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Celebrity rehab with Dr Drew

Discussion in '~ Articles ~ Info ~ Links ~ Data ~' started by Rulebrkr, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Rulebrkr

    Rulebrkr Well-Known Member

    So y'all wanna see denial at it's finest? Check out that Jason dude. I know it's drama and all staged, probably, but how often have you been there?
  2. Rulebrkr

    Rulebrkr Well-Known Member

    Opinions?? Dontcha just see those who are just FOS and ready to cash that big check and buy some massive amount and get high off their asses? Maybe I'm tainted. It's all an act - or is it? I wanna see episodes of where old participants are. How long til it took them to get high after filming. We all know rodney kings story.
  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    Well, I heard that Tom Sizemore is doing really really well! And what about Rodney King? I thought he stayed clean and opened a halfway house or something? True or false?

    But as far as this group goes....I'm just now watching the live reunion on VH1. Rich boy Jason says he's got 90 days..whoops.. until he got busted by Janice Dickinson who says saw him out partying the other night. And Eric Roberts is slurring his words like he's on benzos...unless he recently had a stroke, it appears that he's pretty loaded tonight. I can't imagine getting on live tv and trying to fool the world into believing I was doing good if I wasnt. It was hard enough to fool my family let alone trying to fool the whole nation.
  4. Rulebrkr

    Rulebrkr Well-Known Member

    I fell asleep right after Jason said he had 90 days and it made me sad thinking he was living with that other young Jason who has or prob will graduate on up the drug ladder. Rodney kings gf said awhile ago that he smoked c immediately after he left the show and hasn't stopped. That he was full of it - wanting to get clean. Could be he said she said but I hope that's not true. If I'm bored I will try to look it up - see if it's open. I think she told this all to a gossip mag. Yeah some of the simple things that keep me sane!!! :)
  5. Living Free

    Living Free Well-Known Member

    Spring, Im pretty sure he said early on that he was born with a speach impediment.
  6. spring

    spring Administrator

    Really? I didnt catch that. And I didnt notice anything off about his speech during the season or in his movies for that matter. Hmm, it could be.
  7. Living Free

    Living Free Well-Known Member

    yup, found this on net:

    January 20, 2008 -- WILL Julia Roberts and her once-estranged brother be joining together to go to bat for stutterers?

    The Oscar-winning beauty, who stars in "Charlie Wilson's War," and Eric Roberts - whose credits include "Star 80" and "The Pope of Greenwich Village" - both suffered from the embarrassing speech affliction as kids. Now the Stuttering Foundation of America (SFA) is hoping to sign them as national spokespersons.

    "The Roberts siblings stuttered as children and ironically give credence to the factor of the heredity/genetic link in the stuttering equation," gushed the foundation's recent newsletter. "[They have] no doubt inspired young people with the problem."

    In an interview with the Memphis-based group, Eric revealed he still stutters on occasion and got into trouble on a late-night talk show. "I got on a stuttering jag and the audience got uncomfortable and started laughing," Eric, 51, confided. "I stayed relaxed, but I didn't have the presence of mind, until afterwards, to acknowledge the stutter and put the audience at ease."

    Julia and Eric became estranged in the '90s. In 2001, Eric - father of adorable "Nancy Drew" star Emma Roberts - appeared on Howard Stern and said he hadn't seen Julia in six years. He said that while he didn't mind being her sibling, it irked him to be introduced as Julia's brother and not as an actor in his own right. He also said he hadn't been invited to her wedding.

    They had a dramatic reunion in 2004 when Julia's twins were born, with Eric gushing to People, "What matters now is the children. Everybody's healthy, happy and wise. Julia was probably the best-looking pregnant broad on the planet."

    SFA rep Jane Fraser said Julia had expressed an interest in helping a few years back and Eric graciously agreed to be interviewed. "It would be marvelous to have them participate," Fraser told Page Six.

    Meanwhile, the SFA says in its newsletter, "The worldwide stuttering will continue to be proud to have such a unique brother-and-sister combo among our ranks."

    Other celebrities indentifed by the SFA as stutterers include: Bruce Willis, Carly Simon, Harvey Keitel, Jane Seymour, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dominick Dunne, Peggy Lipton, Emily Blunt, Tiger Woods, Johnny Damon and "Stuttering John" Melendez.

  8. spring

    spring Administrator

    Thanks Liny for this very interesting article. I had no idea about him or any of the others listed being stutterers. My apologies to Eric in case you read my earlier post.
  9. krish

    krish Well-Known Member

    I believe that Jason Davis was arrest for a controlled supstance in his car last week.

    I guess I believe they all suffer like everyone else. The relapses, the mistakes, the guilt the shame.

    There are those that believe if they smoke pot or drink beer vs the hard liquor are considered sober.

    I would like to know how Seth or Shifty is doing.. do anyone know?
  10. spring

    spring Administrator

    Havent heard any news at all about Seth, but that f**king crack is so hard to let go of! I hope he's doing well.

    Which Jason is Davis? The rich one or the good looking one?
  11. krish

    krish Well-Known Member

    He was the rich one. I guess he was living with the other Jason.. and he said he was doing good.
  12. Torushima

    Torushima Well-Known Member

    Former Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr died on Tuesday.

    Starr, 44, joined the cast of "Celebrity Rehab" in August 2009.

    While you can read the details in this dispatch from the Salt Lake Tribune, I'm curious to see what folks think about his AA sponsor going on public record about Starr's struggles with addiction:

    "I don’t think this was a suicide," said Brett Gunn of Salt Lake City, Starr’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. "We had a lot of plans."

    Starr was living in the 1900 block of Richards Street with Spencer Roddan, a fellow musician who had known Starr for several years after being introduced to him by a friend, Travis Meeks. Roddan and Meeks met while in rehab at Utah’s Cirque Lodge Drug Rehab Center in Sundance.

    Meeks, the frontman of the rock band Days of the New, found Starr’s body at about 1 p.m. Tuesday in Roddan’s house.

    "I don’t think [his death] was intentional," said Roddan. "Our deal was he had to be clean. He said he was going to make me proud."

    Starr has been living with Roddan for about six weeks. He and Meeks had been making music in Roddan’s basement recording studio. Meeks had booked shows on the East Coast the weekend of March 18, Roddan said, and Starr was going to join him on the road.

    Any insight? Is this a violation of AA's rules and regulations, or...
  13. Sluggo

    Sluggo Well-Known Member

    on many levels.

    Along with 12 steps of recovery, there are 12 Traditions of AA which serve the group, and AA as a whole.
    Tradition 11: "......we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films". Basically, I don't go on record anywhere (outside of AA) using my last name and pronouncing myself a member of AA. what happens is that people associate us as 'speaking for' or 'representing' AA. this harms AA as a whole. No one speaks for AA. Then, when folks pronounce themselves in the media as 'joe schmoe' from AA...and they relapse...people remember that and think 'that AA thing doesn't work, just look at joe schmoe'.

    also, i don't divulge anything a woman I sponsor shares with me. Flies in the face of confidentiality and trust. The women i work with trust me, and know that I'm not going to repeat anything they do, or say. Trust is the basis of every strong relationship....wherever we are.
  14. Torushima

    Torushima Well-Known Member

    That's what I thought, Sluggo, on all fronts. Thanks for chiming in.
  15. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    I always thought anonymity no longer applied when a person passed away. Like Bill W. became Bill Wilson when he died. I'm not a member of AA but that's what I thought....

    Anyway, very sad that Mike didn't make it through. I always felt for him on CR because I knew that anyone coming off methadone is not going to be feeling OK after a few days of detox. RIP Mike

  16. Sluggo

    Sluggo Well-Known Member

    Brett Gunn of Salt Lake City is not dead...and apparently still a member of AA. Mike Starr outed himself the minute he walked onto the set. But...that wasn't AA, that was rehab.
  17. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    Hmmm, oh yeah you're right, I hadn't thought about Gunn revealing himself as an AA member.

    I don't really get the "rules and regulations" (traditions) - or I should say, I used to get very bored when they were discussed. :redface:

  18. Sluggo

    Sluggo Well-Known Member

    that's because most AA members are never brought through the Traditions nor is their importance discussed. After I went through the steps, my sponsor brought me through the Traditions. As personal recovery is vital for continued sobriety, the Traditions are vital for maintenance/survival of AA as a whole. I owe my life to AA....as a responsible member I need to know/honor/serve the very thing that saved my life.

    and the cool thing, the Traditions of AA can be applied to personal life as well as to the group.

    if you were really interested (which i'm guessing you're not :)), i could forward you some info that discusses exactly what I mentioned above.
  19. krish

    krish Well-Known Member

    If you think I could benefit from it, I would like to read / or listen. Thanks! K
  20. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    I know what you mean Janice. I remember struggling through my first year or so getting past the obsession to use drugs. And then after, seeing that the very same recovery process that freed me from drugs showed me the way to freedom from all the issues I had that had kept me unhappy, and avoiding reality.


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