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Changes in mood from norco to oxy

Discussion in 'General' started by 60mgtofreedom, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. 60mgtofreedom

    60mgtofreedom Well-Known Member

    For couple years i took norcos or 7.5 vicoprofins i was getting good pain relief and the great mood up lift. no hangover, no side effects except potential constipation.

    When the amount of vicodins i was taking got dangerous from the acetominephan being processed by my liver i moved to oxycotin. As tolerance increased the amount consumed did..

    Suddenly i was noticing i was irratable when sober. Incredibly grouchy. Almost like it induced a bipolar state of mind? There was a guy at work who was waaaaaay deep into oxy when i was only taking two vics at a time. He had massive mood swings. He would even throw tantrums and run to the bathroom banging stuff around, slammin doors. If u were in therw when he came flying in, sittin in a stall doing ur business, u would hear him yelling to himself and cussing out the voices in his head or whatever was going on???

    Has anyone experienced this? Im sure he was recreationally using coke and possibly meth? But im not doing anything but the opiate and i seem to be headed that direction in my head w oxy?
  2. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I was a freaking mess while on dope. Mood swings puts it lightly. So normal for us addicts. If i went to a MD or therapist while doping I can be assured of a dx of bi polar, borderline or just nuts. Even after my jump date it took a long time before I got back to my baseline self.

    I lost long term relationships due to my addiction. My SO would say they just didn't know what they would walk into. I know in my own family, I was afraid to walk into the house alone after school. Both my parents were addicts. I could walk into a nice meal or some crazy women throwing a tantrum. Life was not easy. So to answer your question... YES, normal behavior when in active addiction.

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