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'Intervention" what's the consensus?

Discussion in '~ Articles ~ Info ~ Links ~ Data ~' started by Watty Watts, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Watty Watts

    Watty Watts Well-Known Member

    Now Ive been away from this place for a while but I wanna know whats the deal with the show "intervention"? I dont understand it.Most drug addicts dont have the resources or the family support that the people in these shows have.Have you seen the houses some of these people live in? Thats crazy because Id have to say most of the people who have drug problems live in lower income neighborhoods and lower income housing.This is a show about wealthy addicts who have big houses with big families with alot of support and plenty of $$$ to send their kids to rehab.I wanna see the REAL intervention where they go to a trailer with 4 siblings and a mother addicted to drugs.No food in the fridge living in squander.Its almost like they pick the addicts they will get the best show off of.I would think if a normal "non-drug using household" watched this show it could do the opposite of what they claim to attain.And make people/kids who dont use drugs and trivialize drug use and make it look like "all you have to do if your a drug addict is go to rehab then youll be all better".Wont this make people more likely to use drugs? IDK,do you see what im getting at? and every time I see that commercial with the guy smoking crack I kinda cringe and turn away.I dont wanna see that,I dont even wanna think about it.a long time ago I used to use cocaine and I think its best to keep any and all having to do with coke/drugs out of sight and out of mind. The only thing this show is good for is it opens the eyes of the upper class mother and father to what their child is up to...Am I alone here?
  2. Mr.chuck

    Mr.chuck Member

    I hear what your saying man. The show certaily doesn't do anything to show how addicts live. I think that most people on the show are probibly fairly well off. Those treatment centers, private nurses and airplane tickets must cost a pretty penny. I would have to say, being wealthy is part of the requiremts to get on the show. If the addict they treat has nothing to go back to once he/she gets out of treatment, they would surely relapse. And who would watch a show, that everyone relapse apon completing treatment.

    As far as the drug use goes, I cant stand it one bit. Makes me want to use, and certainly doesn't help me stay sober. Almost as if they glamorize it for the viewers. Plus, don't tell me they dont give the addicts money to get high. They have to make good TV and the addict knows this. When I was using, I would have stolen all their equipment and pawned it for some dope. How would the show be then...
  3. Watty Watts

    Watty Watts Well-Known Member

    Sorry I dont usually get that preachy.
  4. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    Well I love Intervention. As far as the families go, I imagine they consider who their audience is, probably middle class families who are dealing with addiction.

    Many of the addicts themselves were living in shelters, or under a bridge. All in all, I think Intervention provides a stark portrayal of what addiction does to a family, so I'd have to say I'd disagree with you.

    And it's very interesting to me, often with some of the more affluent families, how childhood trauma has played a part in a person giving up on life. I often feel a twinge of recognition and remember what it was like growing up in my family.

  5. Watty Watts

    Watty Watts Well-Known Member

    Point taken but I think someone who is ignorant to drugs use and its effects on life watching the show it would seem that there are plentiful resouces(rehab,counseling,therapy,addiction medication) for the common drug addict who wishes sobriety when in reality theres not enough money to go around when you consider the vast number of individuals who have various levels of addiction.
  6. Sluggo

    Sluggo Well-Known Member

    If you want help badly enough....there are resources available. Social services, non-profit detox/rehabs....

    I agree with Dave. I watch Intervention often and I've seen them try to help many homeless folks and others living in squalor. The show pays for treatment...the families don't.
  7. Watty Watts

    Watty Watts Well-Known Member

    I know thats what Im saying,would these people even be going into inpatient care if the family/household had to foot the bill? Anyway,I can can respect the fact some people like the show for its positive,eye opening media.Im just not a fan...and I dislike the commercials.If I was a recovering crack user I wouldnt want to see it inbetween the show in watchin.Know what I mean?
  8. Dfx

    Dfx Member

    re: 'Intervention" what's the consensus?

    hello all. i'm new to this board. but i used to like that show. but now that i'm working on my sobriety, i can't watch it. i would want to use more if i see people doing drugs. it's too in your face sometimes. and i agree, the show doesn't really show the bad consequences of doing drugs. i feel like someone debating on weather they should use a certain drug would just feel, "Ok, if it gets out of hand i can just go to rehab.". so it doesn't really show the consequences to the fullest..
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
  9. krish

    krish Well-Known Member

    re: 'Intervention" what's the consensus?

    I watch it.. and have for years. I have seen a few "trailer" episodes. I certainly have seen people on the show with a lot less than ourselves. I don't think addiction has any boundaries. I also agree with the deomographics of the show and the people that write in to want to be on the show.

    I have written in 3 times. To no avail. A few weeks ago my daughter asked me to write again.. and she would contribute.. she wanted help.

    When I was sitting in a state run place, waiting on my daughter in her assessment.. a few of the H addicts were talking about it.. They seemed to think the show exploided the addict. I get their point.

    When we watch it.. we wait for the "turing point" in the addicts life.. abuse, divorce, death, etc.. always seems to be "something".. and we can't find that "something" in our story... except maybe a move from one city to another..

    Bottom line is the actual Intervention.. the message is consistant.. We love you, but we won't love you to death. Here are our boundaries. and Are you willing to get help. And for parents of an addict... I need that reminder.

    I am also glad that there is a show like this on and that we have a choice to watch or not watch... could be worst.. we could live in N. Korea.. so I like the idea of options and choice. I feel grateful to have that.
  10. jdude

    jdude Well-Known Member

    re: 'Intervention" what's the consensus?

    You can go online and link to all the follow ups. There are also some sites that have live chats and forums regarding the shows and/or topics covered.
  11. ThePrecipice

    ThePrecipice Well-Known Member

    re: 'Intervention" what's the consensus?

    What is it?

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