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Choosing City for Halfway House

Discussion in 'Heroin ~ Addiction and Recovery' started by simple1, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. simple1

    simple1 New Member

    Hi, first post. My 21 year old son is close to completing 30 days in rehab for heroin addiction. For various reasons we both think that he may be better served by going to a halfway house outside of his home state of Indiana. Any suggestions of good halfway houses anywhere? Is it better to pick a city that has less of a heroin problem (although it looks like all cities have such a problem). He is looking for himself and applying but I also wanted to see if I could help.
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    I wish I had some sugestions for you, but unfortunately I don''t. I dont know if there is such a thing as a heroin-free city anymore.. I live in SW Michigan and have been in rehabs,etc from Kalamazoo all the way to Saginaw/Bay City on the other side of the state. All of these cities had their share of problems way back then and I'm sure it's even worse nowadays..

    I dont think it really matters what's going on in the area though. He is going to be surrounded by others who may or may not be serious about their recovery and could possibly be bad influences right there inside the facility. As long as he is serious about staying clean he should be alright, but if he decides to look for the stuff, I'm sure he wont have a problem finding it.

    I do agree with you that the further away from his hometown, the better his chances.
  3. showard

    showard New Member

    I wish I had advice. All I can say is keep him out of South Florida
  4. Mikey b

    Mikey b New Member


    Oxford house is a nationwide sober living non profit. It's what I do here in colorado. It's less structured than a halfway house (no one is on "charge" the members of each house run each house democratically) and really no requirements other than to be sober.

    It is strict in relapse. No tolerance. Meaning if he uses once he will be kicked out and homeless. Maybe not the best choice if he's out of state but also maybe it would be good for him to know there are no second chances.

    Google Oxford house to find their main website and houses anywhere in the country. If you have any more questions feel free to ask

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