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Living Clean: New NA literature

Discussion in 'Narcotics Anonymous' started by AumuA, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    Living Clean

    This is a new book, written by addicts, currently in the final draft stage. I'm reading it and it is very interesting, and fresh. There's a whole chapter about our physical selves and our relationship with our bodies, something that is not expounded upon much in the earlier literature. It's the real deal, written by addicts today. Check it oooouuuut.
  2. gettingbetter

    gettingbetter Well-Known Member

    I'm really really glad there's something that addresses the physical self and our relationship with our bodies. That's VERY important and I'm actually STUNNED there isn't more out there addressing the correlation.

    I'm also glad to see your crack quote making its re-emergence.
  3. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

    I can not recommend this book enough! The density of useful and quality information within is off the scale. I suppose the title is reminiscent of the AA book "Living Sober" but it's NA, so you know it's a bit more .. modern. You know, not so archaic. Hehe, anyway it's got some of the Zen undertones of say "It works how & why" but like times 10. If you're at all open to 12 steps and that way of life then you will like this book.

    Also if there are parts you don't like then you may even have input to change those parts. This is an approval draft.
  4. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member

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  5. AumuA

    AumuA Well-Known Member


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