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Ensure, yuck!!!

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Recovery' started by Nomadic, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Nomadic

    Nomadic Well-Known Member

    I was just sitting here thinking about how I don't feel sick anymore. It's been a year and half for anyone counting about opiates. ha!!

    I remember not having an appetite. Drinking Ensure just to get some calories. Drinking Pedialyte for hydration. I had constant nausea, weak all the time.

    Today I put up a big ceiling fan, washed clothes, old school drying them on clothes line. Listed some golf clubs on Ebay. ha!! Times have changed.

    I seldom have nausea which I thought long ago would never stop. I remember my almost year of Subutex and the hell of that. Lead boots and damned if you took it and even more damned it you didn't.

    My sex drive and passion are back. Life get's better. It's a gradual thing but one day you just realize how much better you are and feel. Today is one of those days. I'm blessed.

    It does get better. With time it get's better.

    Take Care,


    "an honest man's pillow is his peace of mind" John Mellencamp Minutes to Memories

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