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I'm going to take naltrexone 3 days after tramadol, too early?

Discussion in 'UROD~Naltrexone~Ibogaine' started by Duder, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Duder

    Duder New Member

    First time poster - to any opiate detox forum,

    I've been an on again off again use for 16 years, since I was 16. I started with tramadol and have used many pills between there and oxy, hyrdomorphone, morphine, smoking fentanyl etc... If I can snort it rather than eat it I snort it. If I have to plug it to get a buzz so be it. I have fortunately steered away from much major long term addiction. Don't get me wrong, I am an addict - and I have recognized this from nearly the beginning. In order to, um, moderate my usage I have always found ways to run out of pills. Sometimes I'd throw out entire bottles of pills, sometimes I'd travel. I've never been addicted to much of anything beyond a month or so, except tramadol. I have done a couple 3 month stints with tramadol. I have had much luck with naltrexone. As long as I've been able to get about 5 days clean I pop a naltrexone. After a week or two clean I generally forget about using. Then I stay clean from anywhere between a month or two to 8-9 months. I may have even been clean a year or two in there somewhere. I can't remember.

    Now I have a slight problem. I have money and I know where and how to order roxy from the internet (and of course tramadol is plentiful). I've been using the roxy for the last few weeks (snorting up to about 120mgs a day, maybe a little more). About four days ago I dropped the roxy and switched over to tramadol (200mgs twice a day). I may be unusual in that I have zero withdrawal switching from something considered so strong as oxy, to tramadol. Indeed, in many ways the tramadol produces a better buzz.

    I can get clean for three days without much problem. If I start withdrawal on a friday afternoon, it's passed ordering time and I won't be able to have anything delivered until Tuesday. My question is thus: can I use naltrexone after such a short withdrawal from tramadol, will naltrexone actually work on tramadol if I attempt a relapse? I've read plenty that says to dry out for 10 days, but I'm not using heroin here or a longer acting opiate like methadone. I'll be a week plus beyond my last roxy use. I've popped a naltrexone after five days clean and not had a problem. I don't know if I withdraw faster than most, but I generally feel basically clean after 3 days after last tramadol use. Except in long term use I continue to feel that very umcofortable brain shock for a few weeks after.

    NOTE: I'd already posted this in the relevant naltrexone forum but have not received any replies. Hopefully I'll get a little help here, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. jrd699

    jrd699 Member

    I don't know about three days, but I took after day 1 and OH BABY!!!! What a ******* mistake!!!!! I was told that ultras was "safe" and had no Wd affects... I am on day 6 and am afraid of taking a naltrexone.. my question is y take one, at this point I don't wanna put ANYTHING into my body that ****s with my brain again!!
  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    Bingo! I couldnt have said it better. I played those games with myself for many years trying to control my intake. But the truth is, sooner or later the drug will always win. If we could control our intake, we wouldnt be addicts in the first place.
  4. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I hate to say anything without back up and proof but cant find it now. I will search for it and once I find it again I will post it.

    Nalx....vitriol and all those they are finding that it kills that ability to produce endorphines after continual use. As soon as I find it I will post it. Untill then... ask around.
  5. Libertine009

    Libertine009 New Member

    am currently under going this. Small H habit. Quit 4 days ago. Split a 8mg strip 4/2/2 consecutive days. Took 50mg naltrexone pill last night at midnight..within the hour..omg I nearly called for an ambulance. I have kicked cold turkey many times. Nothing and I mean nothing compared to how awful this was. By 5am. My unbearable anxiety began to settle (no benzos y'all). I was coming completely unglued, freezing, heart rate way high, pupils took over entire eye, things flying uncontrollably from every orifice. Was within minutes of calling 911 as the symptoms and intensity kept ramping up.

    Managed 2 hours of "sleep" got up, Googled what the fuck just happened...I had no idea. Jesus. It's 18 hours later, feel relatively well. Stomach pain at times. Lethargic. Nose run. But overall much better. Yeah don't do this without heavy sedatives/benzos and maybe an observer. I swear I was strongly considering an ER visit at the peak..about 3 hours in. Bad move. Get clean. Stay clean. Fuck this nonsense


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