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Discussion in 'General' started by alumni, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. alumni

    alumni Member

    I am a recovering addict/alcoholic 10 years clean from decades of abusing opioids, benzos, alcohol and other psychoactive substances.
    Since detoxing and rehab I have become a licensed Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor (SABDC) with a prior college BPharm degree.
    While the financial rewards pale in comparison to my former life in the investment management arena, the other rewards derived from counseling and consulting in this field are many and I believe it has also helped greatly with my continuing recovery from substance abuse and addictive behavior.
    I'll try to familiarize myself with the various topics under discussion on this forum and eventually attempt to contribute information that may prove helpful to those struggling with this destructive disease.
  2. sailormom

    sailormom Well-Known Member

  3. spring

    spring Administrator

    I just now saw this thread..A very belated welcome to ODR!
  4. Raud

    Raud New Member

    I have been a addict for over 20 years, with short periods of clean time, in between. My drug of choice has always been crack. YES a horrible, life draining addiction.. And never had a keen interest in heroin, until a couple months ago. A new dealer asked if he could borrow my bathroom for a sec. Sure, I let him. He wanted to crush and snort some smack. I asked him why, "Cause it takes the edge off, while driving & dealing...I have always gotten paranoid from smoking rock, so I grabbed a point of the down from him. And he was on his way.. I crushed it and did a line, then a blast of rock. And calm as anything I was.. Little did I not know that, that was the beginning of the most stressful two months of my life.. I'm writing this post four days into home detoxing off the shit.. And so relieved... Everyday I had to come up with $20 plus my usual 80-100 for the rock. $20 don't seem like much. But ifvi didn't get that $20 of heroine everyday, the withdrawal effects were scary and uncomfortable as nothing I've ever experienced, and I was on life support from a near fatal motorcycle accident.. I tell u. The possibility of suffering the withdrawal made me crazy..I had to get it into me by no later than 2:30 in the afternoon. Or I found out the hard way what would happen, I was on a busy subway bout 30 mins from home to get my fix when my kegs started to spasm, and convulse.. I was so embarrassed. I started to sweat heavily, then my shoulders, head & neck would twitch..

    I dredged the obvious solution which was to cold turkey the crap.. I went through three days and nights of pure HELL.. First the seizures, every 10 mins, then I'd be able to sleep but for only bout 10-15 mins, wake up in pain, sweating, uncomfortable.. This cycle repeated itself for three days, I didn't realize the lack of serotonin from the drug would make my mood so low on the brink of suicide at times. But I kept on. I was frightened cause I had no idea how long I would have to go through this hellish cycle to rid it from my body. But started on a Saturday and ended (although exhausted) by Tuesday afternoon.. I got to say that is nothing like withdrawing from crack. 10000% worst.
  5. Fox face

    Fox face Moderator

    The awesome thing about where you are today is you never have to go back to where you were!! Keep your clean time! Your worth it:)!

  6. Raud

    Raud New Member

    Thanks a lot Fox.. One thing I'm accustomed too is doing and being alone 100% of my life, im dual diagnosis. ADHD, Social anxiety disorder & substance abuse... for you to reply means a great deal.

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