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Jilly Clarkson

Discussion in 'General' started by kunzite52, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. kunzite52

    kunzite52 Well-Known Member

    Remember Jilly?

    I have been in touch with Jilly ever since she was on here years ago. Today her emails came back to me, unable to be received. I am very scared as she was really sick. Please let me know if ANYONE knows what has happened to her. Thank you. Always, annie
  2. spring

    spring Administrator

    Re: Remember Jilly?

    I remember Jill Clarkson. I hope she's okay, I know she hasnt been here on the board for about 2 years. Hmmm, maybe she switched internet providers and had to change her email address? (hopefully)

    By the way Anne. just wanted to say it's good to see you posting again. Funny..You and Dee are in pretty much the same type of life-situation and you both re-appeared after a long absence. In fact, there have been a few of the older members returning to at least check in. The way people come and go around here, it's always nice to see em again..

    If you do hear from Jill, please let us know?
  3. kunzite52

    kunzite52 Well-Known Member

    Re: Remember Jilly?

    Jill Clarkson, yes, she has had the same email address for 2 years, or more. I write her nearly 4 times a week if not more. We exchanged everything from personal information to ideas about the world. Her tumors had been shrinking, some disappeared, but she totally went off of orthodox medicine and was completely holistic. No she would not change her email, not after all this time. Last I heard things were not so well, but I have to look up which email she spoke about her sickness in. I think it is not good and wow, I have so much respect for her. Doctors told her she would not live but a few months, that was years ago! She lived on a diet of only food that would heal her, even her water. She was a full on Christian and forgave her boys long ago for turning their backs on her. I should have seen it coming, or maybe there was no way I could have. I noticed this week I had not heard from her, sent her my album of photos as I always did and it was sent back, woke up to that. That girl fought for everyone on here and then for herself. I feel as if I am grieving without knowing why.

    And thank you, for welcoming me back. Dad will be home the 23rd though and so will end my evening poetry writing, my hours of playing with photos, my long uninterrupted walks will soon be cut short with texts, "Dad needs you get home...". I am ecstatic he is coming back, but honestly am still exhausted. I treasure my time with him, he is so sweet and soft spoken, a true gentleman. What man says to you, "Annie, I think women have a tough role in life, they are mothers and men do not really get that, they see their children differently and do not put the work in that mothers do, I always honored women for that." Yes he says these things, I mean like Messages from the Masters he just comes out with it.

    So a few more weeks, and next week niece has full on foot surgery and will be here for me to help too. I have so missed this site, but it is impossible to read and respond to anything in the 5 minute intervals I have to myself. So thanks Spring and let me know if you hear anything about Jilly. much love, annie
  4. glynntoo

    glynntoo Well-Known Member

    Re: Remember Jilly?

    Annie, I know you are hurting....As I told you in the email - people don't get online relationships. They can be as important as any real one. "Imaginary friends" - I know you really need to know what's going on.
    Don't assume the worst though. The internet carrier thing is a real possibility. If it is a yahoo or google email - it would be more concerning. But, it it is @comcast; @bellsouth - then it could be a carrier change. Although she wouldn't want to change she may have had to...
    Hard to imagine estranged sons actually closing out her email - seems like they'd just ignore it and let letters pile up.
    Anyway, I am hoping it is something other than where your mind is going. You're a great friend and I can tell you care deeply about her.
  5. kunzite52

    kunzite52 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone. I just wanted you to know that I was in touch with Jill as she fought cancer for years after leaving this site. One day her email was returned to me. I searched and searched to see if she had died though I had a feeling she did. She fought with such dignity and never stopped helping others. Her last email to me was I AM FREE AT LAST. I was wondering if anyone knew anything more than this. I have felt sad since then. Please post if you know any more than I do. What an inspiration. She fought the battle on her own terms, no chemo all natural and so much research and lived far longer than anyone anticipated. Anything anyone can add would be comforting to me.
    Love annie
  6. sam bailey

    sam bailey Well-Known Member

    Hello Annie,

    You post indicates, with some certainty, that Jill has, in fact, died. Do you know this to be, well...certain? Truth is, based on your e-communications, it seems that it may be.

    You are right. 100%. Jill was a wonderful person.

    God Bless her...and her family.

  7. kunzite52

    kunzite52 Well-Known Member

    Yeah Sam I am afraid that it is what it is. When the email was first returned to me I tried over and over to send, but same thing. Then I read through her last emails to me and picked up what I had missed. One before I AM FREE AT LAST was "I am feeling really strange Annie, not sure what is happening". I found that she has visited a medical marijuana place in N. CA and her story is written there, how she refused to go with normal ways of fighting cancer and went all natural and with praying instead. It was surely her, it fit everything she had told me. And she had forgiven her sons long ago, told me they would not come back to her at all. She was sad, but worked her way to total forgiveness through prayer. What an example she was for all of us, using her LIGHT to help others till she no longer was there. I was only hoping that someone could verify what I thought was the only truth I could see and that was that she had died. NO ONE ever expected her to live beyond a few months after she left here, she had tumors in her liver and pancreas. She went on this diet and her tumors actually shrank and some just went away, but the cancer never really left. My heart was changed by my interactions with her. I would ask her to pray for friends of mine and she would send me the Bible verse to use, amazing woman....AMAZING. So much love, she is an angel now, and was an earth angel in her short life I think. Much love to all from Jilly, cause I know she would want me to say that. She asked me many times over the years how certain folks were on here. I miss her, and do not have the heart to delete her email from my contacts. Love annie
  8. kunzite52

    kunzite52 Well-Known Member

    Spring I searched for an Obit and everything, but after years of weekly contact I find it hard to believe she just changed servers, though I did try and go with that for a bit. Thanks for your welcome back. I wish I could stay but dad will be home soon and it will be the "end of life" phase and I am not looking forward to letting him go. Strange parents like kids, we love them and care for them but then we need to let them go, a lesson I learned so well on here in reference to my son, I am now learning all over again in reference to my dad. He is a fighter and knows exactly who I am even with very little brain left due to the Alz. So will post when I can. Love to you all, Has anyone heard from Bobby?????
    love annie
  9. peacenik

    peacenik Administrator

    Yes, Bobby sent me a nice message on my anniversary last month. He's doing well.
    And I miss Jill too. She was one of the early successes on the Methadone Detox board and really helped
    so many who followed her.


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