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I'm looking for Ibogane treatment centers

Discussion in 'UROD~Naltrexone~Ibogaine' started by starline, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. starline

    starline New Member


    I am very interested in finding a good place to get Ibogane treatment for myself and my fiance. Could someone either post or private message me any places that they have used and were happy with as well as any additional information they may wish to share about their experience.

    Thanks in advance
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    Hopefully someone will come along to help you out with the info you need. Just a reminder that because it's not legal in the US to be careful about someone approaching you with private help. It hasn't happened in many years, but there used to be a guy who was targeting the desperate and emailing them with an offer to treat them. He would treat you alright!.. but it had to be at your home, and while you were under, he would rifle through your belongings and help himself to any valuables he could find to help maintain his heroin habit.

    So just be careful and take your time. There are some great places in Mexico though I don't have any info as to the names and locations.
  3. strappler

    strappler New Member

    There are several in Mexico, I'd start here:

    there are a couple others near-by, but the staff at Pangea is great, they approach Ibogaine assisted opiate detox in a wholistic manner. And it's in a safe and beautiful location. If you can't afford their cost, they may be able to refer you to someone else, if not PM me.

    as mentioned above, beware of fly by night providers. Be sure to read up and educate yourself as much as possible, there is a ton of info on the web. It's also very important to be completely honest with the people treating you, as Ibogaine detox is a medical situation which is safe when administered by knowledgable practitioners, but hiding your stash and attempting to use while going thru the Ibogaine process is extremely dangerous, as Ibogaine potentiates opiates (increases their potency), which can lead to a overdose possibility).

    ibogaine isn't a cure, but it does eliminate withdrawal, and is in my opinion, the best start to an opiate-free life. I can honestly say it saved my life.

    feel free to PM me if you have any ?'s

    good luck!
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  4. strappler

    strappler New Member

    I see the clinic's web address was edited out, my intention was not to spam, just being helpful. The providers near Puerto Vallarta, MX, are all generally reliable and provide experienced care to their clients.

  5. postdetoxfinish

    postdetoxfinish Active Member

    if you google there's a site with many contacts. Some guy in the SF bay area seemed the most possibly reasonably priced of all I found, as he spoke of a sliding scale. Most of these outfits are just... hate to say it but bald faced profiteers as far as I can tell.
  6. Bonita

    Bonita Well-Known Member

    I'd like to suggest a site that lists many good providers. Many are not still in practice so i suggest you email them all.

    I am also gonna say to be very careful in whom you choose. I did luck out with my treatments and was taken care of very well. I would like to give you some suggestion on how to find a good, safe and honest provider.

    Once you make contact you should be able to follow up with a phone call. You can and should be able to research your provider. After you get the scoop on how they work, cost, your prep needs etc ... that provider should be able to provide you with a few names and numbers of those who have been thru their doors. DO NOT accept something in writing. Anyone can write a letter and be full of lies. You want to be able to speak to those who have had the experience with that said provider. More then one also. They should be able to provide as many numbers as you care to speak to. I have found that once someone has a positive experience with a provider they are willing and actually LOVE to share that experience with others.

    Questions you should ask....
    How much and how long a stay.
    Where is the treatment going to take place?
    Any hidden cost?
    How many have they treated in the past?
    Do they offer boosters and are they take home or do you need to return for them if needed?
    What medical experience do they have?
    Who will be present during your experience?
    What kind of after care do they offer, if any?

    Since you're looking for yourself and BF (btw, I think you should be separated), do they offer both at same time, same room, etc?

    Ask what you should expect for the days following your experience as far as care they provide you?
    Do they need a deposit and what is the policy on return if you change your mind or something unplanned happens?
    Does the cost include housing, food, medicine needed?
    What medical facility will they take you to if need arises?
    Do they travel with you to ER or put a note on you and leave?

    You should goggle them, if they are in the medical field ask to provide you with proof.
    What happens to any left over meds you bring with you?
    Are they free of active addiction themselves? How long have they been free of active addiction?

    I hate to say this but I do know many out there that have no business providing this treatment to anyone. Some are in active addiction, some have no clue on safety measures, meds that are condraindicated. Some will outright take your deposit and you never hear from them again. So protect yourself and your boyfriend.

    Be wise in your choice and try not to let money dictate to you what you can afford. If its sounds too cheap, maybe it is.... if it sounds too expensive, maybe it is.
    Talk to as many providers as you can get to. Pay attention to your gut. It alarms us for a reason... trust it.

    I wish you well and a wonderful experience. I am not saying that Iboga cured me of my active addiction.. it did get me thru the wd process with ease. Gave me huge leg up to remain clean, but I sure did have to put much effort in staying clean.

    I was NOT cured of my addiction. I did get that window of time promised that I could actively work at staying clean. I am a big believer of this plant so also take what I say from where its coming from.... one that does believe in its healing powers. I am living proof. Just dont fall for the crap that its an easy way out... NOT, its a cure, NOT. If you're not willing to do the work it takes to remain clean then you're wasting your monies. Iboga is just the beginning of the path to recovery... it will not do it for you.

    Not sure this is legal here so putting at end so it can be deleted if Mods feel the need.. Have my blessings also if you feel it should be deleted.

    Myeboga.com This site can teach you much and also provide you with a great group of providers.
  7. spring

    spring Administrator

    I didnt edit out your link, maybe the automatic spam catcher caught it or another one of the mods or admins deleted it. We have been trying to keep (commercial) links off the board (informational links are okay) because, though you're only trying to help, it invites all the spammers to come out of the woodwork!

    We now have the new sub-forum where people can specifically name facilities but for some reason nobody uses it. Feel free to use it to name a facitlty if you have had experience with it good or bad.. Drug Detox Program & Center | Drug Detox Rehab | Drug Detox
  8. Song Khoa

    Song Khoa New Member

    why you don't come to Viet Nam. In my country have many rehab center with the fee is low. You can get the trip very well, after treated in rehab center, you can go out and take a tour around Viet Nam . If you think that is good idea, you can contact to me anytime for supporting

    best regards

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