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  1. jimbobrob

    jimbobrob Well-Known Member

    A question for Roxi (ab)users,

    I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced a Doctor problem like I am. I from time to time have to get an extra prescription from a doctor that is not my primary care giver, I know this is not allowed but I have to do what I have to do to prevent going into withdrawals. I know that people who are addicted to opiates know the problem that going through that can cause. I have two herniated discs and I have been taking roxi’s for about 4 years, I have managed to keep my dose at around 2 -30mgs a few times a day. If I am working and lifting equipment I can not get through the job without taking 3 or 4. I know I am addicted to the medication and my doctor is aware of this, yet he still refuses to increase my dose even though he knows the medication loses its effectiveness over time. So now that I am breaking the law by getting more than one doctors script from time to time.

    So I have a doctor that I found to give me that extra script, he pretty much was found by me googeling “Oxycodone” and “Pain Management” his name popped up as the go to guy. All he requested was medical records, that I had. He made me sign a 20 page agreement that pretty much made me guilty if I so much as even looked at another doctor. So after a $400 initial consultation fee I waited in his office and filled out the countless papers. While I did that he put on a show for me in his office. He loudly shouted at a (what I think was fake) patient on the phone yelling at them that he discovered that they were seeing more than one doctor and that he was going to have to discharge them as a patient, he would not be able to see them any more. He made sure that he shouted this loudly enough that I would hear it while I was filling in my paper work. I’m pretty sure it was all done for show, it seemed very rehearsed. When he came out to invite me into his office, which is about the size of a walk-in closet, he asked me if I overheard the conversation, “No…uh-uh of course not”. He know I heard it.

    So now it comes time for my appointment number 2 which would have been no problem and I was fully prepared, except for one hitch, my mother was going in for hip surgery and I had no idea that she was relying on me to be her house nurse while recovering and I found myself having to reschedule all my appointments including the Dr. because my mom needed me, it was out of my control and I was unaware that I was going to be needed as much as she needed me. His assistant was somewhat understanding, and although I was a newer patient, I don’t know if they fully believed me so I gave them my mom’s hospital room number so they could verify it, but they didn’t. I had no reason to lie, ,ore than anything I wanted to be out there for a refill.

    When I ran out of medication I called upon what few doctors that I knew would help me in a pinch and they did. So a day ago I finally manages to keep my appointment and his his first question was how did I get by without any medication for 2 weeks, I told him that I called upon a local doctor friend who wrote me a script to hold me over until I could see him. Well he flew off the handle, this was the opening he wanted, after all he had 20 plus pages of requirements for me to follow, it was only a matter of time before I broke a rule. After already paying $400 to start $300 to him for a follow up appointment he was getting ready to kick me out of his office because he was so mad. He pulled out the paperwork I had filled out and signed, he quickly showed me the rules I had violated. I said if I’m being kicked out with nothing I want my $300 back, he said “No”. I was in shock. I started to realize that this guy was only doing this for the money. I doubt he has any regular clients and he basically recruits new people with false promises and counts on the fact that most Roxi users are abusers to some extent and will eventually give him an opportunity to have them discharged. A bait and switch routine.

    So after convincing him I did not read nor memorize all of his paperwork and was not aware of all of these rules, he wrote new a script for half of what I started getting from him. Then the **** hit the fan. I took the script to my pharmacist who decided to call him and tell him of the script I had filled 2 weeks earlier, the script I had told him about except I told him it was for Norco and it was actually Roxi. The pharmacist told me they were going to call him and I said nevermind I want my script back and please don’t speak to the doctor. I took the script to the next closest pharmacy and they filled it no problem. Then the my cell phone rang and it was the doctor. “Mr. ______?” , “Yes”, I said. He proceeded to tell me, “I’m glad I reached you sir, it has come to my attention that you not only had a prescription for Norco, you also had one for Roxi, that sir is illegal and I am calling the authorities and you will be arrested”. I knew the pharmacist had spoken to him I was screwed, Knowing that there was know way he would believe me that they were the same prescription that I did not get Norco, just Roxis. So I told him please forgive me I am an addict I have a problem, let me get help. He told me to return the prescription to his office, I did not tell him it was filled. I said I would return the prescription if he would promise me he would not call the police. He told me he could not make that promise, just bring the script to the office, which they will be gone for the holiday and he expects to find it when he returns, and he also wants payments for the missed appointments. Now, he had not asked for this up until now. For me that was the last straw. I could not do that, because this was now blackmail. I suddenly realized that what I was involved in was wrong on both sides and I needed to be careful as to not anything else from here on out. So I decided to seek out legal help before made any more bad decisions.

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this guy, or someone like him and what did you did to resolve the problem? I have learned since doing some internet searches that this guy not only is a recovering Addict he also works in recovery centers as well as writing Roxi and more scripts for pain management. I guess this helps keep him in business. As long as he can help feed addicts there will be more to go through his program. Sick.. I have now decided to stop the madness of the Roxi Rollercoaster and I am going to go on a Methadone recovery program and get my life back in order. This was Rock bottom.

    Jim Bob
  2. Detox Nurse

    Detox Nurse Member

    Jim Bob, There are a lot of dirty doc's out there, especially in the Roxi Capital of the world, Florida. However I don't see how this guy was dirty. He was clear about rules and gave you opportunities to be honest. He was ethical in stating there was to be only one physician prescribing, that's good medicine. Certainly he could have handled this better, but I'm not thinking he was the problem in this situation. If I am reading between the lines he was going to try to help you with your dosing given your need for more and more Roxies. There is only one reasonable way to do that and that is being your only prescriber.
    I do hope you are doing alright now and getting the help you need.
  3. Firsttimedetox

    Firsttimedetox Well-Known Member

    Jim Bob..

    I read this and agree with the fella who responded before me. I understand your frustration but its the frustration of an addict in active addiction..
    If you have a script that says you use 2 pills, 2 x per day, or whatever, that is the deal... if you used more than you where prescribed, that is where the problem started.

    We all have loads of excuses and lots of logic behind our reasons.. its a gift we addicts share, the ability to sell and justify our side of the story.. but at the end of the day, your the problem.. not the doctor.. If the doctor calls the cops, your the one in trouble, not him ..

    Get clean of opiates and read this after a years sobriety.. Best of luck.. I know your frustration, I feel it .. I know it sucks.. but its yours .. all yours.. Best of luck.

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