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coming out of the darkness, my urod experience.

Discussion in 'UROD~Naltrexone~Ibogaine' started by Buffalovirgo, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Buffalovirgo

    Buffalovirgo Well-Known Member

    here we go,
    ive been addicted to opiates of some sort for nearly 5 years starting with lori tabs, making my way through oxis then opanas finally discovering fentynol, which i was using about 500 micro grams a day.

    it was december 7th, i was nearly over dosing every day from fentynol... sick of lying to my wife and my friends (and spending money) i did a search for detox facilities thinking i was gonna suck it up and spend a few months away from my wife and son. i saw a facilitiy in chicago, offering the urod program, i thought this would be a great way to get this over with and start a new life and not miss anytime with my family. so with out doing any research i called and made an appointment for the next day.

    the next day a friend and i jumped into a car and drove 7 hrs to chicago, after an initial interveiw and a payment of 12 thousand dollars i was admitted to the hospital. for the first few hours of my admittion they poked and prodded me to figure out if i was healthy enough to undergo the surgery, <--- this was the first time i heard it called a surgery, website made it sound like it was a simple procedure, good advertising i guess. after i was cleared for the surgery, they started booting me up with opiates so that i was comfortable while i waited for the 7:30am schedualed surgery. this went on all night till about 7am, when the addict in me started to panic that i wasnt gonna use drugs anymore. i told the nurse if i wasnt on my way to the operating room immediately i was getting the *** out of there. no sooner did i say that then i was on my way..... this is when it got waaaaaaaay real, the doors open to the emergancy room and there are honestly 20 people in the room waiting for me. before i had the chance to panic there was mask on my face and i was ooout.

    the next thing i remember is hearing the heart moniter beeping, i remember a brief trip to my room, and then for the next 2 days i really remember nothing. my friend that was with me said that i looked way uncomfortable and disrespectful to the nurses and doctors, which they said was normal. when i came to i actually felt pretty good but i was still doped up on what ever they used to keep me sedated, litterally an hour after i came too they released me and i was on my home. i saw double vision for two days but when the drugs started to wear off is when the PAWS kicked in. typical stuff no sleep, lethargic and all that good stuff. but the phyiscal sickness was not there, that part the website was honest about.....

    the next 6 weeks was no different then anyone else coming off opiates, minus phyiscal part which for me was the part i could never get past.... now im almost three months clean and feeling more normal every day. i dont say that this is for everyone, or anyone for that matter, but i worked for me, because i had the desire to stay clean no matter what. if anyone has lost all hope in there recovery and can afford to give this a try, i say why not everything else has failed.

  2. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    TY so much for sharing. I am one that don't trust anyone when it comes to addiction. I had to learn the hard way. So its great to hear how something like this goes. Of course what works for one may not for another. I think Peacnk hit it on the head with once we are ready we will do what ever it takes to get and stay clean. Until then we are spinning our wheels. I have come to accept anything that helps except maintenance therapy. That I fell for and paid dearly for. I for one want to hear about any mode of tx that has success. I want to hear it from one that had the experience themselves. Not the one who offers the treatment..so thanks for taken the time.

    I wish you well in your journey.... Do you feel like it may have speed up the process with paws?

    Again ... I really thank you for sharing this info. It may just help another turn away from dope and its life style.
  3. Buffalovirgo

    Buffalovirgo Well-Known Member

    I say it it didn't speed up paws at all. What it did is got me past feeling physically Ill, cold sweats the initial part of withdrawals. I say no recory should be to easy or we would continue to use not fearing getting off of them. I don't think I would do this again. But hopefully I won't need too
  4. movazi

    movazi Well-Known Member


    Good and honest recap of a rapid detox experience.
    Why do they call it a surgery though ?
    Do you think it was more than giving you Naltrexon and then sedating you to the point of semi unconsciousness for four days till the body passes the initial physical WD symptoms ?

    Good job though, the hard part for me has always been the PAWS that dragged on and on.
  5. steve22

    steve22 Member

    Hey Buffalo,
    Thanks for updating your progress on the UROD express,No matter how you detox its the Paws down the road that get to ya.How bout checkin in a little more often and keepin us up to date on how your doing, You might just really help allot of folks out with more info on how your feeling as time goes on.Also about how old are you?? Why you ask? Just seams the younger you are the faster/better you get well.

    wish you well Jose

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