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Cat's Epic Taper To Sobriety!

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by Catamount, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Torushima

    Torushima Well-Known Member

    Congrats, Cat, on the pill-free time. That’s a lot of attoseconds! I hope you didn’t count them off one-by-one, because that would’ve really made the time really draaaaag, man.

    It’s damn good that you’ve beat this thing on your own terms, damn good indeed. You’re an inspiration to folks who like to stick it to the status quo.

    Here are 10 things that you should do this week to celebrate:

    1.) Go to a rock show, mosh dangerously;
    2.) Fire up the charcoal grill and cook a metric f**kton of meat, add a healthy dose of self-satisfaction;
    3.) Calculate the money that you would’ve spent on pills this past year, spend accordingly;
    4.) Buy something cool with said money, gloat happily;
    5.) Give a loved one a hug, love liberally;
    6.) Set some goals for the following year, plan ambitiously;
    7.) Do something that you couldn’t have done while addicted, reflect existentially;
    8.) Listen to Pantera’s “By Demons Be Driven,” thrash heartily;
    9.) Take a day off of work, use lazily;
    10.) Drink a six-pack of Catamount beer; enjoy thoroughly!
  2. facingthetruthagain

    facingthetruthagain Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Cat! You have been such an inspiration to so many here. You and Melloncholy have offered so much wisdom to really help a newbie like me "get it". I am finally feeling stronger in my own recovery and starting to see there is life after this chapter is finally closed. I can't wait to post my one year clean. Congrats dude! You ROCK!!
  3. serenity80

    serenity80 Well-Known Member

    Congrats Cat!!!!

    I hope I can say the same next July, So far so good for me. I am doing rather well. Its just not worth it when the good feeling doesn't last long, and then after that comes depression. And PAIN!!! So not worth it.
    Thanks for all your help too. Hope all is well for you at home, now.
  4. Friend2U

    Friend2U Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on ONE YEAR! You set out your plan & did it your way...thats an important message....there are many ways to do it...
    Celebrate Good Times....LOL
  5. donaldstrike

    donaldstrike Well-Known Member

    hi cat
    congratulation and thank you that you are as you are ... stay tuned
    donald ... out ... bull riding ... *awe*
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2011
  6. Catamount

    Catamount Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all. I am in a bad spot now....but all is cool on the pill part. Not even a thought.
  7. serenity80

    serenity80 Well-Known Member

    So things are still in a bad spot huh? So sorry to hear that it is not getting any better for ya.
  8. michaeliay26

    michaeliay26 Well-Known Member

    wow im so very proud of u cat, i wish i could say the same had i done it right the last time i was here it would be over a year for me too (sigh)

    anyways u deserve all the best keep it up and congrats ............
  9. Friend2U

    Friend2U Well-Known Member

    Bumping another great thread for the newbies...
  10. 60mgtofreedom

    60mgtofreedom Well-Known Member

    Thx for the bump! Im startin to lean towards this method... Cold turkey id f@ckin crazy for big doses over longperiods... I gotta taper down and then give it a try... Depression and anxiety are harsh...

    Anyone reading this... Get off the opiate now, while u still can... I keep reading more and more and wish i woulda came here when i was back at a couple norcos every 6 hrs instead of the disaster ive gotten myself into....
  11. Catamount

    Catamount Well-Known Member

    Hey All here at ODR. I did not even notice someone hit up my thread again. And oddly enough they did it on the 13th which was at the year and a half from the point I took my last pill. Still chugging along and loving life in a pill free way which is wonderful. So much gets clouded and missed while on the opiate express that you could never realize. I now take on lifes challanges head on as opposed to medicating them away and never really facing things the right way. This is the way life is meant to be lived. Sure things have changed for me in the past 1 1/2 years, but it is all good and life goes on. Wishing you all the very best in your journey to get free of those aweful pills. It can be done, many ways to get there. You have to do it the way that works for you. Cold Turkey, taper, long slow taper....whatever. Just the desire to free yourself is all it takes to start your journey to freedom. Go for it! You will never regret it.

    Best wishes,

  12. Catamount

    Catamount Well-Known Member

    Hey ODR.....been asked recently by a new member va PM for help on a taper. I have not been around much any more due to changes in my life....all for the good. I am past 2 years clean now and rolling and loving life. I just wanted to bring this thread back around again for anyone it may help. Miss all my friends here at ODR. Keep it in the moment...move it ahead....leave it behind you....move forward.....be strong.....be clean!!!!

  13. Catamount

    Catamount Well-Known Member

    Where did my post go???
  14. Catamount

    Catamount Well-Known Member

    Bumping this back around for those it may help. Still living life clean and loving it.
  15. sailormom

    sailormom Well-Known Member

    Keep it up!
  16. Catamount

    Catamount Well-Known Member

    I am enjoying life clean.....thank you very much.
  17. Catamount

    Catamount Well-Known Member

    Many years pill free under my belt and next month at this time 1 year alcohol free. Attend AA meetings on a regular basis and find them so incredibly helpful on many levels. To news and old alike my best wishes, when you truly want to be free from addiction for yourself...it can be done. Recover may have to be selfish at times...but you are worth it in the long haul.

    All my best,

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  18. spring

    spring Administrator

    Coming up on a year already? That's great Cat.
    So glad to read this update!
  19. Catamount

    Catamount Well-Known Member

    10 years and counting on this one as well. Sheesh I was a mess but 100% to the good side of things now.

    Go for it.....it’s well worth the fight to get clean.

    All my best,


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