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Has anyone tried THE BRIDGE Opiate Device?

Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by Jim Peake, Aug 13, 2016.


Would you pay $500 for a device that eliminates pain during withdrawal?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Jim Peake

    Jim Peake Member

    It is a new device just released to help patients cope with opiate withdrawls. No more pain, vomiting, diarrhea, shakes, anxiety etc. Just a few places are accredited in using it. Check out the Article on USATODAY website. Search for Opiate Detox and you will a picture of a person wearing what looks like a hearing aid. It only takes a few minutes for it to work and the user has to wear it for 5 days. Good news is they can go into treatment and counseling right away. :)

    This device only works with opiates. Opiate Detox Device - The Bridge.jpg
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    Hi and welcome! Thanks for taking the time to share this.

    Interesting, I haven't heard about this newest invention to over come opiate withdrawal. I am skeptical of things that claim to completely eliminate withdrawal and would like to hear from someone who has actually tried it to learn how effective it really is. Anyone?
  3. Catamount

    Catamount Well-Known Member

    I have seen something very similar looking to this and it was for pain relief.....not withdrawals....but I could be wrong. And as stated above....the device ran for 5 days and the user would remove it.....

  4. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    Question: Why are you here promoting this? Seems awfully scammy to me.
  5. freakedout

    freakedout Moderator

    This looks pretty interesting to me. If I was still fighting the fight, $500.00 to try it out would be worth it. (Just my opinion.)

    I found Jim's website and it doesn't look like he has any affiliation with the company who makes it.

    This is all I could find:



    google: the bridge opiate detox to find some articles. Look like it is mostly being used in treatment centers versus for home use but can't really tell for sure.

    Not much info about it but it *LOOKS* like it may do electrical stimulation similar to acupuncture. Acupuncture (in the ear area) has been used for a long time to help with withdrawals. I tried it out one time and it did help. Not 100% relief by any means but it did at least help the symptoms.

    Glad to see that a company is developing/marketing something for opiate withdrawals that does not involve taking more drugs.
  6. Jim Peake

    Jim Peake Member

    Is this site about opiate detox? What if there was a solution for opiate withdrawals? What if there is a solution to get people off of Heroin? What if there was a solution to get people off of Suboxone? What is there there was a solution to get people off of Methadone? Is that a Scam? OK Call me a scammer.

    USA Today Scammy? Really? OK USAToday is scammy. I'm just trying to help. I deal with patients and rehabs every day. To be honest not much has really been done to improve drug treatment in the last 50 years. THATS A SCAM! Same Minnesota model 12 step program and rehabs selling 12 step for $30K+ now that is scammy especially when you can go to a 12 Step meeting in town for free.

    For now The Bridge reduces COWS scores by 80%+ in less than 30 minutes and the device gets over 85% of patients through detox it is placed in 15 minutes and it is not painful. Tell me....what is scammy about that? I have clinical data to back it up. I have videos to back it up. I tried posting some videos and the system won't let me. If going thru a 10 day opiate detox program is NOT scammy then that is a choice some might enjoy. There are also the obscene costs that go with a 10 day painful detox.

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer
  7. Jim Peake

    Jim Peake Member

    I will publish on to my website just haven't had the time but you can find my retweeting it on @addictionrep. Just for the record I am working with 1 Methadone clinic in Baltimore that does real "integrated care" meaning they do more that just dispense methadone. I talked them into testing the Bridge device and they are getting some results from it. Now a shade Methadone clinic would have nothing to do with it because they make money serve patients every day and would not want them getting "cured." If they get the expected results then i expect them to roll it out over 1,000 + of their patients. Would that be helpful? (Sarcasm)

    BTW, we are about to get it covered by Medicaid in a couple of states. I really doubt that is a scam.
  8. freakedout

    freakedout Moderator


    You are good. I am glad you put up the post to let us know this was even out there.

    Your website is easy to find also. Keep doing what you do!

    Personally, I am always encouraged with non-drug approaches to dealing with withdrawal and recovery. Really dislike how "medication assisted treatment" has been implemented and relied on in this country. I think MAT is popular because it is way easier and cheaper to tell someone to go get on Methadone or Suboxone than actually deal with real recovery. If this thing can help people avoid MAT or help people on MAT get off.....totally awesome!
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  9. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    I didn't say it was a scam, just 'scammy', and maybe even that is too strong of a word for what it is I see here.


    Here's the website I found, which clearly states that Mr Peake is in the business of marketing and brand development for detoxes and addiction treatments such as this device. Although I agree with freakedout that it's nice to see something being suggested that is not drug based for a change, I've not seen any compelling evidence yet that this thing works as stated, and I have done my due diligence in chasing down links and reading studies. If you have such compelling evidence, Jim, then please do post it.

    In the mean time, why don't we just hang a sign on the front door that says "come on in, and market your new addiction/withdrawal treatment to real live custome- I mean.. addicts!" In all honesty though, if the board moderators don't care, then I don't care. Carry on.
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  10. Jim Peake

    Jim Peake Member

    How many 0thers are actually delivering a detox withdrawal type of device similar to this? Wouldn't a community like this or any other covering chronic medical conditions be open to learning about new procedures/ devices? I will post an article on my site with clinical data soon that will show the results. In the meantime this is how users are experiencing using the device.
  11. spring

    spring Administrator

    As long as somebody doesn't come here and set up shop to sell directly from our site then I'm all for seeing new devices and treatments posted to help those who still suffer, especially non-drug treatments. Thanks for sharing this new detox helper Jim.
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  12. Jim Peake

    Jim Peake Member

  13. Jim Peake

    Jim Peake Member

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  14. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    they've had these "black box" type devices for many years. I've never heard of one with more than a placebo effect.
  15. Jim Peake

    Jim Peake Member

    Dave please do share the links of these blackbox type of devices you speak of. I have not seen any in the 8 years in the drug addiction treatment space. BTW, this device is being reclassified by the FDA. (While I don't agree with everything the FDA approves of they actually do go thru a process to make sure that products work and are safe for consumers). As of now there are over 3,000 deployments and 3,000 + successes.

    http://i-h-s.com/videos/bridge-videos/ password is NSS
  16. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    Well Jim, I was last in a treatment space 30 years ago so I would admit I'm not as aware of what';s been going on over the past 8. But I can tell you there have been many devices over the years. There have been many "breakthroughs" that turned out bad. Methadone maintenance being one in my opinion.

    But as to devices, one of the notable ones was tried by Kieth Richards of the Rolling Stones. Was written up as a way to beat heroin addiction but didn't work.

    If anyone can help addiction without using more drugs I will agree that would be a great thing. I'm very skeptical though.

    Frankly, the idea that there can be an easier escape from addiction is a sort of an oxymoron in my opinion as it is the struggle that builds a persons resolve. The memory of just how bad it was kept me clean through some rough times.
  17. Jim Peake

    Jim Peake Member

  18. spring

    spring Administrator

    Can you please explain this? What is the sense of using it for withdrawal only to be transferred to a long term drug? I'm confused. Or are they maybe referring to Naltrexone?

    A recent article in USA Today states: “People who have tried it report their pain alleviates within 20 to 30 minutes of receiving the device, which must be installed by a trained provider. They wear it for five days, remove it, undergo drug and disease testing, start on another a long-term drug used to treat opioid dependency, and enter counseling.”.
  19. Jim Peake

    Jim Peake Member

    Sorry.....and good catch it was a misprint. The idea is to use THE BRIDGE, get off of opiate and/or opioid (suboxone and methadone) and either go into counseling or possibly use Vivirtol with counseling. I fixed that article. I think it is definitely a misprint. Thank you for letting me know. Attached is a new study on The Bridge Device. https://addiction-rep.com/blog/stud...device-reduces-symptoms-of-opioid-withdrawal/

    Attached Files:

  20. Jim Peake

    Jim Peake Member

    Here is some updated information https://bridge-rep.com/ as of today 01-09-2018 insurance does not reimburse this product. However the cost is ~$600 for a 1X use plus the cost of the healthcare professional to administer the device. The user also must have a prescription.

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