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Drug Addict Since College and until now, I need help for me to recover

Discussion in 'General' started by Edwin C, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Edwin C

    Edwin C Member

    Weed, coke, horse, crystal those are substance I's use everyday ... Which gives me better feeling! .. O Yeah! I can't hide my feelings to become addict!!! other folks are saying its easy to become free from being drug addict, but what happen to me? how about me? why i'm still searching for my recovery. My parents go away to me because they say to me that I ruined my life. I did not finish my study so that I don't have a better future. They go away far from me and they left me with nothing. Our old house is the only thing I have now. I want my parents come back to me. I miss them so much... I want to say sorry about what I've done, especially to my mom. I hurt her feelings because i told him that I did not need some help from her and I want her to get lost in my life. It's truly hurt in my heart that I push them away and left me alone. Kindly help me. Please! i want to become free from dug addiction. Thanks in advance. Now I'm crying because I miss my parents. :'(
  2. sailormom

    sailormom Well-Known Member

    b lett

    Start by telling them your sorry and that you are ready for help and want to get clean
    The pushed you away cause they didn't want to watch you kill yourself. It's hard to watch our children destroy themselves, but most will welcome them back into their lives if they are trying to straighten up.
  3. Edwin C

    Edwin C Member

    Hello again sailormom. Thanks for your advice. It was very great advice from you which can lead me to become better. :smile: Facing my parents now is my greatest fear. I don't know how can I start to talk to them.
  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    The best thing you can do is to let your lifestyle speak for itself. Get clean, get totally drug-free whether you do it yourself or find an inpatient treatment center for 28 days or longer. Once you are free from the drugs your life will improve greatly and people will notice.

    Are you able to find a rehab that will take you? Or do you need help from your parents for this? If you do need help then go and tell them you need their help. Just as Sailormom said, tell them you are sorry and need their help.

    What have you done for your self-improvement so far? Have you sought help from addiction professionals? What's the longest you have been drug free in the past year? Are you physically addicted? If so, what have you done to try and stop?

    I wished and wanted to get clean for a long long time before I actually did anything about it. Wanting it is only the first step. It takes work and determination. Keep us updated on how it's going for you okay?
  5. sailormom

    sailormom Well-Known Member

    Just be sincere and honest. There are some free rehabs that you could check out and go to. I know in Kentucky there is the healing place, which is a long term rehab/homeless shelter. Which is supposed to have some pretty good results.
    But bottom line is none of them will help if your not sincere, even if your sincere its a tough road (not experienced upon that but from my reading here).

    As a parent we have to step back and let our children hit bottom in order to go up and to help them. My oldest son didn't speak to us for 2 years (alcoholic) His alcohol problem was very obvious to everyone but him, his alcohol problem I thought was way worse than my other son's drug problem. But anyway we had just started speaking when my youngest one died. Oldest one got drunk day of funeral, and all that week.. But anyway he came to me 2 months ago and admitted he had a serious problem and was going to go for help long term.
    I was very proud of him for finally admitting what we had known for a long time. He needed to admit this years ago, but at least he has admitted and we are there to encourage him. We have had a rocky relationship for the past 10 years due to his addiction. We have had a better relationship since he went to rehab and we seeing the change.

    Your parents are like most - all bark and no bite...... you just have to listen to the barking till their done. You can do it.
  6. Edwin C

    Edwin C Member

    Hi Spring! Thanks for reading my story. I am so flattered and thankful because you are the second person that give me an advice. Anyway, Yes you are right on that, I need to think that I there are many ways to get clean and free. Actually, after my hard time on bringing myself into that scenario, I totally focus myself on thinking what the things that I need to do? 28 days or more than will take me a hard time and need full sacrifices to keep me clean and recover. I wish other people accept me the way I am J

    Yes, I already found a rehab center that fit on me.. if okay to you I post this substance abuse treatment centers, I’m not promoting it! Promise. I’m just sharing my experiences there during my treatment activity. Sailormom is an angel falling from the sky who heal the fears of other people here. I’m so glad to be with her because he gives me a lot of advices that makes me feel happy and encouragement.

    Well, regarding self-improvement to myself, I can say that, at first taking the session of the treatment program, it was hard for me to taking it. As other addicts there, we are so nervous and shocks … all of us cried enough for their counseling session. How I wish that my parents will be there beside me to help me to get recover fast. In the past year? Sorry but this was the first time that I am taking treatment program. My age before I use the “hell drugs” was 21 and my age of being involved in alcohol was 13 then when I get 22 I’ll start to take that substance abuse. Yes, I am physically addicted. The reason that I’ll become addicted to drugs it’s because I’ve been going to a group of an addict when I am in college. I saw them happy, laughing and I thought to myself that there is a thing that can create happiness. And the time I saw them is the time I feel lonely because in our school, I don’t have friends to talk to. But suddenly I failed my parents dream for me, and ruined myself, that’s why I want to move on and stop does hell things.
    Thanks Spring. You can get clean if yourself set on mind, focus in one goal. The first step that you need to do is, to talk to someone you trusted and think some things that makes you happy. Parents, love ones, and other special friends can make you too. Yes I agree, work and determination will lead you for better. For now, I am on the fifth session for my treatment program, it is called physical therapy which hard for me because I am heavy person hahhahahaha … Nice to talk to you Spring, its my pleasure to meet you here J I hope you’ll be okay!
  7. Edwin C

    Edwin C Member

    Hi sailormom! J Thanks for your advice. Is this what you talking about sailormom?
    Healing Place
    Address: 1020 W Market St, Louisville, KY 40202

    I searched it in google and it shows that. Okay, I’ll try to go there if I am finish my treatment here in substance abuse recovery. I will tell you updates J I am sincere! That’s what I promise to myself before I decided to go to rehab. I feel sorry for your youngest L I didn’t imagine that I will be the next person if I can’t stop being terrible. I don’t want to happen that my parents will cry because of me (dead) and I can never tell them how much I love them. I am so lucky because God gave me another chance to change for good … I’m happy for your second son that he listen to you as parents and took to rehab to get clean J Very proud mom sailormom. You are so lucky mom now, because you have son who listen to you! Like what you’ve said, I’ll try to go to my parents’ house after my fifth session.. Although I am nervous, but I need to do it on my own, because this is the right thing I’m gonna do for my loving parents. I will update you if I’ll be there with them. Thank you so much sailormom. I feel you are my second mom here J I love you mom!
  8. sailormom

    sailormom Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear from you ! ! !
    If you are in substance abuse recovery there you shouldn't need the Healing place,but you will need to stay active in some type of NA meetings.
    You need to tell your parents you love them regulary. You should send them a card thanking them for all they have done and tell them how much you love them and let them know your trying. That will help to ease the face to face.
    Keep in touch,
    Your second mom..
  9. MemoryGap

    MemoryGap Active Member

    I'd recommend going to see a doctor,there isn't anything anyone on here that can help with this. Only to tell you to get in and get checked ASAP.

    easier said than done right? i'm looking for treatment too for my heroin addiction, but i don't have that guts to tell this to any medical professionals, i am too scared for what will they think to me.

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