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Help for parents in Chicago area

Discussion in 'Family and Friends' started by spring, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. spring

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    Here is a link to AMR, founded by our own long time member "freefly".


    Drawing on personal experience, Tim Ryan was inspired to launch A Man in Recovery, whose mission is to save the lives of opiate addicts first, then provide new alternatives to keep addicts from relapsing. Half of all heroin addicts die, primarily from an overdose. AMIR serves addicts and those whose lives they touch in new and effective ways.

    In addition to participating in community events, AMIR offers three opiate support groups through which it can refer addicts to the appropriate rehab or recovery center. From after-care services to motivational speaking to sober coaching for addicts.

    Tim Ryan also offers a variety of services to parents and families, educators, employers and others

    There are some educational programs for parents scheduled towards the end of October.

    "How do I know if my child is using drugs?" .... want to empower parents on how to meet and find out if their children are using drugs. It is an educational training for parents to know how to be responsible for their children. Parents who attend this presentation will learn to use cutting-edge tools to monitor and check to see if their children are using drugs, which is associated with and know what exactly happens in teen technology such as cell phones and computers. This event is for your child too! They will learn to empower themselves and resist peer pressure.
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