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Interferon - side effects

Discussion in 'HEP C HIV' started by Jack Butler, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Jack Butler

    Jack Butler Well-Known Member

    Hi all,
    I'm 37-year vet of hep B, and a 15-20 year vet of hep C. I say 15-20 because even my diagnosing physician couldn't say for sure. (Anyone else here heard the tale of B morphing into C?) My gastro doc is now considering interferon treatments for me. Everything is still tentative at this point, but the thought of such a thing makes me anxious. I've been drug-free for almost two years now, and a lot of the problems I had after getting off the meth have failed to go away. Doc told me interferon patients often become profoundly suicidal, and he wouldn't even consider me for treatment unless I were first hooked in with a good psychiatrist. I've got a 40-plus year history of acute and chronic depression, so of course I was thrilled to hear that. [:0]

    I've heard of people not being able to stand the treatment and pulling out before it was complete. I don't want to be that kind of patient. My feeling about things like that is, if I can CT from methadone, I can do anything (practically speaking). I would like to hear from some people who've been there, though.

    Any interferon vets here care to spill on what I might expect with this? Any suggestions on things I might want to consider or do before treatment commences? Thanks.


    “Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.”

    -- Mary Anne Radmacher
  2. mtgoat911

    mtgoat911 Well-Known Member

    took it for a short time, but i was a wimp and lost my mind
    i have 2 friends that are doing tx now
    they are doing just fine with it
    also had a friend who ran a marathon on tx, he was 24 at the time
    but he did it
    you will do just great!

    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”
    Dr. Seuss
  3. mamapoppy

    mamapoppy Well-Known Member

    Hey Jack my man.

    Maybe you would rather get rid of your Hep C the way I did? Without pain or side effects and as
    a big surprise to my Doctor.??

    I had Hep C for at least ten years and one day it was gone. I was using some natural health products just to feel well and it made me better, go figure!

    Please don't do the Interferon thing. A friend did it and suffered like crazy and it didn't even work.
    Who was it that said," Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food." ??

    My way is much better and you are more likely to succeed, at least feel a whole lot better also.

    Love Carleen

    "Wrinkles should show where smiles have been." Mark Twain
    Remember.... Call on Jesus for Strength He has promised to help us
    2 CORINTHIANS 12:9and 10 : "And He said unto me,"My grace is sufficient for
    you: for My strength is made perfect in weakness."
  4. painful pill

    painful pill Well-Known Member

    interferon is made in the body naturally for assisting in virus killing. It might be unnatural in the amount they give you but the stuff itself isn't. Go for it... it kills viruses. If you decide its not worth it, stop but not until you try it. Don't be fooled by this "natural" stuff which there is little to no evidence for, but maybe better than nothing.

    "More than half of hepatitis C patients treated with interferon respond with viral elimination (sustained virological response), better blood tests and better liver histology (detected on biopsy)"

    ...I must keep reminding myself of this. Be patient. Wait it out. Gonna wait it out...
  5. spring

    spring Administrator

    Check out my reply about the B and C in your other thread Jack.

    I'm NOT trying to talk you out of getting the treatment, but you may want to do some research and reading to weigh the options between interferon vs natural treatments. Contrary to PP's statement (no offense PP) there are successful stories from those who have used super supplements to eradicate the virus.
    My personal opinion is that interferon, tho not a foreign substance to our bodies, also kills many good cells attacking the immune system and destroying it in some instances with the high doses taken.

    There are natural means to increase your body's own interferon. I swear that I'm one of those success stories. Tho not entirely cured YET, but I have managed to keep the virus in check.
    I have a book case full of books and information on natural healing. If you want to research this and I can be of any help please let me know.

    Just some thoughts I wanted to pass on your way...

    <center>~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~</center>
  6. spring

    spring Administrator

    There are several members here who have had multiple interferon treatments. I'm thinking of one in particular...Ashley80 tho I havent seen her around in awhile. She may be able to fill you in on what to expect. I'll see if I can find her.

    <center>~Do the right thing and risk the consequences~</center>
  7. Brian3383

    Brian3383 Well-Known Member

    My best advice would be wait for the FDA to approve protease inhibitors they recently started trying to boost interferon by treating it like HIV and using protease inhibitors there are about five that are close to being cleared. They are to be used with treatment naive patients and they shorten the length of interferon treatment most lasted like sixty days and when it worked in the patient that was the duration of treatment. better than nine mos of interferon hopefully you have been clean a long time and have no depression issues because if you do interferon could make you suicidal that's why im not on it personally but then again my viral load is still undetectable but i do however have genotype 1a which is least curable and slowest to attack it all depends what genotype you have what you should do. if you dont have genotype one chances are it will work and you'll be cleared.
  8. Agent Subby

    Agent Subby Well-Known Member

    I attempted the combo tx and after 3 weeks of not one minute of sleep, I completely went insane and thought the government had micro-chipped me and were following me everywhere. Luckily I ran to my GP and she gave me fifty six 10 mg diazepam and fifty six 20mg temazepam. If it wasn't for necking as many as those benzos as possible, I reckon I would have been sectioned.

    And mine was the relatively easy 26 week interferon and ribaviron tx. I stupidly stopped taking my anti-depressants before I started my tx. I honestly thought that Professor Warne, my consultant hepatologist had told me to cease taking them.

    I've now decided to live with the virus and go for a general liver review twice a year. My lft's have been spot on and the ultrasound I had 6 months ago revealed nothing untoward.
  9. robin

    robin Member

    my daughter started treatment 3 months ago and the side effects she is having are mainly severe nausea, fatigue, diarrhea and she is losing some hair. she had really thick hair so it's not too noticable. she is having generalized muscle pain, just a "sore all over" feeling. she has lost quite a bit of weight also. with her genotype, she has to take the drugs for an entire year and she has 3 young children--the youngest is only 5 months old and she'll be tested next month. hopefully the baby will be negative. she has moments where she wants to stop the treatment but so far she hasn't. it's a very hard choice to make for anyone. good luck to you!
  10. karl

    karl New Member

    wow AG. that was great to hear, my liver tests show a slightly elevated enzyme level (70) and i have had a biopsy and many ultrasounds that show that my liver is sound.....i've had hep c around 30 years....i attribute my healthy liver to healthy eating(altho when i was out there being crazy i wasn't eating so well) and i've never been a drinker, except for a short binge 20+ yrs ago.
    My doc refuses to put me on interfuron cuz of depression....but i'd decided interfuron is not something i want to put my body thru......but i worry at some point my body's ability to keep the virus from being a benign but malevolent part of my liver may flare.
    What to do? The interfuron sound horrible......I've been drinking essiac tea, but my viral level continues to show, tho at a low level.....
  11. Agent Subby

    Agent Subby Well-Known Member

    What a wise doc you have from my frightening experience on the combo tx.

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