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Jumped from 10mg MMT and Then Found Out I'm Preggo - Advice Needed

Discussion in 'General' started by DTC1127, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. DTC1127

    DTC1127 Member

    So. I don't even know where to begin... I recently jumped from 10mg MMT (14 days ago to be exact). On day 10, I tested positive on a pregnancy test.... Anyway, my first 4-5 days w/o was terrible. I thought I would die quite literally. But for my saint of a husband, I would not have made it past day 3. I am currently on day 14 and feel run down and tired. I can't stay asleep for anything. I went back to work on day 6 w/o and have been working since then. I am 7 weeks pregnant. Meaning the fetus is 5 weeks old. I would NEVER have jumped if I knew I was pregnant. We weren't trying for baby and were actually Using preventative measures...but I guess that does not always work. Yesterday I got an ultrasound and by the grace of god the baby is perfectly Healthy! My main concern is now since I am pregnant, I can not supplement myself with different meds to help the WD's. Nothing but natural vitamins. Who has done the jump all natural?? I have taken NOTHING but prenatals. My husband just went out and bought me calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement. What else can I do to ease myself and my baby through this terrible road? My feeling is that since I have made it past the worst of it (first 5 days) And the baby is healthy, I will not be going back on the maintenance. I was on it for 8 years with my highest dose around 60mg to treat an addiction to pain pills prescribed to me for Lupus... I do not EVER want to take an opiate again in my life... I have zero cravings for methadone or otherwise other than I just want to feel "normal" again. When will it happen??
  2. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    It takes time, it's different for people. However long it does take, you can bet that it gets better all the while, as long as you stay clean. Meetings have been helped me to get to that place. Have you ever considered NA for support, encouragement and acceptance?
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  3. DTC1127

    DTC1127 Member

    NA is not really my thing. I tried going to groups while on MMT in the beginning but honestly found that it was easier for me to speak with family and friends rather than strangers. Luckily I have a great support system close to home. I just passed my 3 week mark. Things have been getting better day by day! The very worst symptom for me is the lack of sleep. I have a job, family and household to maintain and have found the lack of energy from sleepless nights to be debilitating. It's like I'm loosing out on the REM sleep cycle I so desperately need. However, last night is the first time in these past weeks that I actually slept long enough to have dream...I'm thinking that's a big step forward!! I appreciate your response and welcome any insight you have to offer!
  4. spring

    spring Administrator

    The magnesium/calcium combo was a smart move. Do you feel that it helped ease anxiety at all? It's supposed to help with sleep but after that long on methadone probably the only thing that is going to make a difference is time and it looks like you've turned a corner recently since you had some REM sleep last night. You are doing GREAT considering how long you were on the methadone. Keep on racking up those days!
  5. DTC1127

    DTC1127 Member

    You know. I honestly don't know whether or not the calcium/magnesium helped or not. I've been taking it everyday since my original post and do seem to be getting better. I'm sure it's played some role in easing my symptoms. Sleep is still an issue. But my OB suggested I try some benedryl and that seems to help me sleep for a 3-4 hour window (even if it's a broken sleep). Plus I get like 1-2 hours on my own before taking the benedryl. So I've been averaging a broken 4-6 hour sleep for the past few nights. Not so bad considering...Funny thing is every night I set my alarm for 6:01 in the morning. One night I will fall asleep and sleep straight through till that alarm! Soon enough (or at least I keep telling myself that). Another milestone hit....I went all day yesterday without sneezing! I never knew a person could sneeze so much! Lol. Late last night I realized I didn't sneeze one time all day. It's the little victories like that that keep me going!!
  6. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    It's true that meetings aren't for everyone, but they have been invaluable to me in staying clean, and also recovering a life worth living. The people in meetings are not strangers to me, they are friends, and they are family who understand better than anyone else.. what we go through, and what we've gone through, and even what we haven't gone through yet, as recovering addicts.

    Sleep will return, appetite will return, sexual desire, yep. Do whatever it takes to stay clean, and you will succeed and find out the clean life is the good life.
  7. DTC1127

    DTC1127 Member

    My appetite never left. Which totally caught me off guard. In fact, I have been eating now more than ever before. Even during the early stages of detox. My hunger was insane. Not that I'm complaining. I think it's a combination of being pregnant and my body telling me to consume the nutrients it's been lacking all these years. I assumed once I made the jump off MMT that eating would be forced for several months. I found this to be quite the opposite for me. Strange... but everyone is different I guess. I feel better every day. I hope it continues this way!!

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