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Funny things happen in detox/recovery...

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side of Recovery' started by Lisa, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Lisa

    Lisa Well-Known Member

    I would say a good 'laugh' is what gets me throug the day. When I read a post here that is funny it just lights me up.

    So I thought we need a 'crack me up' thread. It will only be as good as the posters....no pressure[88]

    So here is my funny story for today.

    Some of you know I have a brace on my knee from a torn ligament(sp?). Anyways, my sons boyscouts went bowling today for V Day. He is 5. His ball went half way down the lane and stopped so I got the bright idea to go get it for him instead of pushing the help button......well......I took one step and did what I thought was a back flip......I had no idea the lane was shinny for a reason.

    Lets say lots of WAX!!

    I was SOOO embarrassed. I turned around and my son and his friends were laughing so hard at me my son had soda in his mouth and it began to come out his nose, then he spit his pizza out.

    Well by the time the employee came to help he didn't know if he should help me or get a mop! My girlfriend, once she saw I was okay was no better. Just a [:x)][:x)]

    Even though it hurt like hell......it did cheer me up. So now my knee and my tucas are in pain........

    Anyone else got a good one??????


    MY CURSE Active Member

    Into day 3 of detox, I had to take my dog "Lucky"( a 7 month Jack Russel T.) outside to do his business, my neighbor was working out in his yard and started to talking to me. It was taking every ounce of energy just to stand there and listen to him. All of a sudden my pup takes off like a bat out of hell chasing something. His leash slips out my hand. Not only do I fall down, I fall down right in his business. My neighbor is cracking up, Im trying run around the yard and catch this damn dog with crap all over my forearm after about 5 minutes I finally caught him. My neighbor was just looking at me shaking his head, I was glad I could make his day for him.

    If I scream at you dont take it personal, If I hug or kiss you Im not hitting on you Im just in transition.
  3. Lisa

    Lisa Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the laugh Lonney.....just got to love the dogs.....at least the puppy got you out of talking to the neighbor:D
  4. BOAG

    BOAG Well-Known Member

    Well, this is kinda funny in retrospect...

    When I was in detox, I was "strongly encouraged" to go to the 7 am AA meeting. So the 1st meeting I went to, I was still really sick and I ended up puking in the planter in the middle of the meeting. At least it was a fake plant, so I didn't actually hurt anything. Except my dignity, of course! ;)

    <center>Sometimes the party takes you places that you didn’t really plan on going.</center>
  5. Finster37

    Finster37 Active Member

    UGHH!!!...Stumblin and bumblin I am...
    I am in FLORIDA, I am from NY......My buddy put me up in a spare bedroom that faces the sunrise......Big angular window up on the EAST wall of the room......UNCOVERED!! There is a ladder that goes up to it as there is a small storage shelf type thing..Itz like an extended BUNKBED ladder...THE ROOM IS GLOWING BY SIX THIRTY AM....you know, I can't sleep anyway this is ten dayz agon and I am sixteen dayz clean.....Needless to say I determined at rouhgly six AM to crawl my sleepless, overtired, awnery, twitching, withdrawing ass up this ladder with a bevy of pillow books and anything else my hands could grab to cover the BEAST OF DAYLIGHT..I wuz placing them best I could realizing that my job would in NO WAY be perfect....I was in my sox....facing outward on the ladder and BLAM!!! My behind hit three rungs as I plummeted to my untimely demise into the pull out couch which was open and those springs were NONE TO FRIENDLY....OUCH...but, wait.......It actually made me pass out....!!! Holy moly....A sore ass and small elbow cut got this WD SUFFERER Three straight hours of sleep........You have got to be a friggin PILLHEAD for that stuff!!

    MY CURSE Active Member


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