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God as "I" Understand Him

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by spring, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. spring

    spring Administrator

    Spirituality is such a big part of staying clean. It's getting in touch with those things bigger than ourselves, outside of ourselves, becoming involved in a search for the meaning of life.

    This is my personal spiritual life. I'm writing this for myself and for anyone else who may be interested in hearing one person's beliefs and point of view. I'm not expecting to be bashed because of my beliefs and I'm not expecting that everyone follow these beliefs either. All I can say is if the shoe fits then by all means wear it, and if it doesn't then that's ok too.

    First off, I am a Christian,

    Quick summary...I believe that we have one true God who created this earth and everything in it. We were meant to live a beautiful, happy life but not as robots. We have free will to do as we choose.

    Satan was a created angel who got kicked out of heaven for trying to be "god", he got mad and out of revenge decided to step in and see if he could disrupt God's earthly plan for eternal peace and beauty. He was jealous that God created man in the first place and set out to destroy us. He was able to trick Eve into disobeying and breaking God's one rule which caused God to stop physically hanging out on earth when we chose satan over God.

    In the days before Jesus, the only way to eternal living with God in heaven after death was to live a perfect life here on earth, but because of satan's influence it wasn't/isn't possible.

    So God had to revise the plan that we screwed up. Since the wage for sin is death, that meant everyone then and future would die unless they could earn their eternal life by being a perfect person which isnt possible. He sent a part of Himself in the form of His Son to redeem us from our sinful natures. He sent Jesus (Himself in the flesh) to take on every sin past, present and future and to die for them one time in place of the rest of us. And because of that, we no longer have to try to be perfect in order to be saved. All we have to do is believe that Jesus paid the price and allow Him in which in turn makes us aware of our faults and the desire to do our best.
    Many people confuse God with Santa. No one can "earn" their way to heaven no matter how "good" they live their lives. We have been given a gift and the only thing we have to do is to accept that gift. This is my very short and hopefully not confusing version.

    Christianity is just that...believing in Christ. No rituals or ceremonies or chanting, etc for me.. Just belief.. which creates a personal bond between me and Him...How simple is that? I consider myself as spiritual. I don't belong to a church though I do attend irregularly. I believe every word of the Bible. Period.

    It may sound like a fairy tale to some, and it probably makes a lot of people angry to read stuff like this, but it's my unshakeable belief. If I'm wrong in the end, well, then I'm wrong (I'm not wrong). What if I'm right? I intend to be ready
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    I copied FoxFace's post from another thread because I wanted to comment on something she said.
    This is just another case of someone making a jugdement call about something they haven't studied and taking it all out of context when they asked you that quesion.
    This is going to be hard for me to explain but I'm going to try....God sent "Himself" to die for everyone else's sins in the form of His Son. He had to come in the flesh so that meant He had to be born from a human woman.
    The best way I can explain it is to use water as an example. It has three forms. There is water in liquid form, in ice form and in steam...three different types of water but still.. it's water. You can take a cup of water and freeze it then boil it to make steam but it all came from that one original cup of water.

    This is what God did. He came in another form with the difference that He was also half human since He was born from a human woman. So even though He was God, He also had all the normal human emotions and physical vulnerabilities that we have. This qualified Him to experience the human death in place of us who were all meant to die in the end because of our inherent evil ways. He took on every disease, every form of pain that a human could ever experience, every negative emotion, every evil thought...He was feeling it all while hanging on that cross.

    Another example where people tend to judge God's actions is where He asked Abraham to kill his son as a sacrifice to prove His love and obedience. In the end God didn't allow him to go thru with it. People used to sacrifice lambs, etc in order to please God in the Old Testament. I still dont understand it. Why killing an animal would please God, but I guess there must have been a reason for it.

    He would never ask a person to do something like this now since that would imply that to please God you had to prove your faith which would imply that this isn't a free gift for everybody for the taking.. that certain people would have to "earn" their place in heaven which just isn't the case since Jesus paid the ultimate price for all of us..

    To be continued.....
  3. StuckonSubs

    StuckonSubs Well-Known Member

    Just curious Spring - you say you believe every word in the bible. So does that mean you also are a believer in "creationism"? I'm not saying just because you believe every word in the bible that means you also believe in creationism. I was just curious is all.
    I have issues with creationism, especially when you hear of senators and those on government science and environmental committees being believers in creationism.
  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    Thank you for asking me this question. In fact., I welcome anyone with questions and challenges to my beliefs. That will help me as well in my spiritual journey and maybe for anyone else who is searching for the truth.. Besides, the more I write the better I understand things myself..

    Yes I do believe that we are created beings....and I have been reading more and more where scientists are leaning more towards the "creation" theory than evolution. I don't have the scientific lingo to explain myself, but I remember reading where they were saying that it's impossible for a species to cross-over to another one spontaneously even if it was over millions of years.

    Also, they have been able to trace the earths origins down to the big bang theory, but for the life of them they can't seem to find out what exactly caused the big bang. I believe that's where God began his handiwork that would eventually lead to this planet. Is it any coincidence that the term "God Particle" is used in this subject?

    People argue that the earth is much older than than what the Bible tells us and I'm sure it is...at least the big lump of rock that had been floating out there somewhere. I picture God picking out a big rock then rolling it around in His hands to make it into a big ball.

    I have had questions, and some confusion over certain things in the Bible, I still do. But eventually I find the answer if I look. "He who seeks shall find".

    Many people say that "Seeing is Believing"...well, I say the opposite that "Believing is Seeing."
    More and more has been revealed to me during my journey. Some things that make no sense before eventually come to light like I'm reading it for the first time and it becomes crystal clear to me.

    The Bible is so exciting to me once I get past some of the language barriers. The old testament and all it's history from the beginning and how everything falls into place to set the stage for the birth of Jesus. It lists the blood lines from Adam to Mary and Joseph and how satan tried to break those blood lines all thru out history. How the fallen angels had sex with the human women that produced the giant offspring, the nephilim. which was the reason for the flood, to wipe out all the corrupted blood lines... and so much more interesting stuff.

    There's just too much detail in the Bible for it to be fantasy. And I'm especially interested in the Book of Revelations. It's like reading today's newspaper even if it was written thousands of years ago.

    I'll welcome any questions or challenges. It will help me with my journey.
  5. spring

    spring Administrator

  6. StuckonSubs

    StuckonSubs Well-Known Member

    What I have the biggest issue with (as I don't really know tons about the whole creationism thing) is that they teach that the earth is only 6,000 to 10,000 years old and that humans and dinosaurs lived side by side. They even have a dinosaur with a saddle on its back in the creationism museum... Like people rode on the backs on dinosaurs. That is just ridiculous and has been proven to be very wrong (if you believe in science I guess, but the this about science is that you don't have to believe in it for it to be true). Radio carbon dating alone proves it wrong.
    I also have issue with people saying - oh evolution is just a theory, it's not proven. Well, those people need to look up the definition of scientific theory...

    I dont see why God and science can't co-exist. It doesn't have to be all or nothing.
    I even seen where The Pope embraced the idea of evolution and the Big Bang, but said that they were carried out by God.
    I think it's smart that someone like the Pope would embrace these scientific theories that are basically proven to be true. It would open religion up to many more people if you don't have to suspend belief in everything you know to be true (and basically renounce everything you learned in school in order to embrace a religion).
  7. spring

    spring Administrator

    Yes, that's what I was trying to say in my post, that yes, there was a Big Bang, but it was actually God who caused it. And from there He took those big rocks that were floating around in space and proceeded to create the planets, etc including the earth. And again, this isnt proven fact of course, just my beliefs. It would explain the carbon dating..mainly that the "rock" itself existed long long before it was formed into the earth as we know it.

    And I totally agree with you on the co-existence of God and science. It seems that the two which used to be on opposite ends are slowly moving towards each other in the middle. Science has been able to prove much of the Bible's information of past events.

    I am still confused about the dinosaurs though. All I can come up with is that because the world was still very underpopulated, they lived in parts of the world where there were few, if any, people yet. OR, that they were part of the nephilim.
    Back in the beginning times, the fallen angels roamed the earth, took on human and animal forms. They mated with the human women which produced the giant hybrid humans (nephilim). This could explain how many of the huge rocks and stones were moved and stacked to build things like Stonehenge, etc. The fallen angels also bred with animals, in fact, they engaged in all types of perverted sex acts. The dinosaurs may have come from this.

    And that's the reason why God flooded the earth to wipe out all the perverted and corrupted blood lines. The fallen angels, or demons is what they actually are, were then spiritually castrated to prevent them from mating with humans and producing offspring.

    What I find amazing is that people are quick to believe that aliens often visited our planet way back in the day, but hesitate to believe what they really might have been...angels, the good ones and the bad ones.

    I believe that these alien abductions are actually the demons harvesting human eggs and sperm to produce hybrids and mutations since they arent allowed to mate with humans anymore. Ever wonder where these freaks of nature came from such as mothman, big foot, and all the other weird things people have had experiences with?

    I watched a very interesting interview with the head of MUFON recently where he admitted that the ONLY way abducted humans have been able to stop the experience was to call out the name of Jesus during the experience which abruptly ended the situation and put them right back where they were when abducted.
    Several independent interviewers of abductees also told him the same thing off the record. They didn't want to go public with the knowledge for fear of being dismissed as not credible. Some of these interviewers were Christians and some were not, but they all said the same things, that the only way anyone has ever been able to stop the experience was to call out the name of Jesus.
    Some of this video is a bit dramatic, especially the parts describing the illuminati even tho I believe what they're saying, but I'm referring to the direct interview with the head of MUFON who was not a Christian at the time.

    So here's the link to see the interview with MUFON guy.

    If anyone wants it, I can try to find the name of the book that one of those abductees wrote.

    It's a 2 and 1/2 hour long video but the head of MUFON starts his statement at 1 hour 17 minutes into the video. The whole video is really eye opening. Amazes me that people will readily believe in aliens but not in God, or demons for that matter.
    Satan has many people fooled and blinded to the truth. The Bible says that in the end times "satan will come as an angel of light". ...am thinking he might be talking partly about the lights in the night skies. Those who dont know what to watch out for are going to be fooled and wont recognize who is who when the time comes. And it's coming sooner than later.

    I had a similar experience which I plan to write about sometime where I was experiencing an evil presence and knew that to verbally call on the name of Jesus would disipate the being. Evil can't stay in the same space as Jesus. For a believer to call on His name is like throwing battery acid on them.

    You said: Some say that the earth is only 10,000 years old max, but science says the research shows much older.
    Like I said, the earth itself, before it was formed, was probably an ancient rock floating around in space for a long time around the Big Bang so yes, geologists would find that it is much older than this.
    Since spiritual time is way different than human time ( an earth day =a thousand years in the spiritual realm), and humans were the last thing to be created, then maybe it works both ways...maybe the dinosaurs were here before us or they could have co-existed with us since most of the world was human-free at the time. Someday hopefully we'll all know the answers to these ancient mysteries.
    The Bible says that God created the world in 7 days. It says "and the morning and the evening were one day". Well, to me that doesnt necessarily mean that one day back then was a 24 hour day. There is proof that that everything is speeding up so imo that very thing has been happening all along. Slowly but surely our 24 hour days are actually going faster and faster though we dont notice it. Now THIS is where I cant find the proper words to explain what I mean, but there is scientific theory (maybe proof?) that this is happening.

    God says for us "not to lean on our own understanding". My brain or any human's brain isn't equipped to grasp much of the knowledge about spiritual matters and for us to assume that because we cant understand it or prove it is just plain arrogance on our part imo.
    There is just too much in this world that we cant explain.
  8. spring

    spring Administrator

    God gave us other laws besides the ten commandments, and all were meant to be guidelines to live our lives by.

    God was not trying to prevent us from enjoying ourselves, actually just the opposite. He wants us to have an abundant and happy life and knows what's best for us much better than we ourselves do.

    I was thinking about how God forbids us from having sex outside of marriage and adultery within marriage. I can totally understand His reasons and how this country's declining morals are affecting every aspect of our lives..

    I think it mostly started when the (greedy) media slowly but surely crossed boundary after boundary until we ended up with all the smut we have today. Morals have been eroding away and people who used to keep an indiscretion a secret because it wasn't a widely accepted behavior now openly brag about their sex lives. Guys get addicted to the porn which is everywhere you look and girls dress in next to nothing wanting to keep up with the trend.

    And because "everyone does it", this makes the younger ones growing up think it's all ok unless they are raised by moral parents which are becoming fewer and fewer as people move away from what was once a moral code to live by.

    And because of this lack of morals, we are facing the over population of this earth. If people weren't having recreational sex with who knows who, but instead kept in within the confines of a union between one man and one woman, they would be less likely to be having so many children, (well, hopefully anyway) because they would be the ones providing for their kids instead of the government

    These kids are so often the spawn of just kids themselves and are unexpected and unwanted. Many of them don't know who their fathers are, which in turn leads to bad or one-sided parenting so we have little lost thugs running the streets hooking up with little-girls-lost with low self esteem creating even more little thugs and lost-loose girls. I say girls instead of women, because the majority seems to be young girls.

    And because of this over-population we now have the greedy food giants trying to cash in on this big mess by creating GMOs and cloning food which in turn is making us sick which feeds the greed of the pharm industry which also makes us sick and on and on and on.

    Not to mention the rapes, the STDs, the emotional problems women deal with from having casual sex, and probably the least of the consequences which is with people having multiple sex partners and breeding like rabbits causing unintentional and accidental in-breeding

    Our country is going to hell, and it all started with the breakng of one of God's laws....just my thoughts for the day.

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