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Bup Doctor Referrals

Discussion in 'Detox Program & Centers | Detox Rehab | Drug Detox' started by pinkie, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. einsteinsline

    einsteinsline New Member

    I have an appointment set with dr David Jarrett in Athens Georgia for an oxy addiction. All they will tell me is to bring 140 for the first visit? I found his name on the suboxone website and they ssaid that he was accepting patients. My question is, what the hell should I expect? Do I continue to take my oxy's? Has anyone ever visited this doc? Or have advice for me? I've read 100's of posts, but don't understand how everyone is getting their suboxone without having to be in some treatment center somewhere. I just need information, and help, lots of help.
  2. Sluggo

    Sluggo Well-Known Member

    I had a fantastic sub doctor in Northern NJ. If anyone wants more info, just PM me. He absolutely knows what he's doing and he's a kind compassionate guy. kept me on a very low dose for a minimal of time, and gave me comfort meds for the jump.

    I recommend him highly. he's worth the trip.

  3. imported_n/a

    imported_n/a Guest

    I'd like to refer my bupe doc for any Central Florida, specifically Volusia/ Flagler county (Daytona Beach & Flagler/ Palm Coast areas). Her name is Loray Blair-Britt, prices are $165 for initial visit, $45 for 3 day follow up, $60 for two week follow up, then $80 monthly after that for the visits. She said she has been doing this for 6 months, was pretty tough in the first appointment - didn't think I was going to stay with her, but the next visit was a totally different experience, the last one was great.

    She will NOT prescribe benzos, but will give sleep aids (Ambien, Lunesta) to counteract the insomnia that some patients get when you start the meds. You can find her info on "www.suboxone.com" search for offices within 10 miles of zip code 32174 (Ormond Beach - where her office is located).

    There is one front desk person dedicated to this, so you will get plenty of information when you call, then you speak to the Nurse Practitioner who completes a 20 minute questionnaire, finally the front desk gal calls you back with appointment availability based on the NPR's recommendation after analyzing your completed questionnaire.

    Good Luck, this medicine has changed my life & my family's lives - no need to suffer if you're serious about quitting. Just remember although it may be hard at times, this allows you time to work on the addiction while your satisfying the physical cravings.

  4. Jake26

    Jake26 Guest

    Hello -

    Has anyone here seen Dr. Nappi in Utica, NY? How did it go?
  5. windfall1066

    windfall1066 New Member

    Dr Nappi is facing 40 something charges in court from unlawfull touching to failier to diagnose. The NYS DOH suspended his license leaving all his patients to fend for themselves. He was schedualed for court on the 15th but I haven't found any results.
  6. tdotresident

    tdotresident Guest

    I know a great Suboxone / Subutex doctor that CHARGES A FAIR PRICE:

    ...If you're in the South Florida area ( Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale, Miami)

    Dr Gary Blumberg
    (954) 428-3020

    1265 S Military Trail
    Deerfield Beach, FL

    $150 FOR 2 VISITS!! He's the only doctor I know that charges a reasonable price. He's cool and easy to deal with.

  7. needhelpnow

    needhelpnow Active Member

    If you are in Colorado, or even a neighboring state, as he has bmt pts that come from neighboring states 3 times a year for refills. Here is a great, truly caring doc with a family practice, and does pain management Dr. Jean Bouquet Parker, CO 303-841-9219. The secretaries are very caring, and if tell them you want to be on sub they will get you in same or next day. He ONLY charges $90 for the induction fee, and $70 for office visits. After a month or so he will give refills. For most people he does not like to see them on sub for more than 6 months or less. He has more than 50 current pts. and knows a lot about sub. He is definitely not in it for the money. He actually talks to you and listens for a full 1/2 hour on the $70 visit. When a pain pt breaks their pain management contract he gives them 2 chances, then a choice between a slow taper off the narcotics, or sub. Most pain docs throw you off c/t. I was a former mmt pt that switched on day 11. My methadone withdrawals weren’t that bad even on day 11 no runs, nausea, or rls, but I was very lethargic, and I was even jogging ? mile walk 1 mile every day. I had terrible depression, and little sleep and the worst anxiety I have ever had in my life, and I have had anxiety for 30 years. I work in commercial real estate, and had the biggest deal of my life to try to close in 2 days in NYC. I had been commuting there almost weekly. I knew I couldn’t do in my state. It was 2 years pay for me. I saw the sub doc the day before I left. Thirty mins after 4mg I was “normal” still opiated, but the methadone fog had lifted; I could think clearly for the first time in 4 years, for me it was almost like a miracle This was in September, and I am now at ? mg. I am taking the next year off to work on my recovery. I have a recovery team: my therapist, a naturopathic md, and my sub md, which is now our family doctor.
  8. pat d.

    pat d. Member

    Dr. Blair Beltzer 973.831.0006 great guy. very knowledgable. pain management as well as an addiction specialist. has been prescribing subox/subutex for many years. knows his stuff. definitely not in it for the money. $90 cash but he takes just about every type of insurance.

    located in northern new jersey:
    mon and fri has a vernon, nj office
    tues-weds-thurs has a wayne, nj office

    again he is a great guy and i know him well. any questions pm me. he also helps people detox from methadone to subutex/suboxen. now he is giving the monthly naltrexone shots/as well as the pills.

    pat d.
  9. I am looking for an inexpensive Dr that will prescribe Suboxone. Every Dr I have called in my area is either not excepting new patients or they are so outrageously priced it should be a crime. One Dr was "between $400-$600 for the ofc visit." Another Dr told me that they can not see me because they do not except my insurance and if I pay cash the Dr will loose his license because it is state insurance. Anyway I am in sussex County (Northern,NJ) and was wondering if anyone knew of a Dr in the area.
  10. spring

    spring Administrator

    Re: My Daughter

    According to an ODR member, Suboxone treatment is available in Spokane, WA at a place called;

    Lakeside Recovery Center in
    3710 N. Monroe St
    Spokane, WA.

    (509) 328-5234
  11. Dee1

    Dee1 New Member

    Doctor recommendations

    Why don't more people post when they have found a good sub doctor? I recently lost my pm dr that I have been seeing for 2 yrs and am desperately trying to find a new one. I have used the samsha list. My problem is I was taking the liquid form of bup (IM). Unfortunately found out that this is not widely prescribed anymore. Suboxone is supposed to be the same drug? Well try telling my body that!
    BTW, I'm in Georgia if anyone can rec someone.
  12. spring

    spring Administrator

    Re: Doctor recommendations

    Suboxone is not the same as the liquid buprenorphine because it contains the added ingredient "Naloxone" aka Narcan which can have plenty of unwanted side effects though the claim is that's only if you IV it....so not true!

    If you're taking bup for chronic pain then maybe you can find a Dr who will RX Subutex which has no Naloxone in it.

    We used to have a list of Sub Drs. in the FAQs forum but it kinda fizzled out as we got more people here who were trying to GET OFF the Sub than were trying to find the stuff.
  13. Emmylou

    Emmylou New Member

    Thank you Spring for posting the link to state by state doctors! Very helpful to me, and must be for others also.
    FYI---Anyone in the NM area? There are quite a few detox docs for opiates, which is a Godsend for me.

    I am so desperate and want OFF these damn things more than I have ever wanted anything!!!!

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