1. Information in this forum is not monitored or provided by a medical professional. The information reflects member opinions only. Do not act on advice from these forums without first consulting a qualified medical professional. No professional addiction advisors are recognized by the owners, admins, or moderators, even if the member states such status. All content is copyrighted and protected. DO NOT use any information that can identify you in these forums. If you do, a google search can link your addiction post to your name causing harm to your future activities including employment.

Basic Forum Rules and Policies

Discussion in 'Forum Policies' started by spring, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. spring

    spring Administrator

    • We believe people are basically good.
    • We believe everyone has something to contribute.
    • We believe that an honest, open environment brings out the best in people.
    • We recognize and respect everyone as an individual.
    • We encourage you to treat others the way you would want to be treated.

    Do not post personal information on the forums. The posting of personal information including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, last names, or other personally indentifying information is discouraged. To keep your identity and personal information safe and to keep from being added to a spammer’s e-mail list, it is recommended that you do not include email addresses or other personal information in your posts.

    When posting, please keep in mind that though one has to register to write, anyone can read anything posted on this site.

    Of course the first rule is to never use your real name either as a user name or in your email address for safety reasons. If an admin catches this, you will be asked to change your user name and/or your email address.
    Also, we do not allow email addresses to be posted on the public forums. You may use the Private Messaging System for this.

    When posting details of yourself, try not to be too specific in order to prevent someone from guessing your name, address, work place, etc

    For more info on safety;

    2) Be polite. ODR wants to stay a positive, thriving community. Positive, constructive comments and questions that are on topic will maintain a positive spirit on these forums. Please give the same consideration and tolerance to others that you would like to receive from them.

    3) Stay on topic. Please stick to the original topic that was stated by the person who started the thread. If you have a suggestion or comment that is on a different topic, please start a new thread or take it to PM.

    4) Do not flame. Flaming is the act of posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting. These types of posts are absolutely not allowed and will result in the immediate revocation of posting privileges.

    5) Don't be a troll.
    Trolls are individuals who post rude or offensive messages for the purpose of disrupting a discussion or to upset other forum participants.
    Trolls will have their posts deleted and banned from participating in the forums. Additionally, if you identify a troll or flame post in these forums that matches the above descriptions, please do not respond to these types of posts. "Do not feed the trolls"
    Trolls thrive off of any attention that they receive and responding to their posts will only encourage more derogatory responses and can also result in having your forum posting privileges being revoked. Please use the Report Abuse to Moderator function to alert a moderator to any troll or flame post.

    Do not spam. Repeated posting of a message (or very similar messages) multiple times is considered spamming and is not welcome here. When making a post, please post it only one time in the most appropriate forum category that fits the topic of your post. Multiple posts will be locked or deleted, and continued abuse of this guideline may result in having your posting privileges revoked.

    No advertising. ODR is not to be used for trading/swapping, selling or advertising.

    8) Do not post inappropriate content. Messages containing insults, profanity or religiously, racially, or sexually offensive content will be removed immediately and will result in having your posts edited or deleted and your forum posting privileges revoked. Our forums have an automated profanity filter to block out inappropriate language. If you are caught trying to bypass the filters, your posting privileges may be revoked. So please, keep the posts clean.

    Keep personal conversations in PMs. This includes one-liner, small talk posts aimed at only one user or group of users like "Hi" or "Me too" etc. Reducing the amount of personal conversation topics will open the door to many other discussions of topics of interest that all users can partake in, and not just a select group of users.

    Please practice good "netiquette." This includes respect for others, refraining from typing in all Caps, avoiding flame wars, and keeping posts civil at all times. Together, we can make the community supportive and helpful for everyone!
    The ODR Forum Moderators reserve the right to edit, move, lock, or delete any message(s) that we deem to be inappropriate or disruptive to the community or ban any user at our sole discretion. If you have a question or comment regarding a Moderator action, please bring it to the attention of the Moderation Team via PM.

    Detox vs Maintenance
    The Opiate Detox Recovery forum, ODR, is specifically provided for members to help each other with detox and to maintain abstinence from opiate use.
    In order to keep the focus on detox followed by a drug-free recovery, the administrators choose not to allow long-winded discussions or debates about long term opiate maintenance therapy (such as methadone and buprenorphine).

    We believe that long term maintenance therapy is useful in some instances; yet we choose to deal with detox and recovery here.

    Please note: members who insist on discussing the pros and cons of long term maintenance therapy at ODR will be asked to leave or may have their account locked.

    Note from Spring; We are not saying that maintenance issues cannot be discussed at all. What we mean is that we prefer the focus be on detox with the eventual goal of abstinence.

    We realize that there is no "one size fits all" way to recover and every individual requires varying amounts of time to get to their goal of abstinence which sometimes includes many months on sub or methadone.
    I don't necessarily consider long term opiate replacement therapy as "maintenance". It depends on the treatment plan. Every person's recovery is as individual as they are.

    All we ask is that you use your common sense. Respect our mission and what we're all about.

    Give what you can and take what you need
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