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can you catch hiv/hcv from reusing needles...

Discussion in 'HEP C HIV' started by thisNOTgood, May 11, 2007.

  1. thisNOTgood

    thisNOTgood Well-Known Member

    that you never shared with anyone else? regardless of the fact that there's other reasons not to do it, i was wondering if you reuse needles that are no longer sterile, but have only been used by you if you could catch one of these? i don't see how it's possible if you don't share, but i've never asked anyone who would know so i thought i'd post here. thanks for answering my question.

    i don't use anymore, but when i did i re-used needles that were only used by myself... just wondering is all.
  2. Sluggo

    Sluggo Well-Known Member

    if you've never been exposed to the infection....there's no way to contract it through re-using your own needles.

    HIV is carried and transferred through bodily fluids.

    if you've never shared a needle....and have safe sex...you should be fine.
  3. AlwaysHope

    AlwaysHope Member

    My stepfather got hepatitis 20 years ago - he says it was from reusing his dirty needles. He didn't share needles, but he would reuse his own, and he said the old blood would sit in the needle and get "funky" and then he'd use the needle to shoot up and that's how he got hep... again... so he says.

    You won't get HIV that way though. You can only get that if you're infected by another person that has it.
  4. starlight

    starlight Well-Known Member

    Not your own needles , but someone else's you can . If you are going to reuse your own needles,I suggest you rinse them out with straight bleach before each use and rinse them well with clean water before injecting .That way , you can avoid any skin infections. My sister was told this by a place called biala in Brisbane QLD . They are professionals .


  5. mtgoat911

    mtgoat911 Well-Known Member

    you need to watch out for bacterial disease, gan green being the most common
    junkies usually ignore possible infections until they are near death
    some shoot up drugs not ment for iv use, i actually shot methadone, sub, the list goes on and i dont want to give anyone a bright idea.
    As a result of this behavior i have had "cotton fever, Hep c, vascular surgery at 19"
    Do not re-use you needles, they become dull and this will cause vascular disease.
    Bleech is an option, i used many times. It is scary to think the only thing bt you and aids or hep is a house hold detergent.

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  6. Ade

    Ade New Member

    You most definitely can get HCV by reusing your own needles,HCV is more virulent than HIV and can survive neat bleach.Equipment is cheap and easy to get now,so why reuse?
  7. TMD

    TMD Well-Known Member

    Ive used probaly hundreds of already used needles from other people. 99% of the time I filled up my sink with bleach and just soaked them for quite some time. Only once did I share a needle right after someone else without bleaching it. I've never had an infection and Im Hep-c free. I really dodged a bullet on the hep-c thing however. The girl I shared the needle with got a call from her x and he had been diagnosed with hep-c. He must have got it after she left. Otherwise I surely would have it today.

    As far as HIV goes it is my understanding the HIV virus can only stay alive outside the body for abou 11 seconds. But I wouldnt trust that to mean you can't get it when sharing but you certainly wont get it from your own needle. And I have never heard of anyone getting hep-c from re-using there own needles if they have never shared. Hep-c can also be picked up from sharing razors or toothbrushes.


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  8. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    totally not true..... has to be contamintaed with the virus. Now... I do think you can get some nasty infection such as MRSA in the bld. that is on your own skin.

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  9. Allgood

    Allgood Well-Known Member

    stop shooting drugs, and these worries will vanish. I promise ..
  10. Parachute

    Parachute Well-Known Member

    THis is very true...All worries can vanish in recovery. True relaxation exists when we dont have to worry bout gear, or schemes, or manipulation, or being found out. Recovery is available FOR ALL WHO SEEK IT..Addiction does not discriminate, recovery does not discriminate..Come on and get some....

  11. spring

    spring Administrator

    The last two posts are the best advice for staying healthy, but until you get to that place in your life please understand this....


  12. 4Degrees

    4Degrees Well-Known Member

    HHHMMM, perhaps I should go get tested soon...

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  13. 4Degrees

    4Degrees Well-Known Member

    Wait... Don't they typically vaccinate kids for hep these days in school?

    Get up and free yourself from yourself.
    Locked up inside you,
    like the calm beneath castles,
    is a cavern of treasures that
    no-one has been to.
    Let's go digging.
    Bring it out to take you back in. - MJK
  14. gisonhere

    gisonhere New Member

    So say you open a brand new needle and you use it and only you . if you reuse the same needle you can give yourself hep . every needle says do not reuse , once your blood comes in contact with the air , bacteria fourms inside the needle . bactiera can fourm on the drug you used in the needle aswell . I wasn't aware you could give yourself hep . I used the same needle 7 times in April on vacation , only with myself . I shot herion , meth twice and 4 Ritalin with the same needle all in the same night probley within 2 hrs . I was the only person to use the needle . I haven't been to the hospital to get tested yet . that was my first time ever shooting up and my last time . my friend did the same exact thing I did , all the same drugs and the same amount of times. I'm gonna go get tested this week , if I've contracted the diease or not I'll be back to share my results . don't reuse needles people , even with yourself . I'm not sure about giving yourself hiv though . I forgot , I think the guy we met back loaded the meth with a needle he had used once , we were really high and couldn't remember but didn't remember seeing him grab a new needle . so we could have been exposed to some of his blood . I also shot up a suboxone once after being home with a clean needle and only used it once that was the last time I've used a needle , never again .
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  15. spring

    spring Administrator

    You can give yourself a bacterial infection by reusing needles that haven't been disinfected properly, but if you don't have the HepC virus or the Aids virus to begin with, you cannot infect yourself with it by using your own needles.

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