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Detoxed from Xanax :)

Discussion in 'General' started by KarenBlantley, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. KarenBlantley

    KarenBlantley New Member

    No more xanax for me! :)
    I'm posting on this site to hopefully give hope to someone who may be struggling with xanax addiction like I was. There is hope and you can take control of your life again! I'm living proof. :)

    I am a single mom in her 40's who has struggled with a secret use of xanax..(well i thought it was a secret anyways) for over 8 years. I started shortly after my ex left me and it seemed to help numb my mind enough to cope with the hurt. It seemed my addiction just got worse as I took more and more through the years and what i am most ashamed of is how i neglected my son for so long. All the times he asked me to play with him an i just told him.."ok hunny a little later". I feel like i missed so much of his life as i just sat on the couch ignoring him. Thank God for my best friend Tessa who finally put her foot down and made me seek help! I love you Tess!

    I was scared at first but after I met the Dr. I felt completely at peace. I couldn't imagine ever being off xanax It's been 7 months now and i feel like I'm alive again! I can't explain it really but it's like everything is more crisp and clear.

    Yesterday my son said something that made me cry (happy tears though :) He said "Mom..your more fun than the old mom." That really made me realize that I need to be more active in helping others out and am wanting to help other mothers who struggle with an addiction like I had so I'm writing in hopes this reaches someone special. I am so greatful for them helping me rid my xanax addiction and get my life back with my son!


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