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hep and thyroid

Discussion in 'HEP C HIV' started by mtgoat911, May 28, 2008.

  1. mtgoat911

    mtgoat911 Well-Known Member

    I recieved a pm today in reguards to this topic, the hep forum is really slow around here, i wanted to post this just incase it my help someone who is going through this

    its hard to explain in a message
    your thyroid gland needs a working kidney and liver to function
    20% of hep patients have tyroid disfuntion
    it was during the xmas holidays 2 yrs ago, i became very depressed, the insanity i had in active addiction had come back, i was very tired
    i went to the er, told them how i felt, the sent me to a psyc. hospital just thinking it was from the autism, i did not have insurance so i went to a horrible place
    immeaditly talking with me the Dr. ran some test, got back with me 2 days later, said that the psyc. meds mental health was giving me were not good for liver disease, my enzyme levels were way off...but what was a greater concered was my thyroid had completly shut down, he did not see how i was gettting out of the bed, not to mention i was taking care of my family and working
    he explained in depth how the endocrine system works with gi track, i was placed on a mega dose of hormones and i felt better in 3 days
    it was like night and day
    i went back to my shrink, told him exactly what i thought of him, one giving me something that the hospital dr. told me is never given to people with hep. never ever
    i also told him that the hospital said that he should have been checking all this on a regular basis
    i had been complaining for a yr. before i was hospitalized
    i was not alone, i found several of people who had been through this
    alot of times hep patients will complain of fatigue, hypothyrodism may be the cause
    also tell your dr. or seek the advise of a heptoligist or endocrinoligist because hep patients can be given a much stroger dose of hormones than regular patients...
    hep isassociated with auto immune disorders of other organs too.
    it is ofter a rhematoligist, dermatoligist, or endocrinoligist, rather than a liver specialist who actually discovers the hep.
    84% of hep patients have been diagnosed with auto immune.
    i encourage anyone with this disease to take the time and learn about whats going on with your body
    many Drs. will tell you that hep has no known symptoms other than relentless fatigue, there is always a medical reason behind any given symptom, it is our job as patients to figure out why.
    make sure to keep an eye on your thyroid levels during treatment!!!!
    hope this helps!!

    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”
    Dr. Seuss
  2. karl

    karl New Member

    I have no faith in my doc....he thinks cuz my liver is in good shape i should be asymptomatic, yet, my hands swell and get hot, i'm having joint pain in my thumb, and when i asked him if they were connected, he blew me off. I had been reading that a compromised liver (with immune system working overtime to keep healthy) other issues will pop up.
    I'm very frustrated. I guess I should see a different doc, or a rheumitologist (sp?) and go from there.....
    Meanwhile practicing chi gong has kept me feeling pretty vibrant; it hasn't always been so.....
    Sometimes I get depressed and fatigued......i assume from the hep c? I'm never sure if it's me or my liver!
    Interfuron sounds like a lousy cure 4 hep c.....

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