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Flipping the switch

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by Chasin' it, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Inhishands(Heather)

    Inhishands(Heather) Well-Known Member

    Chasin' it this happened to my mother & fortunatly for her the Pharmacist was married to her cousin(small town) & new my mom wasnt lying but anyhow, the Pharmacist told my mom that if & when this happens they have a pill count number on computer file & can simply be fixed, just call your pharmacist & ask them to do so. The DEA makes them keep count on these meds & if they did accidently fill your RX wrong they will know & if someone stole them I am sure it wasnt there 1st time & well so many pills go missing there gonna catch on..Hope you can figure this out!
  2. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    Top of the morning cyber pals
    Good weekend all around. Thanks Heather. I didn't know how that would work. for now I think I'll just go without. If I don't have them I can't take them which is the goal right? For the first time in several days didn't get much sleep. I'm pretty sure it had more to do with the coke I guzzled to late. Knucklehead. Pandora is tremendous. As per usual these days it seems I don't have a ton of time. Lately I have been a 'drive by lurker' ;-) Think I'll take a tour to see how everyone is gettin' along. Here's to hoping it all goes just the way you want and then some. I'm gonna leave it on for all to come out and play.
  3. Carol09

    Carol09 Well-Known Member

    Hey there buddy :)
    Sorry you are going thru such a troubling time....I feel for ya, I do. Just curious bout something, when you took the first dose of your pain meds, did you have any WD symptoms after not taking it for a little while? Always wondered that....I am not thinking of doing it myself, cause for this addict one regular dose would instill craving for me, so could not take one dose and not take some for a day or so...for me it would be game on , back on that crazy train...but again always wondered if an addict took one dose would they go thru some sort of withdrawal....does that make sense? BTW not judging you whatsoever for needing to take something for your pain....I am not in your shoes, and have no advice on what you should do.....I'll leave that up to the vets. But I AM glad you are here, and thanks for reminding me to lean on Him, may I suggest the same? He is our ultimate empathizer, and glad that you know Him. And thanks for leaving the light on for me :) It's been a lil dark round here as of late. And about our THanksgiving....you guys are the ones who are late in giving thanks lol ;)
  4. facingthetruthagain

    facingthetruthagain Well-Known Member

    Just dropped in to say hello Chasin and let you know I was thinking about you. You're great and you're posts always lifet my spirits. Here is my lame attempt to do the same for you. Hope you'ere sleeping better and still kicking arse and taking names!!
  5. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    Hiya..Well that didn't work I'm still bummed out! Nah--TOTALLY GOOFIN ON YA ;-). You always make me feel better-thanks for that.
    Just home gettin some work done here at the casa. Just cruisin along. It really is so important to just keep plugging along and stay busy yanno? I get the impression that you are probably the 'go to' where you work. You're the organized one multi-tasking fool..I know your type, I married one of 'em. That probably eats at you even more getting yourself/myself into this pill nonsense. If everyone knew the 'go to' got hooked on pills they would freak out. Am I right? A huge plus in getting older is that the older I get the less I worry about what other people think. :)
    Another thing that i learned along time ago is that nobody really cares or thinks about me anywhere near as much as i thought they did. I'm just not that important or at least as important as i would like to think I am. They don't leave work and go home thinkin' about me if you know what I mean. Not that they don't care don't misunderstand. Just that whatever is going on in their world is much more important than what I wore to work ;-) bad example but you know what I mean.
    Status report: Didn't get a whole lot of sleep but wasn't awake all night either. Probably 5 hrs or so, I'll take it. Head started goin off pretty early so that kinda sucked but I had my "allowance" so it was knocked down to dealwithable before to long. er's took care of the rest of the day. I hate feeling like I'm cheating or something, and maybe I am? I do know in my heart that I have made some huge changes in my thought process and being much more aware. I also know that I don't have any desire to want to take more whether I need to or not. So for now I am just going to continue as is and get lower and used to the pain as I go until I don't need 'em at all to deal with the knife. I for sure feel a whole lot better as far as being much more focused and energetic and my memory (what's left of it) is much improved. The energy thing kinda surprises me. Who knew I would have more energy without my Kriptonite? I love it. there I go again just a ramblin' fool so I'll hang up now. My new toy has an appetite...another plus. Hard to think of anything that is not better out here in the light. Just want it to get brighter and brighter and I will somehow. As always I'll leave it on for y'all :)\
    till next time....
  6. facingthetruthagain

    facingthetruthagain Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid you've got me pegged! That definintely describes me. If they want things done here at work I am the one to get it done. I also do everything for my daughter on my own and she is a special needs child as far as her educatin goes so that is hard too. Anyway that pace is what fed my addiction for so long. Just needing that energy to keep up and then I needed it to stay up and then I needed it to keep from being sick so I could continue to keep up! Vicious cycle!

    You sound like you are doing great! Sounds like you are being responsible in your handlings of your meds that are necessary for you to function. Always good to hear a status report from you. Hope today finds you well and hope sleep creeps up on you tonight my friend :smile:
  7. Carol09

    Carol09 Well-Known Member

    Hey there :)
    Glad you are doin well under the circumstances. Like facing says, it's always good to get a status report from ya!

    I'm gonna make a long story short here, I had a wee accident, fractured my tailbone (Ouuuuuuch! 2 the max! lol). There in the ER they gave me a small amount of morphine, so the nurse said when I asked. And had to get a donut like blow up thingy to sit on, and instead of giving me Percocet to take home, I asked for Tramadol as I remember hearing that though it is 'narcoctic like' it has a lesser chance of addiction due to a delayed 'kick-in' time. So they gave me 200mg Extended release 2 times a day. They just kinda make me feel sleepy, but feel like I am cheating like you said, and don't feel comfortable in taking them really, but the pain is off the charts.....plus my husband is still in China so I have to do all the chores, which includes taking care of 4 cats and their litter boxes which must be cleaned 3 times a day.

    Have you had any experience with Tramadol/Zytam? Oh and they only gave me enough for 10 days.....
  8. Robyn

    Robyn Well-Known Member

    I had a huge addiction to Tramadol for years. It was much harder for me to kick than Vicodin. Just make sure you don't stay on it any longer than is absolutely necessary and only take it as prescribed. I was never able to do that.
    Sorry about your tailbone fracture. Sounds painful
    Oh, and I have six cats so I get the liter box thing!! Hope you feel better soon
  9. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    What up 'odr's'
    status-still good, still sticking to my "keep to busy to think about pills". Still haven't looked for them in the house. Now that is a friggin miracle. Last time I did this I went hunting on day two. I apparently am a good hunter. This go around I have a whole different mind set and it's awesome. One fine day I hope I won't have to take any at all. I keep hearing how excersise is the key. I believe it, still haven't figured a way to work out this noggin nerve with an attitude but I'll figure something out. Faith..faith. I slept like a dead dude last night. Woke up jumped outta bed like I had a firecracker in my..oh you know what I mean. Not because I felt great or motivated. Thought it was Monday and I was running late, clock said 7:30. Couple months ago I would of seen the clock. Rolled over and wondered how many I had left. Panic of running late is much better. Then when it dawned on me that it is Pancake Sunday + Game day+SHOWER day! and deodorant day (I hope it lasts all week this time;-). Has the makings of being a great day. So there's that.
    Now Carol. Your tailbone sucks...that didn't come out right, I'm sure it's a lovely tailbone :) I'm gonna go to your thread and post there. Mine is boring enough with me not having any drama to report. Yours is much more exciting. We gotta talk about this cat issue you 2 have...Lights on, headed thataway! I'll leave it on when I get there
  10. Robyn

    Robyn Well-Known Member

    Sunday is "pancake day" at my house as well, Chasin and I don't have to do a damn thing...well maybe set the table. Nice when you wake up and realize all you gotta do is watch football, huh?!?
    Have a good day buddy
  11. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    It rocks! All I have to do is put my plate in the sink. I love Sunday's. They beat the hell outta Monday's fer sure! You sound great Robyn ;-)
  12. Carol09

    Carol09 Well-Known Member

    Hey Chasin it, still chasin recovery? Havn't heard from you are doin OK, need a status report from ya and miss ya! I screwed up and took more than scripted...so Thrusday was my day one....it's after midnight so I guess its day 2 whooo whooo......well really 4 me itz better than being out there.

    Check in wil ya? Miss that light!! :)
  13. Carol09

    Carol09 Well-Known Member

    Hey Chasin it, still chasin recovery? Havn't heard from you are doin OK, need a status report from ya and miss ya! I screwed up and took more than scripted...so Thrusday was my day one....it's after midnight so I guess its day 2 whooo whooo......well really 4 me itz better than being out there.

    Check in wil ya? Miss that light!! :)
  14. Needsupport

    Needsupport New Member

    I've been reading all your posts and it has helped me. I'm on my 3rd day off Vicodin. I'm just a mom and I don't have much of a story but I'm all alone on this. I don't want to tell my family, so I've had the flu for 3 days. But I feel so terrible about not telling them and feel like a terrible mom and wife. My brother just went thru detox for pot and I tried to be the supportive sister and almost told him I'm right here with him in the same boat. But he needed me. This is really hard, I don't know when it became an addition but I had rotator cuff syndrome and went from there for years on and off. No I'm stuck with all these doctor bills that I can't keep up with. Any support and suggestions you all have would be great.
  15. hankojedi

    hankojedi New Member

    The first 12 days would be the hardest. Vomiting, diarrhea, whole-body itch and pain, running nose, tearing, hot and cold flushes, feeling as if one million ants were eating through the skin. If there is a way to bypass these 12 days, then quitting opiates would be easier. Not that the physical addiction is the entire ball game. No. After getting over the physical withdrawal, there is the psychological withdrawal from opiates to deal with. At lease getting over the 12 days of physical withdrawal permits a person to talk and listen to a substance abuse counselor or a group therapy like a calm human being, not a twitching, sweating, writhing mess. I know first hand that there is a treatment that can replace the 12 days of torture with 8 hours of treatment sleeping under anesthesia. I found the clinic by searching the key words 8 hour rapid detox or by searching the key words rapid detox las vegas.
  16. JamesF

    JamesF Well-Known Member

    I'm glad that UROD was successful for you, but that's a pretty rosy and simplistic picture you're painting. Sounds a bit like an advertisement. Personally, I've heard a few horror stories to go along with it. Also, the medical community does not exactly give it a ringing endorsement. Lastly, there's not too many people who can come up with around $10,000 out-of-pocket just to perhaps reduce acute withdrawals somewhat, and still be faced with the major challenge, post-acute withdrawal. Just saying
  17. blurk 007

    blurk 007 Well-Known Member

    dear c.i.-
    you are an inspiration and a gentle/man. people that go through life and death situations with regularity not to mention pain ( i wont mention it) , and don't take THEMSELVES too darned seriously, are heroic. not john wayne heroic- but the real deal. thanks for you support and posts to me -
    you just blow me away.

    thank you,
  18. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    Top of Pancake and shower day not to mention game day to ODR ville!
    Been outta town at the daughters college orientation...wow am I gettin old. Jeepers! Wifey goes "should I bring more meds just in case"..Chase "no"..pat self on back. Guess what? I survived and it felt good to be able to remember the last week...mostly lol. But seriously, checking my pocket to make sure "I'll be ok" just seems really useless and stupid now. It can only get better.
    Kinda crappy spot to be in though, knowing that I can't even come close to being responsible with these stupid things and having to choose between being laid out with a hatchet in my head or taking the meds. No doubt that I feel so much better not slamming 5/6 at a time and being forced to at least think responsibly. Meaning I know if I take 'em all at once I am screwed later when the head starts screaming bloody murder. Not taking them all has become a habit I like. I have faith that I can and will eventually be able to get to the point where I can deal with the head shat and not take any. So far so good..still heading to the light.
    I haven't kept this thread up like I had planned just because I felt like it was pretty boring to read. I've been keeping tabs on ya'll though so don't think you're getting away with anything hahaha.

    Status is pretty good. Been keeping busy which is the key me thinks. Pretty well broke my arm patting myself on the back for not hunting for the pills. Haven't even wanted too. It feels really good to have come to the realization that it is just flat out impossible for me to be in control of them. If I hold them I take them that's been proven. Hangin out in the light is so much cooler than turning the lights off and sitting in the dark so we are not going back there. See what I mean no drama.

    Thanks for checkin' in on me Mrs Carol #1. Sorry to hear ya slipped on the banana peel. Luckily you can get up right? So you begin anew with a plan no problem....ok a little problem but you know what to do ;-).

    Blurk- "heroic"? uh no. More like a meatball sliding off the plate of life. It's guys like you that have been through the ringer literally and still find the switch to flip AND FLIP IT. HUGE man HUGE. Don't sell yourself short. We definitely have to talk axes/music at some point. Thought I was the only one with the Robert Johnson box set haha. Wife is like "you can't even understand it it's so scratchy" and I'm like "listen to that turn around" LOL. I am convinced that James can give us a run for our money for sure. Well done James! Love Motown.

    Now what really matters.
    .Needsupport. For starters you have come to the right place. Tons and tons of wisdom here. So away we go ;-)
    You said "I'm just a mom and I don't have much of a story but I'm all alone on this." BTW I suck at the quoter machine.
    Nothing could be further from the truth and I don't even know you. ? "JUST A MOM"? Are you kidding me? There aren't enough pills or money for me to trade places. To your kids you're a hero. So lose that thought process now. But lets be realistic also. Yea you screwed up. So did I and everyone else on here, which proves that your not alone. I think one of the best things I keep/kept reading on here is to be honest. Honest with your family first.

    It took me a long time to get this...I'm a little slow though ;-) But it is sooo true. It will take a load off Annie (that's an easy one..the Band "Big Pink" I think) Sorry saw something shiny and got sidetracked. Riddled with ADD.
    So where was I? Oh yeah. Know this. they love you. Look at it from the other side. If the tables were turned would you listen to them? Would you kick them to the curb? Just blow them off? Of course not. You would hold them, love on 'em and do all you could to help them. The helping part is a personal thing in my eyes. There are some common denominators though. Get to the bottom of what's up witchya. Be honest.

    No one can help if they don't know, right? For me I get much more motivation if I'm moving towards something as opposed to running from something or feeling guilt and shame. Shame is useless unless you don't do something to change. Doesn't mean we won't screw up; The really great thing is that you can change into whatever you want to change in to. I don't want to be hangin' around feeling crappy about myself and life. Who does? So I don't. Is it a cake walk?Hell no. But it is a choice and it can be done. Look, it has taken me 12 fckn yrs to get to the point where I "want to make this decision". Now how insane is that? Ridiculous. But when I finally did decide, I flipped that switch. Now that may be where you are. Just figuring out that there is a switch and you're looking for it. It's there and you know where it is...so flip it.

    If you're like me and I feel for you if so. sorry bout that ;-). I wanted to want to quit for a long time and didn't even know it until I read a post by James F to someone else. That's when it hit me. Do I want too or not? Being the genius I am a year later I answered..FINALLY I WANTED TO QUIT. I'm not unique so don't take this wrong but I am in a bit of a situation. I'm told it's a life sentence but I don't want to buy it anymore. So now I am determined to figure out a way to not have to take anything. DR's and I got a bunch of 'em let me tell ya. They can't wait to give 'em to me.... I know it's legit. But I'm to young at 84 to just accept that it's a life sentence with them if you know what I mean. So ARE you. Right? You like me wouldn't have searched whatever you searched for to find the ODR. Now be glad you did and make it happen. It can happen and people here have proven it beyond any shadow of a doubt.

    As usual I get to long typed on here. I hope that helps a little at least. Drop by anytime. I'm no expert but I am here for you. Go have a great Sunday. Damn I almost forgot. This whole withdrawal thing.. I might get blown up for this but it's my reality. I have read so many horror stories on here about vomiting up a lung and sweating bullets and on and on. I swear this is true. I never had any idea it could be that bad until I read about it on here. Don't misunderstand. I got the runs too...that's why God gave me Immodium. Luckily I don't take one of anything. Plenty of that took care of those.

    A little anxiety, not sure if that was because I was concerned about not having anything to take? But it was there. Couple days later it wasn't. Then it was just me wanting them. I just think that the more we get ourselves worked up to worry and panic about it the worse it will be. Might just be that after practicing for 12 yrs I became an expert. No prize for that. Main point (finally) is don't let it keep you from jumping off. I don't think the doses and time are so long that you will be on deaths door. Please understand that I am not a dr even if I did stay at the Holiday Inn. I don't want to imply that it's fun or anything to look forward too. But it also won't kill you..These pills will..proven fact. Much luck and I'll leave the light on for you! Come on out and play. it's fun. Glad to have you and huge welcome! Game day gotta roll for a while. I think I see something up ahead...look at that it's the light! Think I'll get me some ;-)
  19. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    Ah Man, What a knuckle head! I apologize needsupport! I was reading around the board and just realized that I was thinking of another new member that hasn't been addicted as long or on as high dosages. Most of what I said applies. However if you have gone through this as many times as most of us have you know that your "flu" will get better. It's gonna be what you do from there that counts. Can you tell us a little more about you? I'm not nosy or anything...well maybe a little. It would help us to help you if we knew more. You said years. How many, doses, the usual stats. here to help, hope we can. Still on for you
  20. Needsupport

    Needsupport New Member

    Chasin it,
    Thank you for your response. I'm on day 5 and had to go back to work which was probably a good idea to get my butt moving. I feel ok at the moment, little tired and spacy but better than I thought I would. But today It's all I can do to NOT ask for a refill for my meds. I DO NOT want to go thru WD again. I like them because I feel like supermom when I take them and can get things done fast. Now it's all I can do to make coffee.
    I have probably been on pain meds about 10 years on and off didn't think it was a problem until this past 2 years. I would take them as stated on the bottle. Never more but it had gotten that I would take 6-8 pills day or more. Then docs kept uping the dosage because it was killing the pain. I kept promising myself this was it everytime I run out that I would get my butt in shape and take care of myself. That would last a few days. Just a continuous battle.
    But I'm glad I'm feeling better I did have some meds that doc gave me to help with the hot flashes (which I have no matter what anyways), anxiety, and other stuff. I just slept though most of it.
    Chasin it: You don't see like your 84, more like 48? LOL. You are so positive for going thru what you have gone thru and keep on trying. Thats so awesome. I want your energy and desire. I hope I find it again without the meds. I finally told a friend today and she has gone thru similar issues and it was good to get if off my chest. I reallly don't want my family to see me different in anyways. I've seen how they see other people in our family and how they view them now. I couldn't handle that. I'm not sure if I can tell them. I'm really spilling my guts here. Sorry for being so long. But thank you for all your caring support. I hope you are doing well and continue too.

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