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Discussion in 'UROD~Naltrexone~Ibogaine' started by kurt, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. shelley

    shelley Well-Known Member

    Hello All,glad there is such interest in the use of ibogaine.I did mine with Ibogaine Association in mexico,who I recommend highly.I havent had very much receptivity when Ive discussed ibogaine previously ,so Im kinda hesitant,so bear with me.I was very scared the first time,& fought the ibogaine some,hence I vomitted too.There was a long period of time during the most intense period where everything looked so distorted,I never understood why,at that point anyway.I had very intense visions that showed me african spirits who where examinimg my makeup & whispering to them selves about my condition.I had tailor made visions that led me into a very surendered state,& after a while felt such universal connection to all of life & knew I was not alone.I did have some residual withdrawl that time ,about 15% ,used light meds.I had a tough re-entry back home * slipped some initially,but once I got thru that I stayed sober & urge free for some time.I was able to focus on getting my health back & fitness level ,etc.My taste in food,music,books movies all changed for about 4 months.It was phenomenal.I did slip after 3 months.I did ibogaine a second time in Mexico.The second time I went there with a fentanyl patch on & did not remove it with a long enough window to have very many opiate receptor sites open & my experience was milder,in fact it seemed to whiz by,I asked did you give me less?The visions were confusing & never made sense to me,also there was a saw going off in the neighborhood that kept me form going deep.However I learned about smart recovery after ,so it made up for it.I stayed sober 6 months that time.Not exactly sure why I relapsed but ,it was brief & I decidied to detox again.I tried a bup detox but I craved so bad I didnt stay clean.I looked into ibogaine,but couldnt afford it at a clinic.It took some phenagling but I found a source,luckily and a friend willing to be there for me.I knew what to expect & had no fear about it.It went so awesomely well,I had no anxiety or nausea.Finally I understood what the distortion where about the first time ,its like the other 2 experiences had prepared me for this one.I was able to see my geneology from the beginning of time,like it explained how parts of my DNA & imprinting were distortd,in such a detached way ,yet intensly personal to my soul makeup.I also came up with some spiritual truths to live by.It was very much more intense the third time,largely due to the fact that I was able to go longer without opiates prior to the trip.also the setting was so peaceful & my intent so clear about why I did it.Ive had no opiates for ,well itll be 2 months friday,no cravings either.This stuff is very personal to me & rather difficult to translate,Hope it can be helpful to anyone.I am a psychiatric RN & am very knowledgeable about brain chemistry,etc so neurotransmitters fascinate me.Im also very alternative in my approach to health,this helped me be open to doing ibogaine. Its not for everyone,thats for sure.Thank god Im not the only one posting about it like has been done in the past on this forum.Im not trying to sell anyone to the idea,only sharing how its been for me,thanks for ypur attention-shell
  2. freakedout

    freakedout Moderator

    There is a very interesting discussion of Ibogaine going on at atwatchdog message boards.

    Howard Lotsof, the person who discovered Ibogaine's potential for treating opiate addiction, has contributed to the thread and will answer questions. Very generous person to give his time and advice to anyone in need.
  3. shelley

    shelley Well-Known Member

    Hey Freakedout,thanks for the info tip,I couldnt find any info on ibogaine there,exactly where do you go to find the thread on it,after you go to atwatchdog? HEY i have 2 months opiate free today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. NorcoNewbie

    NorcoNewbie Active Member

    What, if any, are the w/d's like ...months later, when leaves your receptors?

    Of the people who have tried this, what is your history of Drug Use? How many years have you been on 'what drug'? And the dosage?
  5. shelley

    shelley Well-Known Member

    Hi ,I have had no withdrawls ,im at 2 months ,one week,no cravings.I have done ib 3 times,i was addicted to hydrocodone,about 300 mg/day-inotherwords,a short acting opiate.I understand it is harder with methadone but i have known many who were successful at getting clean from meth w/ ibogaine.Im not sure for me that when the ib wore off,that I experienced powerful cravings,I think it was more being unsuccessful at dealing with my issues about boredom,lonliness,and my self estemm stuff that led me back to usage,I will say that each tome i did relpse it was for a shorter duration .hope thats helpful-shell
  6. mirage75

    mirage75 Well-Known Member

  7. happytrails

    happytrails Well-Known Member

    As interesting as this sounds, I hope those of you that do go through with this treatment will report your experiences. I don't think I could handle it at my age (52) and experience. I took LSD and other psychedelics in the neighborhood of 300 times in the 60's and 70's, and I couldn't handle one more bad trip, let alone "bad X 100." They would have to squeegee my brain off the ceiling. I don't mean this as a put-down, because I'm all for research...it just scares the hell out of me to think about tripping again. Thanks for sharing your stories, and best wishes to anyone who plans on doing it!

  8. OldSoul

    OldSoul Well-Known Member

    My experience in detoxing with ibogaine was different each time. The first time I knew months ahead of time that I'd be doing it and they encouraged me to switch over from using heroin (IV) to methadone. I was on 125mg of methadone at the time I went to do ibogaine the first time. I had no withdrawal symptoms or PAWS whatsoever from day 1 post ibogaine, and had no PAWS after the noribogaine wore off months later. I did have really strong cravings, though.

    The second time I was doing heroin up til just before doing ibogaine. The results were the same. No withrawal or PAWS at all, but strong cravings several months later.

    As to age and experience- the first time I did it was on my 49th b-day; the second time I did it, I learned my father had died the day before I was scheduled to do the ibogaine. I didn't have much choice- I was trapped on an island with no way to leave and go to my dad's funeral. I suppose the dr. would have given my some narcotics to enable me to attend his funeral, but after talking with my family they encouraged me to stay.

    My first experience was the really bad one; my second one was- while not exactly pleasant, definitely much better than my first experience.

  9. shelley

    shelley Well-Known Member

    Hey Happy trails,Im 51,did alot of psychedelics in the 60 & 70's too.Setting & intention make the difference!When I was a crazy kid bent on self destruction it was way different,i had bad trips & flashbacks,all kinds of things associated with the ego disintegrative effects of psychedelics,now I totally respect the information avaliable from them but I would never just do it for fun,ibogaine isnt exactly a recreational drug!!!But it is an awesome way to detox & enjoy a gentle re entry without cravings for a while.Still to stay clean takes real application of some type of practise,be it 12 step ,or for me SMART,for that time when the thought reoccurs of "just a little hit ",or one pill or whatever,for me Im practising ahead for my addict voice by working on my thinking,i still have no cravings at 9 weeks!Anyway -glad youre all here & wish you success in getting clean
  10. NorcoNewbie

    NorcoNewbie Active Member

    So what I am hearing...there's no (or very minimal) w/d's, and no PAWS?

    You get done with your treatment, and go right back to your life with a tolerable energy level?

    How about sleep? Were you able to sleep after your Ibogaine treatment? If so, how much and how was the quality of sleep after you were done with the Ibogaine?

    I plan on calling one of the clinics to at least talk to them. It sure does seem like the "Magic Pill", if the only thing you have to deal with is cravings. (not to minimize craving problems, but a person could deal with cravings a LOT better without the nausea, lethargy, depression, etc., piled on top of it!)
  11. shelley

    shelley Well-Known Member

    I had problems with sleep the first time i did ibogaine for a time period ,however I have always had problems with sleep,I took sleepers for a while.Oddly enough tie last time,i had no problems & am sleeping better than I have in my whole life!
  12. shelley

    shelley Well-Known Member

    Oops ,hit the wrong button.Yes ,for me it is true about no cravings ,last time for 6 months,this time Im at 9 weekswithout any cravings. It took about 2 weeks before i started exercising.Never any PAWS at all.It does take longer to recover when detoxing from methadone tho,Wish you well-shell
  13. OldSoul

    OldSoul Well-Known Member

    PLEASE do not confuse this with a "magic pill." Far more people have relapsed after ibogaine treatment than have stayed clean after it. While it is a great way to detox and incredible experience, it isn't close to being a magic pill. Sorry, but I truly get PO'd when people suggest that. There is no such thing and while ibogaine is the "easiest" detox, it is no more of a magic pill than any other type of detox. It simply detoxes you and then the hard part starts. Any addict will tell you that it is MUCH harder to stay clean than to get clean, no matter how hard or easy it is to get clean.

    Do not make the mistake of minimizing how strong the craving become. Even Shelley is acknowledging this. And Shelley, I certainly wish you the best, but IMO the jury's still out on your success. You're still under the influence of noribogaine which has eliminated the cravings and while I congratulate you on your six months clean, it will still be a tough fight once the cravings come back, and as you know from your two prior experiences, they will.

    Having said that, it is true that there is no PAWS (in my two experiences or the experiences of the 35-40 people total that were at the clinic(s) with me. It helped people with depression temporarily. Energy was at a higher level than previously.

    With regards to sleep, ibogaine itself has a property that contributes to sleeplessness. A person who is not an addict but takes ibogaine will go through a period of up to two weeks without sleeping much at all. But it is very different from the kind of insomnia that one experiences after a usual detox. For me, and most of the people I know who've done ibogaine (probably 35-40 people) the sleeplessness wasn't really a bad thing. There was so much energy you could use that time to do things- read, be on the computer, go out for a walk in the middle of the night, whatever. It wasn't that horrible feeling of needing sleep and not being able to get any.

    For those who felt they needed sleep, ambien worked for virtually everyone.

    It's a great way to detox, but please, let's not call it a "magic bullet," it is FAR from that.

  14. shelley

    shelley Well-Known Member

    Old Soul,i agree with you.Ibogaine is a great way to start sobriety,but it doesnt lasy forever.Dont know if I agree about the cravings coming back,or the old thinking coming back.By the way its only been 9 weeks this time,I had 6 months last time,I didnt really get a craving ,more like ,didnt know how to deal with my "stuff",boredom,lonliness,not knowing my direction in life,yadda yadda yadda.However,were all in this a day at a time,today Im opiate free,& hope to remain that way ,do work every day to stay that way.My ibogaine is gone,I can tell by my moods,but I still have no cravings,wish you all well in your desire to get & stay clean -shell
  15. burninggirl

    burninggirl New Member

    Hi all. I stumbled across your forum just now, and I'm really glad I did. I live in San Diego and I know a couple of folks who have gone to Tijuana for Ibogaine therapy. One has stayed clean, the other used about 2 months after. Both have spotty recollections of the 3 days as a whole, but echo what has been expressed in this forum previously -- that it was a trip. I was very close to signing up myself, but was very turned off for a couple of reasons. Only one person detoxes at a time, which in itself is fine. Except, being a female, I was a little hesitant to jump into a van, go to Tijuana, then go even further south to Rosarito without checking the facilities out first. My questions/concerns were not received well. The clinic's representatives were not helpful.
    I am still very interested in Ibogaine, but it is my understanding that it is not legal in US yet, though there is a woman in San Fransisco that regularly runs studies. I have tried to contact her, with no results. Does anyone know of a clinic in the US?
  16. shelley

    shelley Well-Known Member

    Hi burning girl,good to meet you.I have been to the mexico clinic twice,I have very high regards for their services,I am female.There are no legal clinics or sources for ibogaine in the states because it is illegal.There are ways of getting it but a clinic setting is safest ,especially for a first timer.Id be glad to respond to any questions you have about it as I have done it three times.I now have 11 weeks sober without any cravings.My memory of the experiences are very vivid still.I dont want to get into semantics about which detox is better ,etc,and whatever style you pick ,I wish you success & longterm sobriety-shell
  17. freakedout

    freakedout Moderator

    Has anyone out there used Ibogaine to "detox" from Suboxone maintenance? I am very interested in hearing any experiences. I would like to try Ibogaine but am concerned that it may work differently or not as well for those physically dependent on a mixed agonist/antagonist like our good friend Bupe.

  18. Loop

    Loop Well-Known Member

    Hi all!

    I've been advised that I would have to be off my antidepressant (Effexor) and I think my Subutex before I can be dosed with Ibo. I don't think theres much info on Ibogaine and Subutex yet.

    LOL Loop
  19. kidmyke

    kidmyke Active Member

    How to obtain IBOGAINE..
    This is a hit or miss remedy but im willing to try it. just have to get it cheap and use it while being supervised by a caregiver.
    I found a page that lists info about where to get ibogaine,, what treatment centers are availibe and how much they cost..also you can order the plant online and have it shipped to someone in canada or mexico and go pick it up there....
    here is the site with the info if anyone is interested, knows about this, or is willing to give it a shot. ..
    Also i wanted to post this page found from the site above that is from a site in canada that supplies other rare herbs that help with Opaite Withdrawal including ibogaine(but cant ship Ibogaine to US) However, some of the other herbs for addiction are on here and are legal and can be shipped to United States...
    I also contacted IBeginagain ibogaine center by email to ask if they have ever detoxed anyone off of suboxone with it. I will post the centers opinion about that when i receieve the email back.
    No easy way out but dammed if i aint gonna try...
  20. ashley80

    ashley80 Well-Known Member

    Myke...I'll be interested to hear what you find out. Ibo for suboxone? Who knows? I think it's scary stuff, personally, but I know that some have done well with it. Let us know!


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