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Detoxing advice. Please help

Discussion in 'Heroin ~ Addiction and Recovery' started by Mncuv15, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Mncuv15

    Mncuv15 New Member

    Hello I have been addicted to opiates for the past 3 years. I started off with norcos. Advanced to about 10-15 10 mg pills a day then went to a dr to get on suboxone because I work full time and was scared that if I withdrawled I would lose my job. I got sick of the subs and wanted to get high again so I stopped the subs and got into heroin. I started by smoking it then of course ended up IVing. I've been IVing heroin for the past 3 months about a half gram a day. And this whole time, the past 3 yrs, have not kicked once. Now it's time I have to stop for my wife and daughter. I am taking one week off of work and am going to kick at home. Or atleast try. I'm very nervous of what I am in for and am looking for advice...I hear taking benzos is good but I don't have any. Can somebody please give me some advice that will make this as painless as possible for me? I know I'm in for hell on earth, but anything that will make this even a tiny bit easier would help. Thank you all.
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    Welcome to ODR. Click on this..http://www.heroin-detox.com/heroin-...10-heroin-forum-best-best-links-stickies.html

    It will take you to a list of very informative threads to help you along. These threads contain everything you will need to know about detoxing off heroin but if you have any specific questions please feel free to ask. We have all been there or are there now so youre in the right place.

    Keep in mind that you are gonna feel like hell for a few days. The second and third day day were always the worst for me. You WILL feel like giving up. You WILL feel like it will last forever. But it does go away. A mantra that got me thru this was This Too Shall Pass.

    Also keep in mind that the physical detox is the easy part. Once clean you will have to learn how to stay that way so consider surrounding yourself with other recovering addicts at NA, AA, or any other group you can find in your area.

    This can be done. Its not all that easy, a bit painful at first, but it is simple...just dont use once you get clean and find any means necessary to keep yourself from it. Get rid of dealers numbers, break and toss syringes, tell your using buddies to leave you alone.. to name a few things you can do to help yourself.

    The longer you stay away from the drug the better you will feel. It takes time to get there but you will get there. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other for as long as it takes. One day you will look back on this thread and see how far youve come.

    Stay with the board as long as you want/need to. A lot of people journal here while detoxing and some long after. We are all here to help each other.
  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    By the way..benzos arent all that helpful. All they will do is make you groggy and feel hungover. They usually wont help you sleep those first 3 days. Also if you take them for several days in a row then you will have to deal with that ****ed up hangover and nervousness it causes when stopping on top of everything else.
    A better way to go is Clonodine (NOT Klonopin). Its a pill used for high blood pressure but helps tremendously with the restless legs and temperature fluctuations. Tho you have to watch that your blood pressure doesnt get too low while using it.

    Since you have never detoxed before please consider reading as many of those threads in the link I gave you above. It can only help.
  4. StuckonSubs

    StuckonSubs Well-Known Member

    The first thing I'd suggest is a hot bath or shower when you feel like you can't take that skin crawly restlessness any more. You won't feel like getting in there, but it helps. It takes away that feeling (if only for however long you are in the shower/bath).

    the other thing I'd maybe suggest is some Immodium. It's actually an opioid that doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier, but it can help ease the withdrawal symptoms (if taken in large enough doses). I would not use it more than a few days total though (in large doses anyway).

    Clonidine or catapres patch (same thing) can also be helpful in detox. It's a blood pressure medicine that helps the restlessness a little bit.

    Really, it's all about just hanging in there and toughing it out for a few days. That's the only good thing about heroin withdrawal - it's over rather quickly. Some are through the worst of it in 3 days... It's intense, but it's also over quicker because of that.
    Just hang in there! Take it 1 hour at a time if you have to. If you can tough out a few days or a week, you will NEVER have to worry about being dope sick again! (as long as you don't relapse).

    also, maybe most important - make sure you have a plan in place for after you get clean. How will you deal with cravings? How will you stop yourself from using?
    get rid of those dealer phone numbers. Change your phone number. It's so much easier when there is no temptation there. Watch out for those people, places and things that could trigger you to use...! (eventually it gets much easier not to use, but the beginning can be rough).

    keep posting here too, if it helps you. It helped me... Good luck!
    (You could also use 1 or 2 tiny tiny little pieces of suboxone as a "rescue dose" (if you have any left) on day 2 or 3 if it gets too intense. Just a tiny piece though if you do. Like 2mg or less. It might extend the length of the withdrawal by a little bit, but also might make it more tolerable. I'd only use the suboxone if you absolutely have to, but it would definitely be better than using more heroin...).
  5. MemoryGap

    MemoryGap Active Member

    good point :) you plot it all :)
  6. StuckonSubs

    StuckonSubs Well-Known Member

    Hi Mncov15, how are you doing with the detox? I'm hoping you were able to do it, but if at first you don't succeed try try again!

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