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Discussion in 'General' started by Sukh, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Sukh

    Sukh New Member

    Hello everyone my name is Sukh and I have just detox from a 13 year habit on the Indian version of black tar called afeem.Its been 12 days since I last did it and even thou my body is weak I have never been happier.I finally got 10 hours sleep last thanks to some pegablin which was a godsend before that it was a couple hours at most.Still after all I went thru my mind keeps telling me to get some and use on on a Friday and how good it would be because my tolerance be so low and I'll only do it once a week.I push those thoughts away because truthfully I loved being high I miss it now but it makes you a prisoner in 13 years our holidays have all been to india because I know I can get my drug there.This April I'm going to take my family to Sicily.I would like some advice of what I should do now to stay clean luckily I was a functioning addict went to work paid the bills saved money so home life is good but I am so bored I could do the opium and just listen to music but now it just seems boring

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