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Hep C...Blame it on the PRISON system!

Discussion in 'HEP C HIV' started by gk, Feb 26, 2004.

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  1. gk

    gk Guest

    I am SO SORRY to have seemed to have just disappeared on you all.

    Something GREAT has happened.

    Some of you know that I know WHERE the HEP C and AIDS epidemics began. (In the prison system, in the 1970's! And everyone knew that, but chose to let it happen, because it was "behind the walls" right? Nobody would see, know or CARE!) And those of you that I've told a bit about this to, you know I have a TON of evidence and documentation and proof of this.


    A few weeks back, I got an email from some guy who had written a book about the appalling conditions inside the prison system... He just wanted me to know it was due out in a couple of weeks, in case I wanted to buy it...

    I wrote him back and asked, "And did you include anything about how the Hep C and AIDS epidemic started, by MALICIOUS INERTIA, and CRIMINAL COMPLICITY and a system-wide CONSPIRACY TO NEGLECT very sick inmates? And now these two diseases are killing people by the MILLIONS?"

    He wrote me RIGHT BACK IN 5 MINUTES and said "No! Tell me more!"

    Well, folks, I BOMBARDED HIM WITH INFO. (Spring, do you believe I COULD do that???
    And, they LITERALLY STOPPED THE PRESSES so he could add some of this stuff to the book.

    The book's being released folks, on April 28th!

    Forgive me, I have been a tad busy... Mouthing offf, as usual!

    Love you all!

    Errr, girls, I hope you've been keeping SLIM in line. Love YOU MARTY!

    By the way, when they stopped the presses, Kasey said to me "Fan F***ING TASTIC! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU FOR THIS!!!" Gotta love that guy's language, sometimes!

    All My Love,
  2. sleepless

    sleepless Well-Known Member


    Girl we have been worried sick about you!!! Don't you ever do that to us again PLEASE :) ...We were able to call the police and have them come knock on yer door to make sure you were ok, LoL...

    *YOU GO GIRL* on all the hard work you've been doing, I think that's GREAT...You keep it up hun, keep fighting for the underdogs, they honestly dunno how lucky they are to have someone as special as you fighting all the way for them :)

    Thanks for letting us now that you are'nt MIA, and be sure and send me ALL the info you gather when you have a spare minute...Also PLEASE lemme know where in the US I can find the book and purchase it, k? Is it being released her on 4/28 or in Can.?..Let me know so I can be sure and get a copy...I'm VERY proud of you for fighting the good fight, you keep it up, you have no idea how much GOOD you are doing the world (well maybe you do, but I wanted to tell ya anyways ;) )

    {{{Hugs}}} Love ya girl :)

    Take Care & God Bless :)
  3. gk

    gk Well-Known Member

    Wanna see ME ON A TIRADE???

    This is from an email last week...

    ....this is SO MUCH of a bigger story, than you could ever imagine. This is the stuff of demonic nightmares! ALL of us early Hep C families have been trying to bring this to light for over 20 years now!

    The World Health Organization is now are saying that OVER ONE MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE are now stricken with Hep C, Hep B and AIDS from the plasmapheresis programs that were run in American prisons for DECADES, even though everyone (medical, CDC, Bureau of Prisons etc.) knew how dangerous it was.

    I have MOUNTAINS of FILES on this stuff! Memos from Connaught Labs in 1983, trying to recall tainted blood products obtained from Grady Prison etc. But these blood products were already flowing in innocent strangers veins. So everyone just crossed their fingers, hoping that because it happened "behind the walls" NO ONE WOULD EVER FIND OUT!

    Well, we the early Hep C families got the R.C.M.P. investigating, and MANY criminal charges have been laid. And MANY lawsuits launched. And legislation passed to prevent such things from happening again.

    And now some of us EMBRACE THE INMATES, who like us, were used for profit, and have been left with life-threatening diseases, and without adequate medical care!

    Did you know that in the early years of the AIDS crisis, the victims were called the "4-H PLUS 1" club? These were:

    Heroin Addicts

    Disposable people, all, n'est ?e pas??? I THINK NOT, SIR!!

    I could send you SOOOO MUCH about this, but it would truly terrify people. So I try to keep quiet, and focus my energies on calling certain people responsible for this, to task!

    As they say "heads will roll"!

    And several have already. There are politicians in Japan, France, Germany who have GONE TO JAIL over this. But here in Canada, we gave Paul Martin the Keys to the Kingdom. And now he is our esteemed Prime Minister! Well, I am like that little kid who once said "But Mommy. The Emperor has no clothes on!"

    Canada halted the plasmapheresis programs in the prisons, and MADE THEM ILLEGAL in the EARLY 70's, because we ALREADY HAD EVIDENCE, already in the late 60's that the AIDS, Hep C and Hep B epidemics were brewing and escalating in the prison system! And SO DID THE AMERICAN PRISON SYSTEM HAVE THE SAME INFO! That was over FORTY YEARS AGO, that the powers that be KNEW!

    So why the HELL has nothing been done by now?

    Medical abuse of inmates, and medical TORTURE has been happening for much longer, and on much more machiavellian levels, than anyone could ever imagine!! And now the whole world is facing these plagues!!

    It isn't the inmates, who are the criminals in all of this. It is the VAMPIRIC BLOOD BROKERS IN THE MIDDLE, who wear $5,000 suits, while the rest of us, from inmate to housewife, we all get sick, and DIE!

    But don't worry. We all have big mouths, and GREAT DEVOTED LAWYERS! This is MY CAUSE, sir!

    And, I have promises to keep! And I don't break promises! Certainly not when they are made to people who are now dead and buried.

    All My Love,
  4. gk

    gk Well-Known Member

    Wanna see one piece of PROOF I sent him? DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE AT ALL SQUEEMISH!

    I sent him a MOUNTAIN of stuff, that knocked him on his ***!

    Stuff like this:

    Mr. Elsner:

    Try to imagine how hard it would be to read this stuff for ten years, and be absolutely HELPLESS to stop either the doctors doing this, or your TWO HUSBANDS IN A ROW from being sick from it..., especially when I had to bury the first one on Sept. 23, 1999!!

    The Cummins Plasma Unit opened in 1969, and only shut down in 1994!

    Tainted Blood: Poison from the prisons
    The Economist
    The United States
    March 13-19, 1999
    Little Rock, Arkansas --

    AT THE end of February, a group of Canadian haemophiliacs infected with HIV and hepatitis C descended on Washington. They want an inquiry into why the United States, particularly the federal Food and Drug Administration, allowed the export of tainted prison plasma from Arkansas and Louisiana to Canada in the 1980s. At the time, Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, and the FDA had already ruled that prison plasma was too unsafe to be used for the manufacture of blood products inside the United States.

    In January, the same group filed a $1 billion suit against the Canadian government and companies involved in the plasma production. This month, it plans to bring lawsuits in the $5 billion range which will name the FDA, the states of Arkansas and Louisiana, their prison systems and various medical- care providers for the prison inmates, including Health Management Associates (HMA), which ran the Arkansas prison plasma programme from 1978 to 1994 and also bought prison plasma from Louisiana. The suit may also name the president, if evidence is found that Mr Clinton knew about repeated FDA violations and yet did not shut down the plasma industry in his state’s prisons.

    The Krever commission, set up by the Canadian government in 1995 to look into contaminated blood issues, found that the tainted plasma often came from Cummins prison. Cummins is a vast farm-based penitentiary that sits in bleak countryside, strewn with shanties and burned-out churches, 70 miles south-east of Little Rock. The inmates’ blood was sold by the Arkansas Department of Correction to HMA which, in turn, sold it to North American Biologics, a subsidiary of Continental Pharma Cryosan, a blood-broker based in Montreal. From there, it was shipped all through Canada and across the world.

    Many Arkansans seemed unaware of the plasma programme in their state prisons until last summer, when Michael Galster, a prison doctor, wrote a fictionalised account that exposed it. In past news reports, prison officials had denied knowledge of what was going on.

    Yet not only did the prisons run such a programme from 1969 on, they were often in trouble for it. In Cummins, even when the existence of AIDS and hepatitis C was recognised and tests for these diseases became available, they were not always used; the FDA discovered that one hepatitis-testing laboratory was out of action for two months. Needles were often dirty, so that many inmates now claim to have been infected as they gave blood. (People caught in homosexual acts were, however, removed from the list of suitable donors.)

    In the early 1980s, the FDA accused the centre of numerous violations and even ordered a temporary shutdown. It didn’t matter. Arkansas police investigations have shown that HMA continued to try to find ways to sell inmates’ blood, especially to Connaught, a Canadian company that may have sold the plasma worldwide (the matter is under investigation). The Krever commission found that Connaught decided it was “impracticable” to inspect all the plasma- collection sites itself, and decided to rely instead on FDA reports which it did not, in fact, review. In any event, Arkansas prison blood products found their way to Europe and Japan, and in at least one instance were sent back to the United States itself.

    Whenever trouble appeared, HMA asked for Mr Clinton’s help. The group invited a friend of the governor’s
  5. gk

    gk Well-Known Member

    info on the book titile and his website in here...

    Gotta go, lovely people!


    From: Gatesofinjustice@aol.com
    Subject: Re: Sometimes I can only rage, Mr. Elsner!

    I wish I had known this when I was writing my book....
    Alan Elsner

    Author of "Gates of Injustice: The Crisis in America's Prisons."
    For more information go to www.alanelsner.com

    Yeah well believe me, there are days, Sir, when I wish I didn't know this AT ALL!
    Now perhaps you understand, why I was so delighted to hear that your book is being published.
    Maybe I should help you write your next one!

    And I have LOTS MORE where all of that came from!
    Wanna know who the Chairman of Connaught Labs was at the time? Ah, it was Canada's new and esteemed Prime Minister, Mr. Paul Martin! Do you want THAT documentation? I'll keep on feeding it to you, as long as you're
    Thank you for listening...

    P.S: Now for the GOOD NEWS! Despite my two hubbies, I STILL TEST NEGATIVE on ALL SUCH DISEASES!! Astounding, huh?
    There are people who actually say that they believe that God is protecting me, so that I can get the word out about all
    of this! Funny, in all the safe sex literature they give out to Hep C couples, no one ever mentioned using GOD for protection!
  6. pinkie

    pinkie Well-Known Member

    Bravo! Like one of those dreams when you're trying to scream but no sound comes out, now you can pinch yourself awake and know that finally someone has heard. Next step... NY Times best sellers list (and, so we can all recognize your smiling face, use your nom de guerre when you and Mr. Eisner appear on the McNeal Lehrer Report... er... or... um.... Oprah.)I;)
  7. sleepless

    sleepless Well-Known Member

    pinkie!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, I'm as gald to see your post as I was gk's :):):)

    I have e-mailed you several times and have'nt gotten a responce, I was getting more than worried about you :( ...I hope yer back for awhile and next time you decide to take a break please e-mail me once a week to atleast let me know that yer ok so I won't be all freaked out an sick with worry thinking the worst has happen...

    I've missed ya bunchies chickie, and hope to get an e-mail from you REAL soon...Luv Yaz :)

    Take Care & God Bless :)
  8. gratefulgreg

    gratefulgreg Well-Known Member

    Very interesting, gk. Thanks for posting this info. I will read the book when it comes out. I have someone close to me in the corrections system and know a little about the apalling conditions they endure. Most people don't give a damn or even worse, they think prisoners deserve everything they get. How a society treats these people is an indication of our humanity or lack of humanity.
  9. carol

    carol Well-Known Member

    yes there is a god !!!!!!
    You did it !!!!!!!!

    I'm still making noise, and finally getting some listeners.

    I just can't help but wonder how many yrs addicts were being buried as drug overdoses when in fact the so called " cure " caused it.

    All for the almighty dollar !

    Human guniea pigs, cover ups,and this abuse continues.

    Keep up the good fight......human lives are at stake and noone is disposable.

    Love ya , carol
  10. Rohan

    Rohan Well-Known Member

    I can't believe it we have Gk, Pinkie and Carol here! This is great!
    Gk I am so happy for you (and the community)! It has taken decades and many, many lives but things are FINALLY coming together!!! Things work in mysterous ways!
    I am so happy for you and those who have lived this hell.
    There is alot going on, we need to talk. You by any chance are not going to the meeting in Las Vegas next month, are you? Let me know, email me sometime as I have been trying to reach you!
    Again, CONGRATS!! I can't think of anyone else who would be better for informing people of this crime than you.
    Also it is good to see you posting again!
  11. gk

    gk Well-Known Member

    Just a small "plug" for anyone with $23 bucks to spare, and an interest in "people deemed disposable" in our society...

    This is for ALL OF YOU!

    Don't EVER think you have no voice. SOME of us care deeply!


    For more information go to www.alanelsner.com and click on the "prison book" link.

    Gates of Injustice: The Crisis in America's Prisons
    By Alan Elsner

    Gates of Injustice is a compelling expos? of the U.S. prison system: it tells how more than 2 million Americans came to be incarcerated ... what it's really like on the inside ... and how a giant "prison-industrial complex" promotes imprisonment over other solutions.

    Alan Elsner paints a terrifying picture of how our prisons really work. You'll hear how race-based gangs control institutions and prey on the weak - and how a rape epidemic has swept the U.S. prison system. You'll discover the plight of 300,000 mentally ill prisoners, some abandoned to suffer with grossly inadequate medical care.

    Elsner takes you inside "supermax" prisons that deny inmates human contact and reveals official corruption and brutality within U.S. jails. You'll also learn how prisons help to spread infectious diseases throughout society ... one of the ways the prison crisis touches you, even if you've never had a brush with the law.

    2 million prisoners: how it happened, and why.
    Why the United States locks away 6 - 10 times more people than other Western societies.

    The brutal realities of prison life; Dehumanization: violence, gangs, rape, brutality and corruption.

    The other victims; What it's like for convicts' families left on the outside.

    No place for the sick or weak; Prison medical care: varying from substandard to shocking.

    Life after prison; The realities of parole. What's supposed to happen ... and what really happens.

    The "prison-industrial" complex; The hidden politics of imprisonment.

    Alan Elsner, National Correspondent for Reuters, has written extensively about conditions in jails and prisons, visiting institutions in a dozen states to meet with inmates, lawyers, corrections officers, medical staff, religious volunteers, family members and law enforcement. He has 25 years' experience in journalism, covering stories ranging from the September 11, 2001 attacks on America and the crisis in the Middle East to the 2000 presidential election and the end of the Cold War.
  12. spring

    spring Administrator

    This is so great to hear that it's finally happening!! I'm SO glad this story is finally going to get the mass attention it needs.
    Even though it sorta quashes one of my ..uh..."topic" ideas for the book, at least this is telling me that my ideas are right on target...Back to the drawing board...That's okay though,

    Oh and....DONT EVER DO THAT AGAIN!! We were worried sick about you.

    ~~ Do the right thing and risk the consequences ~~
  13. gk

    gk Well-Known Member

    Actually, Spring, I am very calm, . I just told some truths that no one wants to admit.
    Plus, I came in at literally one minute to midnight, and said "Did you include this and this in your book?..." He went back and stuck a few things in... but the book was 99.9 % written already, so my contribution is nothing more than "a post-script plus maybe a little bit".

    But the point is, HE HAS A POWERFUL VOICE! And HE IS AS APPALLED AS I AM! And he uses his voice MAGNIFICENTLY! I am truly honoured to have met this man!

    You know it's funny, Spring. After Nazi Germany, there were people designated as "Righteous Christians" because they dared to speak out against, or defy the atrocities that were happening. If you go to his site, Mr. Elsner has a SECOND book coming out soon, about his father's experiences in Stalin's Gulags, and Nazi Germany etc...


    Guarded by Angels

    by Alan Elsner

    Guarded by Angels is a thrilling story of how three young Polish Jews survived both Hitler and Stalin. It tells of how my father, Eugene Elsner, his younger brother Mark and a cousin were arrested by the Soviets in Lvov in 1940 and sent to brutal Gulag camps in Karelia, hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle, where they were put to work cutting down trees. They barely survived the experience.

    Set free almost two years later, they spent the next months wandering around the Soviet Union, through the cities of Central Asia, looking for safety. They eventually found shelter in a Cossack village but just six months later were occupied by Nazi forces. Forging their identity papers, the brothers tried to keep one step ahead of the Germans while aiding the resistance...

    Astoundingly Mr. Elsner claims he doesn't see any connection between the two books - one on atrocities behind the walls perpetrated by goons with swastikas and double-headed eagles on their uniforms, and the other on atrocities behind the walls perpetrated with goons with "Dep't Of Corrections" on their uniforms!

    Someone has to have the CHUTZPAH to peek at the truth, then DARE to speak up! This man is doing so! And with the most absolute respect I have, I would say Mr. Elsner is a "Righteous Jew"! Not faint praise, by any means!

    For after all, ALL of you KNOW how deeply I respect COURAGE!!!

    All My Love,
  14. gk

    gk Well-Known Member

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with that wonderful Yiddish word "CHUTZPAH"... this is what it is...


    n : aggressive boldness or unmitigated effrontery; "he had the audacity to question my decision" [syn: audacity, audaciousness, hutzpa]


    "Reporter and Author, Alan Elsner has carved out a career based on sound journalistic fundamentals, unquestioned integrity and the willingness to challenge the complacent and confront the evasive, no matter who, what or where. He has never been afraid to ask the tough questions. Over the years, his reporting has exposed injustice and shone a light on some of the darker corners of society."

    Yeah! My kind of people!

    MAYBE one day, someone will have the audacious CHUTZPAH to write about the abuses that heroin-fighters suffer! Oh wait, someone already did. What was HIS NAME again???
  15. gk

    gk Well-Known Member

    Ah yes, HIS NAME is Lonny Shavelson!
    By Lonny Shavelson. The New Press. $24.95.

    If drug addiction is a frightening proposition, so is the process of kicking a habit. For three years, journalist and physician Lonny Shavelson immersed himself in the bowels of San Francisco, tracking five people from the streets through a series of rehabilitation programs—and back again. His subjects represent a diverse range of personalities and treatment issues: from Darlene, the schizophrenic speed freak, to Crystal, a fast-talking crack addict. But most compelling is Mike Pagsolingan, a charismatic plumber who was sexually abused as a child.

    The book opens with Mike shooting heroin while driving his car down California Highway 101. Shavelson follows him to a prestigious rehab house called Walden, where recovering addicts adopt a militaristic lifestyle geared to help them control their drug urges. For a time, Mike seems a model pupil, but Walden eventually kicks him out for a series of behavior infractions. He lapses back into heroin use; and by the end of the narrative he faces 25 years in prison.

    Mike's story illustrates Shavelson's critique of the rehab world.
    *First, too many clinics boot addicts for relapsing, essentially giving up on the hardest cases.
    *Second, drug-treatment programs often ignore deeper psychological issues, like Mike's childhood sexual abuse.
    *Finally, treatment by humiliation—Walden's method of choice—earns sharp reproof.

    Shavelson tells his story with compassion, even overstepping journalistic boundaries to befriend his subjects. He has plenty of vitriol, however, for Byzantine bureaucracies that confound addicts seeking help and a federal government that spends more money fighting Latin American drug lords than treating addicts at home. --Keith Meatto
  16. spring

    spring Administrator

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