.
    With Arlene here ODR went from a place where people chatted about drugs, to a place that helped people find recovery. I took a strong role in the new direction but I don't think we would have become the force that we were without Arlene.

    Rest in peace my friend........Dave
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  5. Glass

    Glass Member

    We'd had a few long exchanges over the years but I'd lost touch as well. She was critical to my time here on ODR and lent a more traditional 12 step viewpoint. I know that put her at odds with many on the board but I do think she was a net positive influence for many of us here. A few years back she told me she'd had a health issue and a falling out with the recovery facility that she worked at in Southern California. I know that her relationship to her sons and her grandkids was the light of her life. I also remember how harrowing her MMT experience was. She was in acute withdrawals for like an entire year and barely slept during that time. Her desire to help others was based on the hell she'd personally walked through.

    Rest in Peace Arlene and thanks for everything you did for me over the years.

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  6. fenderman

    fenderman Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone----I have been away for a little while, but I am glad I came back tonight....Arlene, as well as Spring and Peacenik saved my life in December of 2007....I have been clean for over 10 years because of all of you,. Arlene was an angel to me when I needed it the most, as well as Peace and Spring. Arlene, may the Angels hold you close...You will forever be in my heart...rest easy!
  7. spring

    spring Administrator

    Good to 'see' you after all this time fenderman.
    And am overjoyed to read those words "have been clean for over 10 years" !

    I remember the very first day you found ODR. That was a looong time ago and even though I have often wanted to give up and walk away from the board because it has been so dead, it's people like you and stories like yours that keep me here trying to keep this board alive. Watching the transformations of people's lives thru the years makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for the reminder...
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  8. spring

    spring Administrator

    Has anyone been able to find an online obituary for Arlene? I searched and searched but haven't found one yet. I thought it would be nice for us ODR oldtimers/longtimers/anyone she helped on and off this board to leave some memories for the family. I'm pretty sure the family knew that she was 'giving back' to help other addicts so thought they might appreciate some words of gratitude

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