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Flipping the switch

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by Chasin' it, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Needsupport

    Needsupport New Member

    Like I said "I'm spacy" needed spell check today. :redface:
  2. Carol09

    Carol09 Well-Known Member

    Hey there Needsupport,

    The best way we can help you, is if you were to start your own thread...that way Chasin it get's his needs met and you get your very own space and needs met by people coming to your thread and supporting you ;) and so things and people don't get all jumbled up LOL

    So, my sugestion to you, that if you want a decent life for yourself, you can't take opiates, or be addicted to opiates and use em and have a decent life...don't work that way....sure you know that. So...that script that you have at the drugiestore (lol) cancel it right away. If you are not ready then you will pick it up, feel whatever you feel when ya use, then feel like real crap and you know how you feel or you wouldn't be here right? So if you're done....cancel the script....and start your own thread....and if you can, try an NA meeting..do yourself a favour if you are ready to be clean and want to be clean......Wishin ya the very best doll !
  3. Needsupport

    Needsupport New Member

    Sorry I didn't know how this works, was just answering questions. I will move on.
  4. Carol09

    Carol09 Well-Known Member

    Well of course you didn't know how this works, how would you, you're new :) Just tryin to be of help. I hope you will move on to starting your own thread :) here. That way, people can find you and you will get the most benefit from this great forum! Hope to see you around!

    Hey Chasin it,
    Don't feel like re writing my whole post, but have some GREAT news...miraculous news as a matter fact :)
    Hope your day is blessed my friend :)
  5. blurk 007

    blurk 007 Well-Known Member

    hey chasin'- hope you are doing well.

    . it's been a bad day- had to work at it and little and larger good stuff resulted from trying to take suggestions and not let my brain mess things up. so, it's also been a great day. speaking of messing things up, maybe if you have time or inclination, you could give me an etiquite (sic) lesson. - i know there are guidelines here, but when i get manic about feeling good, i go overboard in my attempts to be friendly and whammo- i think i offend people and that is the LAST THING i intend to do. is this something common to feeling emotions for a change in a LONG time? this forum means my life to me.
    hope i'm not using your thread improperly. this is a question for you, not a piggyback dealeo- p.m. better?

    again, hope you are well -

  6. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    Evening ladies and germs. It's been a bit since I have been able to check in on ya'll. No drama to report. Just been swamped at work which could not be more awesome. Gettin back to the 10-14 hr days. Man time flies and it's beginning to be a rare thought wanting to take more than the bare minimum that keeps the head from screaming. Minor victory over the weekend. had the opportunity to sneak a couple and fessed up, gave them to the above avg wife and that was that. Small steps right? Mom has been here for a week. About 6 days too long ;-) That woman needs a hobby. Enough to make a dude hunt pills..not that I know any dudes that would hunt pills but if I did she could make him do it Like I said I have been slammed so this is shorter than my normal 5,000 word posts. Yoiur welcome. I'm gonna go get some work done. Hope everything is going just the way you want it too. Would you look at that? See it up ahead? Me too..Let's go! It's still on.
    Oh and as for the posting on my thread about other stuff and etiquette No worries at ALL post away. What you guys say is more interesting than what I usually have so have at it. It keeps me interested;-) Ok really leaving this time. I never leave anywhere once so why should this place be any different...out
  7. alirpa

    alirpa Well-Known Member

    are you my long lost brother? when my mom sets foot in my house (in her style...sans knocking) she absolutely sucks my soul out of my body. just by being here. im envious of ppl who have loving support from their mothers....ive always assumed the parent role.....can really zap a girl's wind from her sails.......
  8. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    Oh great!! That's what I need, some guy showing up on my door step saying I'm the son he gave up 84yrs ago :-D:-D:-D. And there's mom over there in the car. Maybe I'll like her better. See this is gonna work out after all. Lol. Since we're all strangers here sorta, I can tell Ya this quick story. My wife and I met on a Christmas night. Mom wants to pick me up to shop. See why I can't deal with her? I hate and I mean hate shopping. So anyway she comes over and does the" knock on the door as she's walking in routine". Sound familiar? So the first time the new girlfriend met mom... mom could only see hot chicks feet hahaha. Covers pulled up over her head. Top 3. Funniest things in my world ever :). Now she is moms best friend. That woman is a saint I swear. Thank God, keeps her outta my hair. So yeah maybe we are related? You got flat feet too? :-D it's on and I'm goin. Nite nite now.
  9. alirpa

    alirpa Well-Known Member

    YES! I remember for my physical for the Navy the nurse had us stand barefoot and when she looked at mine she said "oooooh, them suckers FLAT!" lol nite
  10. Carol09

    Carol09 Well-Known Member

    Chasin it???? Where for art thou Chasin it? Check in will ya? :)

    Hope you're well....but let us know either way....K?
  11. Rchilli

    Rchilli Active Member

    I was just wondering the same thing as Carol!! Hope to hear from you soon!!!
  12. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    well top of the day..Been a while since I have posted. Probably don't remember me no worries it's been a couple months.
    So there's this rock..and a hard place. I'm in between 'em. Status is kinda at a stall or somethin. On the good side and there is a lot more good then there was last fall, so that rocks to be sure. I am nowhere near where I was as far as gobbling up a hand full of pills,huge plus.

    It's wierd cause i don't even think about them most of the time. Since it is impossible for me to monitor my consumption the above avg wife has total control and i have not one time gone hunting for them, which may not seem like a big deal but 6 mo ago I would have remodeled the house looking for that stupid plastic bottle. BTW they should make a "addict proof" cap. anyway I dropped off here cause I really didn't want to be the Hypocrite if ya know what I mean plus since I'm just a "little stoned" I get a lot more work done. So there's the rock. I don't feel the least bit stoned..good thing. But after reading back I didn't see it then either.God am I thick headed uh?

    The hard place..If I don't take 'em at all, man it blows big time. The head deal won't quit. My problem is EVERYONE is like "why are you so worried about it?" Because I know in my heart I don't wanna do this for the next 57 years for crying out loud. So what do ya'll do? Get laid out in pain or get laid out taking these stupid pills?

    I think what pisses me off the most about this nonsense is the fact that they don't get me high AT ALL and I'm not lookin to get high. Consciously anyway. So what is the deal with taking them as soon as the hatchet starts to drop on my noggin'? Why don't/can't I just wait to see how bad it'll get first. They all say "that's the whole point, not to wait till it's screamin' pain". I may be slow but not stupid. I get that and they work. I just don't want to have to take 'em. Dammit

    My point is I don't want them but take 'em anyway. And there are times I don't even wait, rare but it has happened. it's just stupid.

    This really is a pity post and that's not me. dr appt is tomorrow so it was on my mind and since this is my little journal I thought I should update it.

    Glad I did I guess. I went back and read through a lot of it and was reminded about the rebound crap. Through that whole time I just kept convincing myself it would end...apparently not=Hard place. that's me in the middle of the two reaching out for the switch. I know and can see the light up there. Well ya knuckle head chase...CHASE IT. headed that way-again.

    From the bottom of my heart I hope it is all going your way.

    apologies for the bummer post didn't mean to bring ya down "I wanna be the light that burns out your eyes"..Counting Crowes

    Could use whatever ya got.
    it's on and I'm going, just a little slower apparently.
    I'll leave it on for us
  13. serenity80

    serenity80 Well-Known Member

    Hey Chase, glad to see you back. I see your point and its hard to put them down if in fact in pain without them, but they say longterm use of them can also give you pain but who am I, noone and certainly not a dr either.
    I can say this, its up to you and you alone. But if you cannot function without the pills than maybe you do need them. That is a tough decision but again yours to make.

    Good Luck!!! maybe it isn't a hard place after all!!!! :)
  14. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    Top of the day odr-ers.
    Been a while. Well here we go again, day 5. Don't really feel like typing on this tablet. Anybody still come around these parts?

    I'll check back and write more later.
    For now I'm still heading that way...light or bust
  15. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    Lights still on!!
  16. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    Well how do . Good to see ya. How did the pool turn out?
    So it appears that your a big shot here in odr Villegas, yes? That's great, good on ya.
    Thanks for the shout back.
  17. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    Shoulda been "odrville" haha
  18. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    Pool is awesome! We haven't had much of a winter and the pool is heated , sooo haven't stopped swimming since install.

    I'm no big shot by any means:). I wish people would come back to the board. It's sooo slow here these days.

    What's up with you? How have you been?
    Welcome back!
  19. Chasin' it

    Chasin' it Well-Known Member

    What up odr's!?
    Good guess, day 6 I think. Anyone home?
    I see a light, feel like a fight so wish me luck if ya have any extra. Promise I'll check back
  20. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    Well hang in there Chasin it. Best of luck. Yes it's pretty dead here but I stick around and check in. Just celebrated 30 years clean and sober. I had such a hard time getting off of methadone and felt so alone that I kinda took a vow that if I did ever make it I'd try to be there to tell others that yes, you can get free. ODR became the place I could keep that promise. :)
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