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I'm totally uninformed about this.

Discussion in 'Family and Friends' started by cndluhu, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. cndluhu

    cndluhu New Member

    A very good friend, who is like a son to my husband and myself, just spent 2 days inpatient in a heroin detox facility. His use was hidden from us for six months, until he told us a few days ago. He said he was released from the detox facility after two days because he has too severe pain issues and they referred him to an outpatient methadone clinic. He supposedly cannot get into that program until Monday. It was suggested by the detox facility that he resume using until he goes to the outpatient appointment on Monday. This was after "detoxing" for only two days. None of this makes sense. Sound reasonable or total bull****?
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    It's common for an addict to leave rehab after a day or two especially if it's their first or second time.

    A little more info would help. Is he young? Not been using long? Is this his first attempt at detoxing? Does he have parents other than you guys? I ask this because if you're his guardian then you can request to be put on his list next time he's in a detox so you can get info about his progress directly from the Dr.

    His story is complete BS. The guy is experiencing withdrawal pain which is severe for the first couple days. He was probably in the peak of w/d when he left. He doesnt want to go thru with the detox so he tells the techs that he can't stay because he can't handle the pain. They can't keep him against his will. The best they can do is try to talk him into staying.

    This kid doesn't know what he's about to get himself to!! I'm picturing a young man in his late teens? early 20s? He cant have been using for too long considering he's so young. Methadone will take away his chances of becoming drug free. It is a substitute and will keep him chained to the drug usually for life. A person should try a detox several times before committing to a lifetime of liquid chains.
  3. StuckonSubs

    StuckonSubs Well-Known Member

    There is no doubt in my mind that he is lying. No detox facility is going to discharge someone for pain management reasons after 2 days. Opiate withdrawal causes lots of aches and pains and there is no way to diagnose pain at the beginning of opiate withdrawal. They sure as hell didn't tell him to continue to use until he gets on methadone! That is ridiculous. There would be such enormous law suits if a detox facility actually told people that.

    Im sure what happened was the the detox was way more painful than he expected. When detoxing opiates, it causes this massive fear in your brain. It is a panic and hopelessness that you can not even imagine. Heroin literally takes over the basic stop/go function of your brain and tells you that you NEED opiates to live. Not want, NEED.
    Most people fail at their first attempts to get clean. It usually takes a few tries to stick.

    As as far as methadone - I would Higly highly recommend that if he is hell bent on going on an opioid maintenance program that he go on Suboxone instead.
    Methadone is actually harder to get off of than heroin is! The withdrawal lasts for weeks on end, instead of a few days like heroin. Methadone can also still get you high.
    Suboxone will not give a high for a heroin user. It is only a partial agonist opioid. Compared to methadone and heroin that are full agonist opioids/opiates.
    Suboxone also has naloxone in it, which (partially) blocks the heroin high if he were to try using both together. Using heroin on top of suboxone can actually make him go into withdrawal almost immediately too. Suboxone is not some miracle pill that will cure his addition. But it is absolutely a much better choice than methadone for an opioid maintenance drug.

    If if he does use after 2 days clean, he has to be extremely careful. That is how many overdoses happen. The tolerance has dropped from the days clean and they try to do their normal dose and can no longer handle it.
    really, if he can hold on until Monday, he will most likely be through the worst of the withdrawal. Usually 3-5 days and the worst is over. He may feel like he is going to die, but opiate withdrawal doesn't really ever kill anyone. Just make sure he stays hydrated is all.

    He has to want to get and stay clean because there will be cravings that are very hard to deal with and very easy to give in to.
    He has to be willing to make some major changes to his life.

    I would suggest NA or AA meetings for him and Nar-Anon for you and your family. Nar-anon will give you people to talk to and help you learn about opiate addiction and be able to recognize his lies. An opiate addict will say anything, and I mean anything, to get their fix. The brain goes into this Fight or Flight response and like I said before, the brain is actually telling him that he Needs opiates to live.
  4. sailormom

    sailormom Well-Known Member

    You will get some great advice from these people, I wish I had realized how bad heroin is and how hard to get off. You have to go at this very aggressively and stay on him. I buried my son 16 months ago due to relapsing from the cravings.

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