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Discussion in 'Detoxing From Pain Meds' started by kdgtlg, May 5, 2010.

  1. MFJ

    MFJ Member

    Thanks a bunch !!
    Reading posts like the above is what gives me " Hope " . Im on day 6 of putting those evil oxys in the rearview. I will continue reading and posting.....being involved is great therapy...
  2. hansman11

    hansman11 New Member

    Wow what a great forum
    I was on here back in 11-05 with Norco + Valium addiction.
    I cold turkey the norco and swore off pain pills.
    Fast forward to Feb of this year arm injury Pain pills prescribed.
    7 months later as of Saturday 9-24 opiate free. Now TODAY Feeling scared because a shipment of percs are due to arrive today.
    I could cancel the shipment
    I really dont want to go through with this again but I think I might just get tempted Help
    5 days clean
  3. hansman11

    hansman11 New Member

    Well The days have turned to weeks and weeks have turned to almost a month...........
    Still clean
    If I can do it anyone can do it.
  4. kdgtlg

    kdgtlg Well-Known Member

    Good for you hans! I know it's not easy but the more time you put between yourself and the pills, the more you will start to focus on other areas of your life. It's all consuming in the beginning but just remember this: if the only thing you accomplish today is not picking up, the day was a success.
  5. Riskyrob

    Riskyrob Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed reading your positive words! We (I) all too often talk about the failure, struggle and , desire of getting clean. It is very encouraging to read about the triumph and the feelings that become alive again as a result of success.
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
    I know you won’t mind me directing a Loved One to this post, I’ve been wanting him to get on this board to help him with his fight for regaining his life and these are the types of wisdom that will get his attention.
  6. Rchilli

    Rchilli Active Member

    I am new to this forum and have just read your posts. I am on day 13 right now of cold turkey off of 800mg a day dialaudid use. It was perscribed but I now realize it still impeeded my mind and my true self. The pain of withdrawal is better but not gone but it is better than a bad day on the pills. I know you can do it if u have support. If family isn't there and hasn't went through this I suggst NA. I went went last night for the first time and Felt at home. The people were so nice, understanding and they knew what I was feeling as my husband is there but doesn't understand the physical and emotional issues. I know talking helps me and maybe NA will help. I hope u can try to get off everything and know what it feels like to be free from any medication. It feels so very good. Even though it's been only 13 days it's still better than when I was in my dialaudid "haze". I am praying for u and your recovery and KNOW you can do it and stay clean. God bless and thinking of u

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