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Bup Doctor Referrals

Discussion in 'Detox Program & Centers | Detox Rehab | Drug Detox' started by pinkie, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. pinkie

    pinkie Well-Known Member

    Please use this thread to recommend doctors who prescribe Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Subutex) for detox or
    maintenance. If you have a doctor you like, please post his/her name, address and phone number here, and describe
    your experience with them, so others can benefit.
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    (Posted by Diavolo7)
    Dr. Finelli
    Elmwood Park, NJ
    Only $150 cash plus urinalysis (covered by insurance) and then the cost of meds at the pharmacy qnty 30 2mg is $85, qnty 30 8mg is $150(mine was paid by insurance).
    Susequent visit is $75 cash.
    He is incredibly warm and very helpful. Spends time and cares...while you're there. However,he is unavailable on weekends AND never returns phone calls. His nurses ask him your questions and get back to you. Somewhat annoying, but he's inexpensive comparatively.


    (Posted by Sunshine)
    Dr. Anothony Ruffa Erie, PA 150$ for first visit 30$ for each visit after that. He gives you a script to take to the pharmacy for the meds but mine were completely covered by my insurance as was the office visit. I am not sure what the retail price of Sub is but I thought it was 8 bucks a pill.
    Dr. Ruffa is a very sweet caring spritual man who loves his patients. He really cares about you and treats addicts because he feels God
    called him to do so. I can tell him anything and everything. He is ok with maintenance or detox whatever the patient decides. You have to do counseling but my counselor that he referred me to is great too. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. I just wish I had done it sooner.
  3. kathyrand

    kathyrand Active Member

    Need a good Dr in Orange County, Calif...
    Went to one on the web (deleted) Clinic for consult and will NOT go back...Have done all my research on Bupe and am ready to join the already successful stories..sooo As soon as I find a good Dr..and thats where you all come in..I will go and..........
  4. wendy1971

    wendy1971 Active Member

    Does anyone know of a doctor near Western NC?

  5. pinkie

    pinkie Well-Known Member

    San Francisco Bay Area

    Dr. Daniel Glatt
    160 County Club Drive
    So. San Francisco, CA 94080
    tel: (650) 952-5880

    Dr. D. Glatt is a wonderful, compassionate, doctor. He's a good listener, respectful, takes his time, and I've heard he's of
    one of the best addiction specialists in the U.S. Other doctors in his office include his dad, William Glatt, and two others,
    Bertram Solomon and Irving Stern. Along with addiction, they also do regular family practice. That means you'll be sitting
    in the waiting room (crowded) with all sorts of people, kind of like a Fellini film.

    He does a quicker inpatient detox, I don't remember the specifics of that. But, his outpatient Suboxone detox is based on
    one month good for as many appointments as necessary. Sorry, now I can't remember his exact fee, but it was
    somewhere between $850-$950. He only takes cash or cashiers check, and will give you a discount if you pay in full at
    your first appointment (he probably takes insurance if you're covered, but I don't know this for a fact). The meds are not
    included, and I can't recall the exact amount, but probably in the $200 range. He will prescribe other meds as
    necessary for depression, anxiety, or other symptoms you're worried about or are suffering.

    He is very busy, and although he didn't rush our appointments, he was often interrupted by his staff asking him
    questions about scheduling etc. A very minor annoyance in my book. More problematic is that he can run horribly late.
    We spent more than 2 hours waiting one day, until I finally told them I had to be somewhere, then they got me right in. He
    always ran AT LEAST a half hour late, sometimes more. Annoying, but well worth the wait. When I telephoned him with a
    question, he got back to me in about 20 minutes.

    I told him I was worried about going into bull blown withdrawals in the middle of the night, as happened in a previous
    detox. He gave me his pager number and said I could page him anytime, until I was confident that I would be okay. Of
    course, it turned out that the stuff worked so well, I didn't need to wake him up.

    At our first appointment, we filled out a pretty stern questionnaire that says if you are not interested in complete detox,
    with plans for staying clean, you're wasting your time and may as well walk out. But the doc is nothing like his
    questionnaire. He does discuss options for staying clean, and outside of physical checkup stuff, most of the appointment
    deals with the post-detox dilemma. I'm pretty sure he doesn't do maintenance, but if that's what you're looking for, I guess
    it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    How our first visit went: We arrived at his office at about 18 hours out from smoking heroin, so we were feeling kind of
    sweaty, anxious and sniffly, but nothing major. After he gave us (bf and myself) each a physical and talked to us for a
    while, he saw how worried I was and gave me 2mg in office while he checked out my bf, then gave us scripts and sent us
    across the street to the pharmacy to fill them. I took 2 more mgs and bf took 4 mgs in the parking lot, and then went home.

    We saw him a couple more times after that. He gave us the old once over, and talked a little about how we were doing,
    but we didn't need to go in as often as I initially thought we would.
  6. kathyrand

    kathyrand Active Member

    Good Morning:
    If you live in Southern Florida I have found a great Dr.
    He is under
    Pain Management Center of Palm Beach
    2206 West Atlantic Avenue,
    Suite 200
    Delray Beach, FL 33445

    Israel Rabinsky, M.D.
    561 330 3010

    This is the Dr. I found after many long hours of research. His staff is kind and very experienced. They are a very small and homey office.

    They let me use Buprenex injectable instead of the pills, which worked better for me. We had a consult first, my idea, and he answered about 3 pages of questions for me.
    He let me decide without pushing me. He gave me a taper in his office the first day and it was not anything unreasonable.
    Today, I am almost down to 0 and I thank a lot of this to him.
    So, if you are in Southern Florida, he is the man.
  7. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Doctor in Pittsburgh, PA (now y'all know where I live, eek!)
    Priority Health Care ASSociates
    1-800-WE DETOX (hmmmm.)
    Oakland area, Boulevard of the Allies
    (I don't recommend this doctor based on the following anecdotal history of my visits/interactions.)
    First appt., doc didn't show, due to snowstorm and his Porsche wouldn't make it to the office (honest). Saw the "Clinic Director" who took my vitals and a Brief med history. Told her what I was taking. She gave me a printout with a dosing schedule (one size fits all, not related to what you were abusing or how much) and bottle of 2 mg suboxone. Told me to come back in one week, but gave me her cell phone number in case I needed anything. Told me I would be plesantly surprised at how good I felt.
    Next day: followed schedule, felt fine. (took 14 mgs at one 2 mg tab every two - three hours)
    Day two, felt lousy with headache and nausea, called Director and told her this. She advised to take more, that I wasn't stabilized. so I took 16 mgs over the course of the day, every two-three hours.
    NEXT day (a Friday) I felt WORSE, with horrible headache and nausea, called the clinic, said I didn't have enough to get me through the weekend. She said come in for more, you're not stabilized, you need more. Went in, she handed me (in the hall, didn't even pull me into an exam room) 10 more subox 2 mgs. Said come back on Monday.
    Over the weekend, felt horrible with nausea and headache, etc. Throwing up relentlessly.
    Monday: went to clinic finally met doctor. Told him I felt lousy. He asked questions indicating he thought I was taking other drugs in addition to the subox. I wasn't. He examined me briefly, told me to try to take less, but never said I was suffering from too much bupe in my system (which I was). Told me to come back in a week. VERY brief visit.
    I never went back, never heard from them. I quit taking the bupe that day and only took a couple more doses, 1 mg, throughout the next few days. (based on advice I got after posting here) Felt much better as the bupe left my system.
    That's my experience with this clinic. Take it for what it's worth, it's all true.
    Maybe they have learned more about bupe detox at this point, a few months later, and are worth a try.
    It was easy to get an appointment, easy to contact them, and it is $265 for week one, then $155 for weeks 2 and 3, these prices include the subox pills. Their detox protocol calls for a three week detox. They do offer maintenance and don't require meetings or therapy, but do recommend it if your life is a mess, no job, etc. For me, they said I wouldn't need them. Ha ha.
  8. Arjuna

    Arjuna Member

    Here is one in Wisconsin!

    Dr. Engel (262-549-6600)Waukesha, Wisconsin.

    $280 for the first visit. No blood or fluids work. 20 minutes. Small talk, history of usage. Script for x 60, Subutex 2mgs.
    $150 for regular visits. I think that most of the work done in this doctor office is insurance work. They were suprixed that I paid cash.

    Subutex was cheapest at Sam's Club, $190 for 60 x 2mgs.
    There are a bunch of doctors on the government buph list, in the Milwaukee area. One might be cheaper, downtown in a ruffer area.
    Probably more "Klink" type procedures, piss test and dailey/weekly attendance stuff?

    I would think that the people here are far more informed about buph/detox issues than the doctor I met with.
    He seemed like a nice guy, seemed to care. :)
    He has been in the addiction business for 25 years.
    He says that other doctors do not respect his work because most think that this is a "Self-Induced Illness".
    I think that 'regular' doctors are afraid of the drug seeker/DEA deal. I met with him a second time. His suggestion was to taper as slowly as possible.

    Cheers to All
    AJ [B)]

    1 mg a day Subutex,3/27! What's next?
  9. spring

    spring Administrator

    Check this out www.buprenorphine.samhsa.gov and click on your state. There's bound to be some docs near you since you are in a big city. You may want to post this question in both the bup forum and the general forum to get more eposure. Maybe someone with some personal experience with a Texas doc will see this.....good luck and keep us posted on how it goes with you.

    ~~~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~~~Spring~~~
  10. afraid2bclean

    afraid2bclean Well-Known Member

    I have a great doctor in virginia who also as an office in California. Go to www.thecolemaninstitute.com and you can get all the info you need about the bup. Select California prices and see how much he charges out there. If you have insurance, you can select one of their drs. as your PCP and that will reduce your cost. Then see the dr. for a regular visit, tell him/her what you are addicted to and that you have researched Bup on their site as well as others and that you want to try that.the dr. will then prescribe it for you and then you fill your prescription. They are very kind and understanding, at least my experience was. Hope you get the help you need.
    P.S. I am originally from Corona, CA. so I know that you should be close to Dr. Peter Coleman's office which i believe is in Anaheim, but dont quote me on it.[:I]
  11. Pal

    Pal Guest

    Looking fro a Bupe Doctor in NH HELP!!

    I have tried the website, and have gottten the "waiting list" from everyone. If anyone can help, please let me know.
  12. mallomar

    mallomar Well-Known Member

    Is there any way you can get a physical from a regular primary care doctor, explaining the situation, and having him get in contact with a bupe doctor with an open slot? Maybe with the understanding that your situation is a medical emergency? It's a CIII- it can be prescribed over the phone, I don't know about state laws regulating that.

  13. Mic

    Mic Guest

    This thought may be "out there" but it may help. I know doc's need the special cert to prescribe Bupe for "opiate/opiod dependence" but any doc can prescribe it for pain. I know that's being a little dishonest, but may be a stopgap until a Bupe doc slot opens up? Why don't you run it by Dr. Joel (he's posted here somewhere, do a search) and/or Tony (the pharmacist). They may be able to help. Good Luck. Best, MICIMO
  14. spring

    spring Administrator

    Found another one....Here's one for anyone in the Chicago area. She does outpatient Bup maintanance, also intensive outpatient group therapies. I didn't get the prices tho.

    Fe A. Velasco M.D., Schaumburg Interventions and Counseling Center, 1340 Remington Rd., Ste. K, Schaumburg IL 60173, 847-882-8908.

    ~~~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~~~Spring~~~
  15. jayme728

    jayme728 New Member

    Heres one for the huston, dallas, austin texas area....

    Dr. David G. Jones

    he takes walk ins and is the sweetest nicest most caring doctor I have seen in a long time. He even does consults on the web I think. He will see anyone who needs help with anything and hugs are a part of you therapy with him![:I] He takes all insurance and even has a deal with a local pharmacy with cheaper prices, for those of you whos insurance wont pay.

    Dr. Jones is now on the web! His website is poppswebsite.com
    This site will give you all the info you need.
  16. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    If you live in SOUTH FLORIDA i have a great office for you to go to for Buperenx or Subutex/Suboxone.

    Dr.Joesph Deluca
    He is located in Coral Springs Fla, off of Wiles Road and 441.

    Dr.Deluca and his staff are nice , considerate,Dr.Really cares about the paient. If you live in South Fla, Dr.Deluca is da man.

    His prices are also very cheap $50.00 a month for the office visit, plus meds or he will give you a script to take to the pharmacy.

    If at first you do not seceed, try and try again.
  17. Pal

    Pal Well-Known Member

    In NH, I highly doubt anyone will circumvent the normal process to help :-(
  18. Pal

    Pal Well-Known Member

    I found a doc...YAHOO!!! Start Friday!
  19. girlinterupted

    girlinterupted Well-Known Member

    St.Helena California (Napa Valley)
    Dr Nathan Thuma MD Psychiatry
    1030 Main St.#210
    St.Helena,Ca 94574
    $250 initial visit includes first dosing and history.
    $100 for follow up.I saw him 2 weeks after first visit because he was working with me because of the distance i have to travel.He gives me a script to be filled at the pharmacy and the cost for meds is NOT included in the other fee's.my last script was for 40 8mg subutex and it cost me $266 without insurance but still much cheaper than my addiction cost me :>)
    I see him every 2 to 3 weeks now.

    he is a great doctor and is compassionate.Knows a lot about addiction and treating it.I have been through a # of doctors and he makes me feel at ease and gives me hope.I highly recommend him to anyone.I am also impressed with his availability when i have had to call him in between appointments.He get's back to me right away.
    good luck
  20. artheart

    artheart Active Member

    but the problem im finding iwith the list s that when i call the numbers i get some receptionist who has no idea what im talking about..so i ask to talk w the dr but im refused cause im not a patient! I gotta pay him to simply ask?! I read on another board that some docs are taking the training and then just putting the certificate on the wall without actually taking in any clients! Ive been told by one that they will not take cash paying clients. another one is a methadone clinic and from what i could figure you have to jump through all these hoops to get on and they are pretty much following the same protocol as MMT. Huh? One guy said he had no intentions of prescribing! I emailed SAMSHA and they took him off the list. They want me to send them the names and #'s of the drs im having problems with so Im going to try again Monday and send the results to SAMSHA.

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