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difulcult &FORTUNATE

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by vet69, Jan 7, 2004.

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  1. vet69

    vet69 Guest

    been addicted since 13 sniffing testars glue/then went to nam in 1969 then the greastested fun happened which opften, skip after 34yrs of addiction menth for 7yrs also hated every day never a takehome except holiday could not wait until i got on bup, which was aug27 passed was doing wonderful,until sprained back early nov 1st,now went back to DONE MEYH THAT IS been 5 days on bup 2 dirty till 5 days ago haveing tough time with this need some advice THANKS
  2. sleepless

    sleepless Well-Known Member

    Hi vet, welcome to the forum :) ...Honestly, I'm not trying to be rude, but I've read your post several times and I'm not clear on what you are asking for help with...Please re-post if you will [?]

    Take Care & God Bless :)
  3. vet69

    vet69 Member

  4. gk

    gk Well-Known Member


    I too read it several times, and wasn't clear...

    I DO SEE that you've had a LONG history of hurting... Nam, 34 years etc.

    I THINK what you are saying is that you started Bup in August, but injured your back on Nov. 1, and went back to SOMETHING??? Back to what? Heroin? Painkillers? Methadone? Now you've been 5 days on Bup again, but were using for two of those days???

    Sweetie, we just don't understand what you're asking...

    On the good side, you'd make a good telegram writer! Or a poet! For both of them cut all extraneous words to a minimum! Alas, that isn't one of MY skills, as anyone around here can tell you! (Right folks?:D:D:D)

  5. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member

    Vet, (me too.. 4th inf Div back in the early 70's)

    Ya can't be doing both Methadone AND Bup! The Bup will cancel out the Methadone. It will block the receptors in your brain so the Methadone will not work. If ya take Bupe you will not get any effect from the Methadone for 2-3 days. The Bup is like NARCAN and blocks the effects of an opiate.

    Either you do Methadone OR you do Buprenorphine Doing both is a waste of methadone.

    If you have severe pain I don't think Bup is the answer. Higher doses of methadone may be good for pain control.

    Are you saying you you were on methadone for 5 days, and now off it and on Bupe for 2 days now, but were using dope too and have been clean for 5 days? I think we are all mixed up by your post. :)

    If you are on bupe for 2 days it will push off the methadone and Smack (if you were taking it too) and put you in w/d form it. It may take more Bup and longer till you stabilize. Going from Methadone to Bupe is a more difficult thing than just switching one day. Depending on how much methadone you were on it will affect how effective the bup will be, and can be.

    Give us a little more to work with here. What is the VA doing for you?
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