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Discussion in 'UROD~Naltrexone~Ibogaine' started by kurt, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. x0cHiPiLLi

    x0cHiPiLLi Well-Known Member

  2. kidmyke

    kidmyke Active Member

    still havent received word from Ibegan again treatment center...im going to try and call tomorrow about the suboxone to ibogaine treatment.

    take care all
  3. norcalgal

    norcalgal New Member

    So, I don't know if anyone is still interested in this stuff or not, but I have a direct experience with Ibogaine. I'm from California and I've been a heroin addict for almost 6 years. I went to Sara's House in the Netherlands in March of last year and I was in BAD shape. I'd been on a solid run for awhile and I was tore up.[xx(] I got to Sara's after an agonizing 14 hour plane ride and I was feeling like a turd. As soon as I got there, we smoked some of the finest herb my lungs have ever tasted. That's something that I really found helpful while I was there. The Ibogaine does stop the withdrawal, so you are way more comfortable than you were, but the herb really calms you down and lets you reflect on what has gone on.
    I have real experience with Opiate addiction and it has ruled the last 6 years of my life. Not to mention my family's life. My older brother is on methadone (a very high dose, I might add) and all of my relationships over the past 6 years have revolved around dope.
    This is the first time that I have felt in control in a long time. I know this must sound cheesy and glib, but seriously, I would recommend Sara's house to anyone who has tried traditional rehab and failed, or anyone who has an open mind about their recovery.
    If anyone has any questions about my experience with the Iboga or at Sara's house, please don't hesitate to email me about it.....there's a lot of untrue info floating around about Iboga, and I want to set the record straight--at least as far as my positive experience is concerned.

    I just finished school for the semester--all A's! (Something I haven't done since Junior High)

    I haven't touched Heroin since the Iboga. My head is clear, my body is clean and I feel good.

    I love my family, my friends, and my cat......if my loved ones had not found Sara's Place on the web, I'd probably still be shooting up in San Fran or Portland ( or lying in a hospital bed somewhere.)

    Peace and love, dudes and dudettes.

  4. JrMints

    JrMints Member

    It was mentioned that you must be in w/d's before you take Ibogaine??

    When I talked to the DR in Mexico, he said they would give me some short acting Opiates so I WOULDN"T go into w/d's before the Ibogaine treatment.

    I thought the Ibogaine cleared your receptors, or replaced the opiates with NorIbogaine. SO your receptors don't have to be empty. I could be wrong. Anyone else have an idea on this?

    I'll try and find the site that stated that Noribogaine replaces the opiates.
  5. JrMints

    JrMints Member


    Did you ever get a response about Ibogaine and Suboxone?
  6. JrMints

    JrMints Member

    I'm going to post this in a "New Topic" also.

    For what its worth.... I just got back from Mexico. The Ibogaine Clinic in San Diego/TJ.

    You've all heard details of the "Trip". Yes, it was very cool, and I wouldn't be afraid at all to do it again. In fact I'd like to.

    Here's what happened....the 'readers digest' version:

    Day 1 :
    got my blood tested. Results came back that night.

    Spent 2 damn boring days waiting to go into w/d's from my Sub use. Had they told me that I needed to go into w/d's I would have gotten a head start, so I didn't need to sit around watching TV/DVD's for 2 days.

    Day 3:
    took the Ibogaine at 11am. Put headphones on and listened to a nice relaxing CD which gave me excellent visions. The DR's laughed because I didn't move for 6 hours. After the 6 hour trip was done (It seemed like an hour or 2) the hallucinations stopped but my vision was still blurry and I had ataxia for the next 3hours or so. They also thought it was strange that after 6 hours I was sitting up watching TV. (I was bored and tired of laying on my back for 6 hours).

    Night 3
    (after the Ibogaine wore off). It was a night of Hellish w/d's. No "80% reduction" as stated. I was in Full w/d's. They gave me 40mgs of Valium which knocked me out for about 2 hours.

    Day 4
    Still had w/d's but not quite as bad as the night before. The DR decided to give me 1/3 dose more of Ibogaine that night. So I struggled through the day with w/d's. Counting the minutes until I got the 2nd dose.

    Night 4:
    Got the 2nd dose. No hallucinations. A little vision distortion and a little ataxia. And a LOT of restlessness and NO sleep. 5am I couldn't stand it and got up and was given 40 mg's Valium which knocked me out for almost 3 hours.

    Day 5:
    Still had w/d's but not as bad as day 4. The people at the clinic took us out for a walk and that was tough but I feel it helped to get out and move around.

    Day 6:
    First day to wake up without a major headache. But still had w/d's...ie anxiety, stomach cramps, lots of lethargy. Day 6 was also the day to take us back home/hotel where we stayed in San Diego. I was a FAR CRY from being even close to normal or feeling good.

    The most disappointing part was the way we were rushed out of there. No post recovery details like they had told us we would have. No group discussion....nothing. In fact the main Mex DR was supposed to come back to give us any meds we need for continued recovery. And he never showed up. I had to take one of the patients down to TJ myself so she could get meds for her stomach problems.

    The Bottom line:
    They take 3 patients at a time. All 3 of us had bad w/d's. All 3 of us 'used' with in days. I stuck it out the longest but finally had to get on the plane to go home. I couldn't imagine trying to sit still for hours on a plane with PAWs.

    I'm still worn out, still have PAW's because I refuse to "over do it" with my meds. So I'll write more later when I have energy, and answer questions if anyone has any.
  7. ankushabc

    ankushabc New Member

  8. Ibogaine01

    Ibogaine01 New Member

    Hey sunshine
    I found this on internet http://ibogaineyoutube.com

    Seems to be a good resource. Hope you will find it useful...
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  9. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I just read Jrmints take on ibogaine will admit my BP shot up... then saw the date.

    Let me just say right now... BUPE in ones system and coming to ibogaine is a waste of your monies. Ibogaine will NOT knock the drug off the receptor. So pls.... when seeking treatment do your research. I do think most provider now know this just dosnt work. The receptor has to be free for ibogaine to jump on. So METHADONE/SUBOXONE and ibogaine is not a good idea.... one needs time to allow these drugs to leave ones system. Both of these drugs are actually dangerous mixed with ibogaine. If this wonderful plant was legal... we wouldn't have to learn by trial and error. Shame on our government.
  10. ibogainelife

    ibogainelife Member

    I agree with you about ibogaine being a waste of money if you have not been off of bupe aka suboxone
    for AT Least 4-6 weeks once you have taken it for 7 days. It creates a stable state in the brain and sticks to your receptors like no other. For that reason it is advised to switch to a short acting opiate for 4-6 weeks prior to ibogaine treatment. Be wary of any provider who tells you otherwise. Your withdrawals will go away temporarily and then come back if you don't wait a very minimum of 30 days. If you are thinking about ibogaine treatment, I'd be happy to help you with info and advice as I have dedicated several months to investigating, researching, and visiting ibogaine centers to support the cause and be able to help the suffering addict by identifying safe, experienced, ethical, legitimate ibogaine treatment centers and separating them from unethical, money hungry, or unsafe providers in it for the wrong reasons. Send me a personal message or contact me at freeibogaineadvice @ gmail. com. I would love to help. You don't have to suffer through withdrawals or cause your family pain any longer.
    Best Wishes,

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