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Dr carlos Pereira

Discussion in 'Detox Program & Centers | Detox Rehab | Drug Detox' started by susan blake, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. susan blake

    susan blake Guest

    does anyone a Dr Carlos Pereira and where (in portugal )he does the naltrexone implants?

    susan blake
  2. Megzy

    Megzy Well-Known Member

    I don't know but I bet you can Google it.:)
  3. manrayscamera

    manrayscamera Well-Known Member

    it is there on the net but is not a UROD rather a slower approach.....think its in Lisboa/Lisbon if thats in any help
  4. Euge

    Euge Member

    Hi, susan i dont think his site is up anymore, and i realy wouldnt advice you to go there, i tell you why two years ago i found his site because i herd of the naltrexone implant because i wanted to get of H, so i got his number from his site and phoned him he told me i would be sedated for three days then they would put in the implant great i thought, i arived in lisbon and he picked me up and brought me to a mental hospital,:eek::confused: he must of forgotten to tell me that bit, so 5500 euros a few questions and a fist full of pills ten mins later i was all over the shop, to make a long story or nightmare short on the third day they gave me a local anastetic where my apendix scar is everything looked realy unhygienic i got a 1 and a half inch scar, he told me i wont have anymore cravings i was basicaly cured he said,and if i use any form of opiate i wont get any high and this will last for 12 months, back home three weeks pass and i relapse why i dont know because i wasnt going to get anything from it, well i did it was like my first time. susan theirs alot more to this story if you would like to know,.The reason im on this site is because im still in active addiction and trying to get some info on subutex. theirs a place called detox 5 in england somewere my mate got it done and it was the real thing, hope this helps some how. EUGE
  5. Shibboleth

    Shibboleth New Member

    I see The Portugal Detox website is down. I have a mobile number for Dr Carlos Perreira, which is: 00351 916 564 548.I have just come back and he use's another facility now which is many times better...just ask them to keep putting you to sleep and they'll oblige.

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