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How I Spent my Summer

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by spring, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. spring

    spring Administrator

    Sometimes I have trouble recognizing the difference between consequences and trials.

    Even those who don't believe in God know that there are consequences for our every action, both good and bad...Karma.

    I also believe that God will put his children through trials at various times through life in order for us to gain experience and grow. Usually for something that I have been stubborn about or close-minded to. So I try to accept it for what it is and I thank Him for caring enough to arrange it.

    As far as consequences go, it's usually something that I caused to happen by something I did or said. He knows me better than I know myself and never allows more than I can handle so I acknowledge it for what it is. I always get thru it, most times a better and wiser person because of it.
    So, again, I thank Him for allowing it.

    But this past summer still has me reeling! I'm still trying to figure out what I did to cause all this bad karma that came my way. Or was it an out and out attack by satan which God allowed to happen (sorta like Job in the bible) in order to test me or teach me something? Or maybe a combination, or maybe this all happened "just because"?

    It started in May...
    May 8th to be exact. I bought a case of water at the grocery store ...24 bottles @ 20 oz each. Lift one next time you're at the store. Now instead of rounding up a cart for it, I decided to just carry it through the parking lot to the car. Less than halfway to the car I realized I was being really stupid. As physically strong as I am, I could feel that I was putting a severe strain on my muscles, but I got it to the car and went home.

    The pain woke me up the next morning, that's how bad it was. I rarely have any type of pain except for a headache now and then and it takes a whole lot for me to miss work. I never missed a beat a couple years ago when I broke three ribs. It hurt but was nothing I couldn't handle.

    But the pain I woke up with in May was beyond description! My left thigh was on fire and both numb and pins and needles all at the same time. The left lower side of my back ached so bad I could not find a way to get comfortable. Couldn't lie flat or on my side or stand or sit. I was in tears when I called for an appointment. The Doc gave me a cortisone shot and ordered xrays and an MRI..

    And yes, in case you're wondering, I got two Norco from my neighbor a couple days after , then later took 2 Motrin, then much later an Aleve. A hot bath, a heating pad, an ice pack and some sort of Bengay type stuff. Nothing worked for that type of pain. The shot gave me a half day of semi-relief that first day though..

    Next problem...I got into the machine and freaked out. Until that moment I didn't know I was claustrophobic. I really did try and try to stay in there but felt like I was in a coffin so we had to scratch that one.

    Next..the Doc called in a script for 2 Buspirone (something like a mild benzo) to take an hour before the next try.. I only took one though which made me want to fall asleep and it didn't help a bit.

    Next try was to make an appt for an extra big mobile MRI that comes around once a week. It's mainly for obese people but the Doc thought it might be big enough to help with the phobia but ended up canceling because after doing some research online I found an open upright MRI machine..

    I FINALLY got my mri 12 days after the injury. I had been in bed for the first 9 days before hobbling back to work along with running to the Dr and xrays and mri attempts.. Being self employed I really had no choice. The mri showed that I had actually torn the muscle away from the bone somewhere back there which also tore some nerves which explained the pins and needles fire-like numbness. Thankfully my niece is a Chiropractor and more thankfully my insurance covered the office visits so after 8 or 9 sessions I was down to a dull pain that I could live with. It took about 3 full months for the pain to fully leave me and today, 5 months later I feel no pain at all

    This all happened in May, in the Spring at the very beginning of my major work season...and is just the tip of the iceberg.

    By the time I am done writing about June, July, and August maybe I will have answered my own questions regarding consequence vs trial...or maybe it'll take me awhile.

    To be continued...
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  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    Moving on to June..My back pain was still pretty bad and the last thing I needed was another injury to cause even more pain. It was hard enough to get to work every day as it was but I was doing it..

    I have a mid size car and the trunk lid is very heavy. It takes both arms to open it. I was in my trunk on a extra wildly windy day trying to retrieve some stuff from way in the back and just as I was coming back out from being waist deep in the trunk the wind tried to blow the trunk lid shut. Had I not moved when I did the trunk would have caught me at my waist and I'm pretty sure would have broken my back, but luckily it missed my waist and caught me in the face instead right smack on the bridge of my nose. I was able to partially catch it with my hand which I'm sure saved me from breaking my nose or worse. I did end up with a deep gash at the bridge of my nose and it hurt like hell. So now I had two areas of severe pain to deal with plus looked like hell to top it all off.

    That was incident 2 and I haven't even gotten to the worst of it. Each incident by itself could be cast off as "Oh well, shit happens." But after awhile you start to wonder what you did to deserve all this? Or was God allowing one of satan's attacks to have at me for some reason? Through it all I continued to thank God for the good things in my life, the clients and jobs that continually come my way, knowing I have no need to worry about meeting the bills because it always shows up when needed, being delivered from that awful dark drug life I lived for so many years. And I say a prayer every single day to thank Him, to show my gratitude..
    Everything began to fall into place in my life when I made the decision to completely trust God, to believe Him when He said He would meet all my needs and turn all bad for the good.. Life has been pretty good for a few years now and is why I'm suddenly so puzzled as to wtf is going on.

    I don't know if anybody is even reading this. I feel like writing about it so I am. I know the God stuff turns some people off but these are my experiences, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs and if it bugs you then well...don't read it I guess.

    To be continued....
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  3. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    So I liked your post, but obviously don't like that you keep getting hurt!
  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    Thanks FF, lol, but that was the last of my physical injuries.

    Onto July 21st...It was around 8 or 9pm and I was comfortably stretched out on the couch watching tv minding my own business when a friend called asking to borrow something. She was home with a sick kid so I had to drop if off to her. She lives on a dark country road where people drive like there's no speed limit most times..

    I passed her driveway so had to find somewhere to turn around. A couple blocks down I found a road to my left. I had seen a car behind me way way back in the distance so thought I was safe driving slow to find the road. When I went to make the left turn, all of a sudden that car was right there. Turned out to be a 17 year old girl driving daddy's car
    I KNOW I had my blinker on. It's an ingrained habit to use my blinker whenever I turn.
    Apparently I was going too slow for her so she decided to pass me just as I was making the left turn or maybe she was coming up on me too fast and had to swerve around me to avoid running into me. Either way, she was going way too fast.

    She slammed into my front drivers side door and almost knocked the whole tire off my car. She went airborne to the left and landed across the street in somebody's yard stopping just an inch away from a huge tree. Her car had to be going at least 50, maybe even 60mph but neither of us got hurt. In fact, with the unbelievable force of the crash, I don't understand why the collision barely jolted me. Blessed I would assume.
    Had my car towed, fixed, etc and her insurance paid for it so it all turned out ok.
  5. spring

    spring Administrator

    Now here comes August 9th.

    My daughter had come in from Chicago to spend the weekend with me. It was early evening, still light out, I had just made dinner for us and realized I had left some stuff in the car so I went down to the parking lot to get it. I live in a two story apt building on the main street that leads to the beach a few blocks down so it didn't phase me when I saw a man standing in my parking lot talking on his cell phone. It's a small town, but we have plenty of summer traffic both car and foot because of the beach.

    I was reaching into my car when all of a sudden this man was right behind me. This guy was a very tall and big, muscular scary looking black man and startled me.
    I live under an interstate overpass. Apparently he ran out of gas on the highway and walked down the embankment.

    I got an instant aura of evil from him so when he asked me to give him a ride to get gas for his car I declined. But being the good samaritan that I am, I offered to go get the gas for him and was even willing to give him my gas can to keep just so I could get away from him. I told him it would be easier all the way around for him to walk the gas back up to the car rather than me having to drive 3 miles to get to the on/off ramps.

    I always leave a key in the ignition (well, not anymore) and use the little clicker thing to get into my car so the key was there when I ran upstairs for 30 seconds to tell my daughter I was going to run up to the gas station for this guy. I also told her that I had a bad feeling about him and to keep her phone next to her. I had thoughts that he might try to force his way into my car with me but blew it off thinking I was making rash judgements about him.

    I swear it wasn't more than 30 seconds but when I got back down there my car was gone! My kid and I jumped in her car to see if we could get behind him while I called 911. By then it was getting dark and had no idea which direction he was going anyway. I met the cop back at my place and filed a report.

    Turns out there was a car sitting on the interstate right above my building, but it was not out of gas. It had also been stolen and had broken down. The lucky thing was that he stole that car from people he knew so they gave his name and told police the guy was heading towards Chicago. And I had just filled my tank that morning.

    Chicago is a 90 minute drive on the interstate around lower Lake Michigan to the other side of the lake but they weren't able to catch him en route so the next day I went to work putting ads on Craigs list and Ebay. As luck would have it, I was able to get pictures from the body shop that had fixed my car after the accident.

    I offered a $200 reward which was mistakenly taken as the sale price by some guy in Mostovia or some country I never heard of. LOL So he "bought" the car the first day which made the ad disappear off Ebay. Yeah sure, I'm going to sell my car for $200. with free shipping to the other side of the world..Guess I should have limited the ad to the US and Canada only. And it still cost me $18. for the one day even after cancelling the sale.

    Two days later I got a call from a woman in Chicago who had found my work keys on the street along with other misc items from my back seat. Thankfully I had an ID tag with my phone number on the ring. My daughter picked them up for me and mailed em back and I gave the lady a $50 tip for her kindness. After that I never heard another word about my car even though I had been actively calling all the precints on the So Side of Chicago to keep the image of my car alive and in their heads.

    After four weeks of paying for car rentals, I accepted the fact that they weren't going to find my car even though they did have the guys name.. So I bit the bullet and bought another car. TWO hours after I closed the deal I got a call from the cop telling me they found the guy driving my car on the So Side of Chicago. And because they caught him in the car, they didn't need to keep it for fingerprints so I was free to pay the $250. impound fee and find a way to transport it back to Michigan. Get this, IF he hadn't been in the car, it would have had to be towed all the way to Michigan for prints at my expense. That's just not right in my opinion.

    I was able to sell the car I had just bought for the price I pain for it in less than a week.
    All that time the cops wouldn't give me the guys name but I was told after his arrest so I googled him and it turned out that the guy was on parole in MI for robbery and assault with intent to commit murder. Why he only got 4 years for that charge is beyond me. But now he has two car theft charges, leaving the state while on parole, driving without a license, and some other stuff so he will probably get a good chunk of time out of this.

    And after it was over I thought about what could have happened. It could have been so much worse. I mean, since the guy didn't really need gas in the first place, what might he have done if I had let him in the car to give him a ride?

    So that was my summer. So far things have been quiet but I cant help but feel that another shoe might drop at any time. I'm hoping I've had my share of bad karma for awhile. And I have to admit that after all this...I have no pain at all in my back, no scars on my face from the trunk incident, and I have my car back so everything turned out alright...but damn! what a summer!

    I'm still wondering what I might have done to attract all this bad stuff or if was just my luck of the draw or what.
  6. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator


    I'm visiting family in Al this weekend and usually always carry when traveling, but was in such a hurry I forgot to get it. We pulled into a gas station where 4-5 guys were walking around waving a cd at everyone, saying donations.... Help a brother out, we need y'all's help, It's great hip hop cd.... I didn't want to get out of my car, but the gas light had been on for a few min. Thank God nothing happened, but I had a terrible feeling! I told my sister before she got out to smoke that she needed to be careful what she said... I also gave them $5 for the cd they "gave" her.

    We didn't make it past the 3rd song. I think the N word is their favorite word!

    I have nothing on your story And hope to never encounter anything like that!!!

    Your lucky!

    The law is never on the victims side unfortunately.....
  7. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    Ok, I think you've had enough!!
  8. spring

    spring Administrator

    You carry what when you travel? A gun? With the way things are going in this world these days it's a crap shoot,..you could be damned if you do but damned if you don't. I can't ever own one myself because of my felony so many years ago. I'm not sure what bad checks has to do with firearms but it's the law.

    I don't blame you for being cautious. The young street thugs these days are scary and they're black and white and brown so I'm not being racist. The guy who stole my car was an older career criminal which was scary enough, but he has nothing on this current generation of young men who are traveling the dark path. What's even more scary is that many of these young men with no direction in their lives idolize and even join the group isis in their crusade of terror.

    It's mind blowing to read the book of Revelations and the other books that contain prophesies from so long ago and how they are coming true in the order that they said they would. It's hard to get thru all the symbolism (like the Eagle being the US and the Bear being Russia, etc) but it becomes clearer as I get further into it. I think about how much has changed in the last 50 years or even in the last 20 years and it's not going to get better.
    All the crap that's going on these days is right there in the prophecies. It's getting to the point where it's hard to find a safe place to live anymore, a neighborhood without crime. I mean, the last thing I ever expected to happen in our peaceful little scenic town was for my car to disappear.

    Okay, now that I've managed to depress everybody I'll stop writing now...

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