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Getting off Bupe/Sub, a place to post experiences

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone' started by Bup4pain, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Apheana

    Apheana Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone- I finally got the inernet from home. My experience matches what I have read here. I would say that coming off of bup was an emotional rollar coaster. I had the restless legs, stomach pains and leg/back aches. I tapered from 16mg to 1mg over a four month period. Going from 16mg to 6 was not that bad it was the change from 6 to zero. I recently had health problems and was prescribed pain meds for about 3weeks straight. I used bup for a three day period and felt fine after that. I did yawn a lot and had some anxiety but I would reccomend getting off fast if you can. I was a pill popper and sniffed oxy's. If you have been doing heroin heavily and are using this drug as maintanace dont worry so much from what I have read this is better than mathadone and easier to get off of. I just think that if you are a pill popper the WD from bup can be worse than the WD from the pills. Good Luck everyone.

    ***Live, Laugh and Love***
  2. pinkie

    pinkie Well-Known Member

    In my experience, and that of my bf...

    Quick detox (within a month) from short acting opiates using bup, and you should have most physical withdrawls over with within a couple of weeks, barring liver disfunction or other chemical differences. I think that's it for most people, then the hard part starts, changing your life.
  3. Pal

    Pal Well-Known Member

    Itr literally sounds like coming off hydro is aeasier than comiing off Sub.[?]
  4. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Pal, I think what Aphanea was saying is that if you are addicted to hydro, a short detox using sub may be the best approach. It's NOT hard to come off Sub if you only use it for a short period.
    It gets harder to get off sub when you have been taking it for an extended period, more than a month or two. But for those who have been Long Term opiate abusers, some doctors think that longer term subox maintenance (as opposed to short term detox) can be worth the price of a bit of withdrawal once they taper and step off.
    And it is definitely easier to taper subox than most other opiates.
    Does that clarify at all?
  5. chas30012001

    chas30012001 Active Member

    hmm Bupe is a wierd one. I was on all sorts of pain meds for two years (Every day oxys). I went through #60 8mg suboxone tablets (less than a month) and didnt taper that much, then i quit the suboxone. sure i felt a little messed up from the WD's but not to bad. UNTILL...... More than a month later i am still going through WD. and there is no place to hide from it even for a while. its making sick and causing my disease to "flare up"

  6. Pal

    Pal Well-Known Member

    How long is the w/d from Sub after long term (1 year plus) maintainance? I may need a little pain to remember. If I do the quick detox off my hydro issue (120mg a day), and it is too easy...I see relapse as I like my fun...
  7. lila

    lila Member

    Someone responding to my message "coming off suboxone" told me to check out this post. I was on 16 mils disolved under tounge for about 2 weeks then tapered to 6 during the next two weeks. No withdrawl. It has been a week short of a year since I started suboxone and I am weening off. I am going down a half a 2 miligram pill every two weeks. So far I have gone down to 4 miligrams a day. I can tell the difference now more than I did the first month going down a large amount. My docter swears that being on it for 6 months to a year is best. HE says it gives the brain more time to start producing its natural dopamine.. and gives the addict time to get into some type of serious recovery program. He also says it gives time for the receptors to get back to some type of a noraml level. Methadone he says can not do this as well, because it mostly just sustains the addict. Since suboxone is only a partial agonist he says those extra receptors produced by opiate abuse will have time to go back to noraml with a slow taper. So far I have had no problems. I hear that when I get down to just one 2mil pill a day things may get worse, but I will hang on. IF things start going bad I will tell my docter that we need to slow down. It is not a race and recovery is a life long journey. I do not want to ruin what I have by trying to get off suboxone too quick. Do not get me wrong, I am happy to be weening now. My first year off herion has been better than I ever could have imagined and i have met so many wonderful people in recovery. I am just saying that I can worry all I want about what the withdrawl from suboxone is like or I can wait and see for myself and if it becomes unbearing let my docter know. The last thing most docs want is their suboxone patients feeling full blown withdrawl after they promised different. This is oonly my opinion. I too am scared and do think about the withdrawl often. SO this may be more for myself. We learn in AA not to project. Spending all this time worrying about something and it turns out bad for a few weeks makes it bad for as long as I have been dreading it. If it turns out bad and I have not been dreading then it will only be bad for a short period. I do not know if this makes sense. It is just hard to be on somehting that we get such different opinions about. Expecially when a docter tells us one thing and we see another. None of us want to go through what we did with our drugs of choice.
  8. lily

    lily Well-Known Member

    Hi Lila
    I was on sub for over a year, tapering off very slowly down to .4mg (in Oz we have a .4mg tablet.) When I finally came off, I felt 'the usual' sub WDs - restlessness, aching, insomnia, fatigue. But nothing you can't handle, ie. nothing agonising. The long taper was worth it for me (I had been on methadone for years) and now I feel great. You're right - don't tie yourself in knots worrying about the sub WDs - just be prepared and plan for when you do come off. Come down low, and expect to feel uncomfortable for a week or 2. It's very handleable compared to other opiate WDs, and it helps to keep that in mind (think of it as having a bad cold.)

    So glad to hear you are enjoying your recovery and meeting some good people. There are good people here too, so stick around.

    Lily :)
  9. hopingforbetterdays

    hopingforbetterdays Well-Known Member

    This is my second day off the sub. Yesterday was bad, today feels bad as well, but I'm hoping that I will feel better as time progresses. Basically, I just did an 8mg tablet once per day for three weeks (usually broke it in half and took it twice perday). Writing on this board is the first productive thing that I've done in the last 24 hours as the motivation and attention span are just 0. I'm hoping that by Saturday, I'll feel good enough to go out for a while, but I'm pretty much all prepared to stay home.

    My doc wants to see me today, but as I'm off the SUB, with no insurance, and am very very lethargic, I'm going to cancel the appointment. (No use paying money for nothing)

    I'm just hoping that I can get a new mindset in action. I think I've been on hydros for so long that I am going to rebuild some of the skills I once had; at least that's how I feel right now.
  10. sailinfla

    sailinfla Well-Known Member

    After reading this whole thread I am wondering why I switched from my methadone detox to this bup detox. I have heard about better detoxes from those going down 1 or 2mgs a week (or two) on methadone. Some have been on blind detoxes at the clinic and were told they have been at 0 for a few days and didn't know any different. I went from 80 mgs (3 years on MMT) to 30mgs in only a month. Of course I wasn't feeling to good at that rate but I just wanted to get down where I could make the switch to Subutex. I did with no problem. I went to a bup doc and she wanted me to start on 3X8mgs for 2 weeks and then detox 2 mgs a week. These docs ain't got a clue. I started at 8mgs instead and after a month am down to 4mgs (I went to 2mgs but due to stressful family matters chose to stay at 4mgs). The doc charges a lot and the drugs cost a lot so after 3 weeks I had about 50 8's and 20 2mgs saved. $1200 is enough; I am now on my own. I have enough to do this but now I am wondering if I can. I was just getting ready to flush my last month of MMT take-homes I had saved (30X80mgs that I had saved from my own detox on MMT).
    The thought of starting over on MMT going everyday until I get my old status of bi-weekly take-homes back is something I don't want to entertain but the Subutex withdraws seem as lengthily as a slow methadone detox! Am I wrong??

    the BOSS
  11. Wren

    Wren Well-Known Member

    sailnfla, don't go back to methadone. stick with the subutex, you have enough and can do it. Just keep reducing. I just saw this thread after posting a "hi" to you in another thread. You did great by not increasing the opiate you were on by taking the 24mg/day as first prescribed. That was the right thing!!! Someone may correct me, but I am seeing that the only advantages of sub over methadone are you don't have to go in for daily or whatever days they will trust you with and you can't get a high off of the Sub (after all we do want to learn not to want that) so you can't take additional amount and blow your detox. Just try to reduce by percentages on the Sub every 3-4 days- depending on your tolerance. You can break pills into pieces as needed. And only take the Sublingually! Do stick with this forum and ask questions. It will help!!! -ren
  12. fluffy

    fluffy Well-Known Member

    Good topic. I've heard a lot of people saying (not here), that Methadone won't get you high, and it stops other opioids from getting you high when you take the Meth as Rx'd. Wren, I'd like your opinion on this because I hear so many contradicting stories. I do know people on Methadone Maintenence, who have to go down every day to take the dose in front of the nurse, but they're buying Oxy's too, among other things, and they seem to get something out of it, or they wouldn't buy it. I suppose it's just psychological, like the one Perk expert I know who complained to me last month about getting Generic 80mg Oxy's. He insists that the name brand works better, even for Perks. I printed out some info explaining that the active ingredients are the same and he said to me: "Don't insult my intellegence". He told me that his "people" could all thell the difference too I've known him a long time and I know it's in his mind. I grew up with a Mom that had extensive medical training, who taught me about all that stuff when I was rather young - back in the days when she would bring home free samples of pain pills and vallium. She never quite figured out why they never lasted long..[}:)][}:)][}:)]

    "It's Getting Better All The Time" - The Beatles
  13. sailinfla

    sailinfla Well-Known Member

    thanks Wren, I guess I was just having a bad morning and after reading the posts I got frusterated. Man all I have to do is think back to when I was on methadone and remember what a zombie I was. Even on my everyday dose, while I wouldn't call it a good high like on H, I would nod out when I watched TV or would sit and read,etc. and then when I thought of those 30 mile trips to the clinic in this frantic tourist traffic here in FL I knew I was doing the right thing. I know the doctors think they are doing what is right but as most have stated here everyone is different and I didn't need 3 8 mgs a day, one was fine and now I am comfortable on 4mgs. I wish I had more 2 mg tabs but I'll just break up the 8's and my last 2 weeks I'll use the 2's that I have and what the hell I should know I can't get off this 3 year heroin run, then the 3 years on methadone without some discomfort. I guess most of us thought the Sub detox was easier than we now know its going to be.I would much rather know whats ahead than to have been smacked in the face with the truth. Thanks for this site!

    the BOSS
  14. greeneyez

    greeneyez Well-Known Member

    Spring, I agree with you the only way to get out of the circle is to JUMP out at a certain point, and just DO NOT LOOK BACK. That is what i am going threw now. To be honest today is my first day without anything, and so far so good.Just wanted to say i agree with you 100%.
    If you allow it, the circle and cycle will NEVER end, you can taper forever and stay at a small amount for god knows how long, sooner or later you have to take yourself out of the circle..It can be a never ending thing. We are all stronger then any drug but the addict in us takes over, and the circle just keeps going round and round, if you allow it too. Some of getting off anything has to come from within. And looking back is the worst thing you can do to yourself..
  15. debbierh

    debbierh Member

    Hey Sheri, long time know hear!! LOL. It's true we can make that circle and cycle last as long as we want..but we have to be the ones to make the decision to jump out. Sometimes, thats an easy thing to do and sometimes not..I was forced to jump out of my circle due to being arrested..I would not have been close to jump out of my circle. Now, I have the choice to jump back in or stay the hell out..I dont know what I will do. CONGRATS, to you!!! I am proud of you and stay focused and strong.
    LY, DEB
  16. liz

    liz New Member

    Okay guys, now i am as afraid as ever, cause withdrawals seem to take over my head. I was on 16mg of suboxone from oc. 16-april 15 no problems, no cravings, constipation like a mother, but otherwise okay. Have been on 8 mg since april 17, no problem. However, after reading the postings, I am like Oh my God, My doctor done fooled me. Thanks for letting me know what to expect.
  17. Bup4pain

    Bup4pain Well-Known Member


    The people with the hardest time are we folks who were on bupe for a long time. The least you take and for the shortest the easier the trip off the bupe. A lot of people can detox off opiates with bupe in a month (including a bupe taper)

    Staying at 8 mg a day and not tapering over the last 2 weeks did not help, but you may be able to drop to 4 mg a day in a week or 2 w/o a problem. I would start to taper NOW unless you want to be on BMT (bupe maint. ther.)

    Like with any opiate the higher the dose and the longer you are on it the harder it is to get off.

    If your goal was to detox a 30 day visit to the bupe hotel including a taper is about the most you need 15-21 is better UNLESS IT IS DETOX FROM METHADONE then the rules are different!
  18. Pal

    Pal Well-Known Member

    How are people coming off the Bupe doing?? I have an appointment on Monday, but I really do not think a quick taper is my route because I am sure I will relapse if I was not on it for a few months. But the W/D's sound like MEthadone W/D's to me, and I'm not going there EVER again (I had done it recreationally a long time ago, and had such bad w/D's after, I neverr did it again)

    I guess I am wondering if I should try to kick my Hydro habit WITHOUT BUPE (I have the stuff for detox...benzo's and clonidine) and I wonder if maybe the Bupe is a huge waste of $$ and time if the W/D's are going to be so long and intense. Maybe I should just go cold turkeuy as I have so often before. This has just been a long time for me (about a year worth of hydro...max 120mg a day).

    Any thoughts?
  19. sal7980

    sal7980 Member

    Hey everyone this is my first time here. Ive been on 8mg suboxone for about 2 weeks now. I have been taking one pill and waiting a day or so until im back in withdrawl to take another one. Well now i have one pill left and no money. (i could always get money for heroin but never money for suboxone.) Im tired of the suboxone. Have i been taking the suboxone long enough to be addicted or anyone with experience with it think ill be ok. Should i go cold turkey and just save the last pill in case i really need it or take it then worry about what will come? In the past week ive only taken about 3 suboxone but its weird sometimes one pill could last me a day or two other times the stuff only last half the day.[xx(]
  20. Jesterhead13

    Jesterhead13 Member


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