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Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by Living Free, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Living Free

    Living Free Well-Known Member

    Spirituality has many roads all leading to the soul's final destination - freedom.

    It is through freedom where we can experience joy, happiness and fulfillment.

    Where To Begin | Kabbalah.com
  2. Restored

    Restored Member

    There are many doctrines out there today. In fact, biblical scripture warns us that "In the last days, there will be false teachers and prophets who will spread false doctrines, and deceive many." again, also we're told " In the last days, people will be lovers of themselves rather than lovers of God. They will gather around them false teachers who will tell them everything their itching ears want to hear." The whole 'many ways' doctrine I'll admit sounds good. However, we are told also in scripture by Christ himself in the Gospels " I am the door. No one may enter the kingdom of heaven except through me." Again it says, " There is no other name under heaven by which men may be saved". Pretty specific I would say. Not harsh, or stuffy, simply specific. Try this analogy: If you were to knock on a rich man's door and inform him you were moving in with him, and your justification of this action was that this was because you were "a good person" or "I never killed anyone, or robbed a bank or anything like that", I'm willing to bet that he would offensively make it clear that he did not know you. Or again, perhaps he invited you to join a feast with him and told you," Take 95 south, get off on Miami Blvd., turn left on Ocean drive, and I'm 3459 Ocean drive." You inform him you intend to go north on 95, turn where you want when you want because you think all roads lead to his house, like he is incapable of directing you to his own house! On that day, Christ will plainly tell many good people " I never knew you, away from me." To think that we can stand before a Holy, perfect all-powerful God that owes us nothing and claim we are without guilt of sin and worthy of His eternal kingdom is ludicrous. He is a just judge. If a court judge let you off for a DUI because it wasn't murder 1, would he be just? God is so much more just than man! He gives us our whole life to accept the perfect, completed work of Jesus Christ as our personal saviour, automatically making us righteous by His blood in the sight of the Father. He tells us in His word that man is totally without excuse. I care where you spend eternity, as does He. That's why He compelled me to post this today for you. Only by the guidance of the Holy Spirit can we avoid marrying the spirit of this age, who is of the enemy and seeks only to steal, kill, and destroy. The very definition of Lord closes the door on alternatives, by very definition being "above all".
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  3. JamesF

    JamesF Well-Known Member

    By what credentials exactly are you the keeper of ultimate truth? Because you read it in a book? Because someone else told you? That's a pretty flimsy justification to be instructing others on the "proper" way to approach God. Truth easily borrowed and appropriated is not truth earned. No offense, but when they officially elect you God, maybe then you can start telling people what God's plan is. Deal?
  4. Living Free

    Living Free Well-Known Member

    Restored, with all due respect, the freedom I speak of is that from drugs, not salvation. This is an addiction forum. IF something in the doctrines of Kabbalah, or Buddism, or the programs of AA, Christianity or channeled thru a therapist gets one to that freedom, Im an advocate for it. Im not preaching my faith beliefs to anyone and Id appreciate it if you can refrain from doing the same.

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