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Everybody Give an Update:

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by FoolishHeart, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. FoolishHeart

    FoolishHeart Well-Known Member

    Years since I posted. Is this board dead? Where is everyone? HOW IS EVERYONE?

  2. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    Still pretty much the same. Older which beats the hell outta the alternative. I rarely come here. No particular reason though, kinda "outta sight outta mind" I guess. If for some reason pills are on my mind I might check in to see if anything is new. Board seems so quiet every time I've checked in, rare to see any new posts from people I know about. Being an optimist, I figure they have moved on and are doing well. Unfortunately considering the issue we all know to well its more than likely that the opposite is true and they are stuck in the muck again. I pray that's not the case but...
    So how are you doing? I was so happy to read that you were doing well and had gotten clean. Now that's a miracle and very inspirational. Go back and read your thread. I was always pulling for you to get clean. One of the times I checked in I was amazed to read that you had done it. You sounded great, I was so glad for you. Hopefully this finds you still on the road and walking in the light. Let us know how you are these days. I'll leave the light on and head that way. I see it just up ahead.
    Keep hope alive
    Chasin it
  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    I don't know what's going on with the board.
    We started dying around the time of the last update on the previous version when things ended up semi-dysfunctional and from there it just kept getting more and more quiet around here.

    I haven't yet figured out if we are simply in a slow phase or if our board has seen it's better days and will no more. It's a shame though considering how much valuable info is on this board from years and years of collective experiences. And I still see us on the first page of Google when I look for heroin detox so hellifiknow what's going on.
  4. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    I mull it over sometimes, but I don't know either, Spring. The *sux board is a little more lively than this place, but they're basically on life support too. My head tells me stuff like "maybe the dope is so great and cheap and getting high is so awesome right now that people aren't even thinking about quitting." Yep.

    Maybe the rise of recovery homes and treatment options in the 3D world has something to do with it? Or it could be Internet itself, and the massive shift to mobile devices which are less conducive to this kind of forum? But then there are other forums I visit that are still very active so.. idunno. Maybe it's just like reality is getting so crazy and something really big is coming and people are feeling that and that's keeping them on drugs. Something like that.

    Update though? I'm doing all right, coming up on 6 years this month, and I'm halfway to a master's degree. Life's moving right along, man. Feels good.
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  5. spring

    spring Administrator

    Lol I had this same thought. Let's see, we now have a mass shooting every few days, a presidential election going on that's off the charts, a hundred (exaggerating a bit) countries who hate us and want to take us out, a city with poison water, recalls on tainted foods, not to mention the terrorists lurking in the shadows and oh what else can I throw on this pile of sh*t that is our world today.

    Me personally, I want to be wide awake, aware and on top of things when/if it all hits the fan.
  6. sam bailey

    sam bailey Well-Known Member

    Hey Folks!

    It's been quite a long time since I've been logged in. Today though, I saw the site and...well, here I am.

    Re: the question of why the site's so inactive, I can't know. Obviously. But I can certainly explain why I rarely visit these days.

    Spring hit the nail on the ol head: it was the format switchover. For me, it surely was. The MAJOR reason I don't come by for a gander, I mean, at least now 'n then.

    Now truth is, maybe the problem is me. Maybe it is. But folks, I can't navigate this site worth a tinker's damn since the format was changed. It's design is, due respect, okay. But awfully busy. Worse though, IMO, is it' presentation . It's just hellishly awkward. When was the most recent post. Where is it? Front or back? To or bottom?

    Bottom line: It is just, for me, a mess to understand.

    One thing that was wonderful in the original forum was its simplicity. People came here, I certainly did, not to be impressed by some cool looking website. I wanted help for my addiction. I wanted information and, often, advice about drugs, and my various issues with them.. And when I had thoughts, and/or advice, for other people in dope-trouble, I wanted to be able to post to them, simply and easily.

    This board is no longer simple nor is it easy. It's complicated, In my opinion, of course.

    So, like lots of other members, so it seems, I just stay away.

    A sad thing, this Ghost Town of a forum? You bet it is. For a long time, ODR was the FIRST Internet spot I visited every morning....and I spent a whole lot of mornings here. Quite a good joint, ODR was.



  7. kdgtlg

    kdgtlg Well-Known Member

    Agreed - site is not as easy as it was before and like Sam said - that was one of the things that made it great in the beginning.

    As for me - clean for 5 years, training for my 4th half marathon, busy life - busy in a good way. I wouldn't go back through the hell of addiction for anything. I know it's not always just that simple, but when I'm having a hard day and think I can't go 5 more steps (or 5 more minutes or whatever seems overwhelming at the time), I have literally said - out loud - "Anything is better than being dope sick". It keeps me in a place where I remember the hell of getting clean and putting anything and everything I can between me and a bottle of pills.
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  8. kdgtlg

    kdgtlg Well-Known Member

    Girl - this board saved my life. I would love to see it be more active because I know the need is still out there.
  9. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    Yeah.. the site changeover has been a little rocky, but I can't help but feel that there's something deeper going on. I mean, the site layout and design hasn't changed that much. It's functionally very much the same as it was. So if it really was such a great thing (and it was), then we all would have fought through the changes a little more to keep it going, if that was the only factor. For me, the blockscript issues were the worst part of the changeover, because the site was inaccessible to me for days at a time. That seems to have been fixed though. Another question is if the board change was really the cause, then why is subsux also in a long decline. Besides that it's subsux, I mean. :rolleyes:

    When I search heroin detox, I get this board on the third page, so your results may vary, Spring, depending on your web surfing patterns. I block a lot of tracking and scripts in general, also. So google has changed as well, there a more ads on every page (many many new detoxes and rehabs), but our search presence is definitely way down, which is to be expected with the reduced traffic and posting. It's kind of a chinese finger trap.

    It's great to see you guys, Sam Baily and kdg, Chasin it, and fh, and to hear you're doing well!
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  10. sam bailey

    sam bailey Well-Known Member

    Hey AumuA!

    Thanks for the nice greetings. Back at you!

    Yeah, you may be right about the reason(s) for the traffic/membership decline, that there's some "deeper" cause. Man, I recall this joint being SO busy, once upon a time. Really lots of participation. Freewheeling, at times. Seems like it was back during the "Arlene days," if I'm to be completely honest.

    Times do change, of course. As do people. As does Website Design. I suppose.

    Anyway. You sound good. And well. Healthy! Good for you, AumuA!

    And Spring? Hey you! Best to you, old friend.

  11. spring

    spring Administrator

    I wonder if people don't stick around because they don't see much action here. I have been behind the scenes for months trying to figure out what the heck is going on and what to do about it. Maybe if we all start posting often and get things moving then others will join in and stay around for awhile.
    I remember we were pretty much populated before Arlene showed up, but the board rocked daily during her appearance . We all know how people are attracted to drama and there was constant drama here so people who found us stayed with us, maybe for the wrong reasons at first but it got them here. Could that be the reason we are so slow? Are we boring now that there is no drama?

    no disrespect towards "that other place" but your comment made me laugh aumua
  12. spring

    spring Administrator

    Btw, whatever happened to Arlene? Anyone know anything?

    It's great to see all you guys who posted in this thread. I'm open for suggestions to help get us back on top again....
  13. sam bailey

    sam bailey Well-Known Member

  14. sam bailey

    sam bailey Well-Known Member

    Hey Spring,

    Cripes! Now I've forgotten how to even post a.....post. Must be something particularly screwball about the new design. HaHa!!

    Anyway. Apologies for the single word greeting, posted just above this one.

    Truth is, I believe you identified the single greatest problem relative to dwindling members/fewer posts. You said: drama, as in No Drama here. And you're right. Drama is Conflict and Conflict exists in every story ever told, including the stories of a person"s problem with drugs. The tales that will keep people coming back, to read or register, are the stories with significant drama. Significant and on-going.

    And for a while, as I recall, there was an effort by administration to tone done that drama, including asking several members to leave the site.

    It didn't take long until many of the posts sounded like all the other posts. Also, if something got a little heated, if a disagreement became too disagreeable, that was squelched right away.

    Obviously, a site MUST establish boundaries and exert some degree of control over content.

    Some, not all.



    sam b
  15. beancounter

    beancounter Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Spring I think you're right in the fact most people don't stick around because of the inactivity. If someone is deep in addiction and they don't get a quick response they are going to move on quickly. As I'm sure you are used to seeing someone will post for the first time and if they don't get a response the same day you're probably not go going to see them again. It really is a shame. I come on every once and a while and hope I can respond to someone and maybe give them a little glimmer of hope in their recovery but there usually isn't anyone around. It's unfortunate because this site was such a tremendous help to me early on in my recovery.

    Anyway...as far as an update I'm doing great. Hard to believe it's been 5 1/2 years since I stumbled on here. After a few bumps early on I have been clean since. I moved out of NYC to the south a year and a half ago. Got a great new job with lots of world travel. Busy living life. Hope everyone is doing well.

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  16. spring

    spring Administrator

    Yes these past 5 years have flown by! I remember when you first showed up here. So glad to hear you're doing so well bc.

    You said; most people don't stick around because of the inactivity. If someone is deep in addiction and they don't get a quick response they are going to move on quickly. As I'm sure you are used to seeing someone will post for the first time and if they don't get a response the same day you're probably not go going to see them again. It really is a shame
    You're right about that. I try to keep an eye on the board so a newcomer doesn't go unacknowledged. I even recruited another mod, Foxface, to help keep a watchful eye and try to catch em.
    And the guests I see on the board daily, they mostly just read I guess and don't register to post. I'm starting to wonder if the new member registration process is not a good one with this new site. I guess I should check it out.

    Am also glad that foolishheart started this thread (who hasn't yet been back since btw). This thread has brought a bunch of ODRs dearest members here to post.

    Sam, so what should I do about this? Start some arguments and fights to liven up the place or what? lol
  17. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    Oh man I feel much better now lol. How's that positive thinking class coming? Haha
    I'm with you on the drama deal for sure. When I first came here and read Parachutes thread I was just locked on it, same with Mellon and Rain also. Speaking of, how's Parachute doing? Then after getting caught up to all the stories I was really invested. I cared (still do) about what happened and then pulling for everyone. You know how we are, all or nothing and I was all in. Couldn't wait for the next episode lol. Then the fact that I jumped off the crazy train as far as being consumed with the addiction, tried to stay busy to keep my mind off of pills as much as I could. Hanging out here all the time just kept them on my mind if that makes sense? So if I came here and it was quiet just figured everyone was doing the same as I was, busy which I thought would be great.

    As for how I'm doing? Could be better but I have to much to be thankful for to whine, so just plough through it. I look great for 83 is all I can say. Not so good for 23 but a foxy 83yr old and I'm sticking with it. I would love to be totally free from any pills. Not sure that will ever be in the cards totally, but I won't give up on it. Just got outta the hospital from 2x pneumonia and congestive heart failure, so now I have a couple more specialist. The above average wife is in control of all things pills so that's what keeps me from getting outta control. When I first came here that could have never happened. But thanks to you guys now it never dawns on me to take a fistful of pills. If I take a fistful of anything its gonna be ibuprofen 1st. So I guess it's just the hand I'm dealing with. For now at least I'm stuck which I can either let eat me up and piss me off, or roll with it. Don't remember if I ever posted the standing in line at jersey Mikes story? So, I'm standing there no big deal, next thing I know "sir, sir are you ok?" Some teenage girl is over me and I'm flat on my back. No drama really as far as being pill related or anything, brain just winged out went straight down, smash my noodle on the way down on the table behind me. All I could think was how that must looked to the others in there lol. Gave a good story for them to tell, so that's a plus. Still can't figure out what to do with the wiggin' out head. Now they want to do more mri's but because nobody knows who made the shunt in my brain they won't do it. Scared it'll fly out or something which is stupid since I've had dozens of mri's done. But the new mri machines available are way, way stronger. See now it sounds like I'm complaining. As usual, start yapping and now it's a novel.
    I really hope some of the vets check in.. about Arlene, she was fantastic. Seems like someone gave an update that new her. Of course I don't remember who. What about Jill? She was super too, helped a lot. I hope they check in, I'd love to hear how they are. I think that inspires me most. Like Mellon and his story, I book marked and would read it a couple times a week at least. There are so many great stories. So if you're a vet, you know who you are, speak up will ya? Its awesome to hear you all are doi g so well? Let's keep walking in or toward that bright light! I know that's where I'm headed, come along with me. There it is, just a little bit further

    Keep hope alive
    Chasin it
  18. sam bailey

    sam bailey Well-Known Member

    Hey Spring!

    Yeah, start a fight in every thread, that's the ticket! Call people names, hurl insults like they were yesterday's bread sticks. Tell lies. Ask for money. Promise a sign-up bonus just for joining---yet never send a single prize.

    Well, on second thought, maybe these are not the best ideas. The worst? Yeah, definitely the worst. Although I might have seen that last idea on another site, the "bonus prize for signing up" idea. Ha!! Crazy, huh!

    Gosh Spring, I wish I knew what the secret was. I do not, however. Not THAT long ago, ODR was certainly flush with members, and for the longest time too. It was, arguably, the "hottest" website about addiction on the internet. So whatever was going on here back then was clearly bringing attention; people were genuinely interested.

    As I (also) recall, back then, there was a particularly fresh and unrestricted flow of ideas re: all "forms" of addiction and the various ways that one could break free from the chains of dope. But then? Seems to me that some people, after a while, lost sight of their compassion, especially toward the newbie, and replaced kindness with judgment. Sorta like, I/we know what you need to do, forget what any other person might say, do what WE say or go somewhere else.

    For example? Just a couple.

    Mention, in most any manner, Harm Reduction for SOME people, and the sky began to fall. The theories and possibilities of Ibogaine were yet another "quit wasting our time" subject. Maybe not SO obvious, but the implication was there.

    Clearly, there was some obvious snake oil being sold on the site, rare but it happened, and wherever that happens, it needs to be stopped. It's the DISCUSSION of "touchy" subjects that could have been better developed.

    Yep, and ARGUED about. There's that word: Drama.

    Anyway. This is just one bozo's opinion. There's LOTS of other thoughts I have, but nah---I won't bore you with those.

    Oh, last I heard, a couple years ago? Arlene was having some physical challenges, YET was overcoming them. Yay Arlene. Apparently she moved back east, to (I think?) West Virginia. Not certain of that, not at all---though it was back there....somewhere.

    In any case, I wish the best of good health to all my old friends and on-line neighbors at ODR.

    **Before I go, I just finished reading an astonishing, eye opening book about drugs and addiction and, well lots of addiction related materials. Written by a man named Johann Hari, it's titled, "Chasing the Scream." Fwiw, I recommend this powerful book to...everyone. It will interest you; it will fascinate you; it will enrage you; and in some spots, it will break your heart.


    sam b
  19. spring

    spring Administrator

    Someone asked about Jill, (I cant find that question in this thread at the moment)...

    I think I read that Jill passed away. I'm pretty sure it's somewhere on the board but our search engine doesn't work worth a damn so I don't even know where to begin to look for it.
  20. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    I'm sad to hear that about Jill, if it's true.

    You know, Sam Bailey it sure seems like you're looking for a fight. So you know what, let's take it outside, come on. Alright.. now PUT em up, put em uuuuup!:mad::mad::mad:

    Once again, I take exception to your analysis. You have your points, I just don't think those points are what caused the decline and fall of the ODR Empire. So let me see if I can paraphrase what it is you are basically getting at up there (correct me if I'm wrong): The meanies drove away the newbies. And then after that I guess once they finished their dastardly work the meanies all left too? Ok, I'm sure that part of the reason I take exception is that I may have embodied some less than kind, or at least less than tactful approaches, at times. I'm sure I could find some posts of mine that would make me cringe, but I have mellowed out. Some. I think I could probably find a post or two by one Sam B. as well, that crosses into the territory of strongly worded suggestion.o_O You know, it takes all types, but I'm personally the type to let you know if your face is on fire and melting off, and you don't know it, then I'm going to tell you that "Your face is burning off! Quick, do something!". I'm not going to sit there and go "Attaboy, you're doing great", and pat you on the back. What kind of friend would I be if I did that? It's not judgement, it's discernment.

    Anyways here's my counter argument: There's one thing you have to admit, which struck me when I first came to ODR, which is that almost all of the core people here, who were posting every day, and putting their heart and soul into their posts, and bringing the fire and the energy that might have sometimes manifested as 'drama'.. those people were almost all involved in what is known as recovery. Whether they were 12 steppers, or at least had some positive experience with that, or they were working in treatment, or had worked in treatment in some form or another, or.. Buddhists, or.. recovery authors, or whatever, the people who held this thing together were about more than just not using, they were about recovery. For me that means that at six years clean I continue to grow beyond anything I've ever been before. I'm talking about transcendence, you know, it's that powerful. It's a fucking spiritual experience and so of course I want to share it.

    I found a post by a member named Glass in Sluggo's thread that gave me an insight:
    See, the thing about a board like this is that the newcomer here runs the gamut from "I don't even want to stay clean and I have no intention of staying clean." to "I'm really beat, and I need some help". And no matter how much you try to phrase what you have to say in terms of suggestion, and encouragement, and kindness, some people are going to take it as a personal attack and claim you're beating them over the head with the bible of recovery. And they're going to attack you, and try and draw you into some pointless debate. So I mean that just comes with the territory, and it's balanced by positive camaraderie and understanding and breakthroughs of communication with the newcomer and your friends here. But I don't know, something got a little too much off balance somewhere, somehow, and the fire left.

    That's my perspective.
    Last edited: May 17, 2016

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